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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee

Introducing the best Wan Tan Mee in the town. This tiny road side stall is very famous for their Wan Tan Mee and it's located just right beside the Sungai Besi Highway, therefore they are more known to be the Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee.

This place open from late evening all the way till morning 4.00am. It kind of remind me of my college life in Inti College Malaysia, where we are frequented a wan tan mee stall that open from midnight till morning. As you are studying / working late and suddenly hunger for food, anything taste good, especially wan tan mee. And this tiny stall served one of the best. Let's see.

The appearance of the stall is the same since I visited it few years back and of course, the taste of the food is still same as well, very nice.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photography: Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2010

Everyone is talking about the KLIM 2010 and of course I didn't miss the event. Fine Tuesday Holiday I packed my trusted D90 and I hop onto the LRT for quick ride to the PWTC. For this kind of event and if the venue is near to a LRT, you wouldn't want to risk driving there and stucked in the traffic for hours. If you really do not live near a LRT station, then by all means park at the LRT station and take a ride. You will save lots of time and money as well.

So here we go, mind you, this post is heavy with photos and I'm sure that's the reason you will want to click on this post blog, for cars and girls that always seems to match up so well. I tried to mix up a good proportion of both but the cars are disappointing, so I concentrated much on the girls instead. Enjoy =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

D' Rich, King of Good Food @ Kuchai Lama

I frequented Kuchai Lama a lot, of course it's because of close proximity to my home. As we are exploring the food there, we noticed a new place named the D Rich King of Good Food. King, that's quite arrogant for that name of a restaurant. Why not, let's try it out then.

I noticed they also have a branch in SS2 that showcasing their big word of D with a crown on it. I suppose it should be not that bad with the crowd in the restaurant. So my next visit to Kuchai Lama, I give it a try.

The restaurant set-up is cosy, clean and very neat. It's a little different from the usual kopitiam that you can find all around the town, but I love the environment. Good open air concept with healthy air flow and air conditioned. The seat is also more comfortable with good amount of waitress around the shop. It's a little empty when I got there, maybe because of the location of the shop, it's a little hidden if you dont look properly.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soon Fatt Restaurant @ Ipoh

More Ipoh food to come and this time I'm going to show you the best fried noodles. This tiny shoplot named Soon Fatt Restaurant is opened before my dad is born and my grandfather love to eat here. Then my dad has been eating here since he is very very young until now he brought his children around. If the shop is still open later, I will also bring my children to eat here, the food is good and importantly, that's part of Ipoh Heritage.

What's very impressive is that the food taste exactly same as 50 years ago when my dad ate it. Till today, it's still very good and nice. I'm trying to make it a habit to eat there everything I go back Ipoh, just a very homey feeling I'm experiencing. Let's go to food.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wong Koh Kee Restaurant @ Ipoh

Ipoh is filled with lots of good food, and it's going to take me forever to introduce everything to you all. One of the very important restaurant that I need to cover is the Wong Koh Kee restaurant.

This restaurant is located in "Yee Lai Hong" meaning mistress lane. I'm not sure why its name like that, even my dad don't know why. I suppose last time lots of people keep their mistress here =P

Anyway back to the restaurant, the location is in the Ipoh old town and it's located off the main street just right opposite the famous Kong Heng & Thean Chun Restaurant.

So what's good in this restaurant? "Tai Chow".  It's a very very old restaurant that serve very good chinese food. They only open during lunch time, and we got there around 12pm. It's already very packed.

We took a while for wait for our table and ended up sitting at the shop beside the Koh Kee, only thing is we need to order drinks from them. And that give us a good surprise as well. Read on.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Tyre Exploded!

Life is all about experience, and something new happened to me. As I'm travelling on the highway today at 110km/h, the tyre exploded! I heard a large sound of boom but surprisingly the car is still running steadily without any problem. Something is definitely wrong, so I stop by the road shoulder to check it out. Nothing wrong on the outer side, but obviously the pressure is gone. I push my hand around the tyres and felt wire cable stucked out, then I knew my front right tyre is gone. My earlier tyres are run-flat type, which will still allow a drive of max speed 80km/h without pressure, so I continue drive till the next stop. The car started to wobble the further I travel.

As I changed to my spare tyre and remove my exploded tyre, then only I noticed the seriousness of the damages! Before going further, a brief on the spare tyre. Alfa Romeo spare tyre is very small in size, like bicycle tyre, Pirelli brand measured 125x85x15" only and allow max speed up to 80km/h. Of course I didn't take my chance, I travelled 70km/h for the entire journey back. That takes me a long long time!

I travelled to Klang to check out new set of rubber for my ride.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Start Using the iPhone 4?

Hi, it's been almost a month into iPhone 4 ownership and I always wanted to ask this question, but somehow not much people sharing it, so I thought why don't I post up what I want to know with myself answering it instead.

Ultimate Question: How to start using the iPhone 4?
Read on for my own guide.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Running Pack from Penang International Bridge Marathon 2010

I've been waiting for a package and I'm checking my post box daily, but still nothing. Finally someone knock on the door today and it's the Kangaroo Worldwide Express.

What I'm waiting for? Of course, its the Running Pack from Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010. The marathon event is scheduled on next week Sunday, and they are very organise, right on time.

Consider and comparing to running pack from KL Marathon 2010, Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 is obviously more generous by including some branded pain killer to help the runner. Salonpas, Perskindol, and some Pil Chi Kit. Small difference, but a bigger smile to all runners around, why not.

And my lucky running number D16620. The yellow running shirt is very nice, not because of the design, but because only half marathoner will own it =) and I got it as well, very happy =))

There is a running guide book included as well, I'm studying, studying, studying.

Their running tag is very cute, a round tag obviously sponsored by Digi. I can't wait and I quickly tag it on my Asics running shoe. Excited.

The running tag on my lucky shoe, hope the pair will bring me to one of my life most important achievement. Becoming a Half Marathoner!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sakae Sushi, best japanese fast food outlet

I love shopping mall. I love fast food. I also love japanese food.
How nice if I can experience all of it together?
Sakae Sushi is the answer.

I first come across Sakae Sushi in 2006 when my sister brought me over to their branch in Bangsar Shopping Complex. The location & the restaurant environment is telling me that it's a premium japanese food, comparing to other brand like Sushi King, that's very famous last time. My sister's treat so I'm not sure how much is it. The impression lasted for a while until I think I can afford to dine in, then I try it out and it become my favourite japanese fast food outlet in KL.

As current writing, Sakae Sushi has a total of 11 branch in KL & Selangor while additional 3 more branch located in Penang. It's fast spreading and there is no doubt while it become favourite of many.

A view of the comfortable dining experience but a little pack. It's a fast food outlet, so they truly make use of every little space they have in the shop. It works well though, the tables are well spaced and surprisingly there is enough privacy for everyone. I love the setting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Incredible iPhone 4

For those that know me well, they know that I'm a techie and I hate iPhone for one simple reason. Simply because the system they are implementing is worse than Windows, by locking down entire operating system to its own centralised control and limiting everyone else in exploiting its potential. Of course there is jailbreak available, but it defeat the whole purpose.

With that, there is no surprise that I favour development of Android and one of my favourite smartphone in the market is HTC. I'm eyeing for HTC HD2, 4.3" with 480x800 display is crazy sharp. Coupled that with 1GHz processor, nothing ever come near to it. The only drawback is its not an Android system and there is none Android smartphone in the market that match what HTC HD2 is offering. So I plan to wait for my perfect phone. Remember, I'm still holding to my limit of RM1000 for a phone, so only 2nd hand will be consider.

With the new launch of iPhone 4, I'm planning to get it for my wife. The advantage of lock-down system implemented by Apple is that the whole operation is simplified and easy to use for non-techie like my wife. So I convinced her and brought her over to get one. I believe this is one of the main reason why iPhone wins over many worshipper around the world.

As you can see above, I got the iPhone 4 for my wife already. Surprise over how fast I got one on hand? I simply did a quick search and run around a while before manage to grab one. There is no stock and no reservation sign all around Maxis & Digi center, and I even go over to KLCC for road show at 9.30am. Still I'm too late and the last number over 150 units of iPhone 4 per day is given out by 7.30am, as informed by Maxis staff there. The first person got there by 5.30am, tell me if they are crazy.

Anyway, cut the long story short, I did another search and got it in Digi Concept Store at Solaris Mont Kiara. As we are waiting, I played with the iPhone 4 and something extra-ordinary happened. HTC HD2 has very impresive display but it looks pale when compare to the 960x640 retina display in iPhone 4. It's truely impressive display with crisp sharp and I've never seen anything like it before. Love at first sight. I move on to the Safari browser and although HTC HD2 is powered by 1GHz processor, still iPhone 4 is faster and much smoother than HTC. The web surfing is fast, smooth without a single lag, again I surrender.

The sleek design of double pane glass and aluminium strap around the body is crazily elegant and the correct weight put it to the top most desirable smartphone in the whole market. I'm not convince with the finger touch screen rather than stylus, but I'm biased with my over 10 year experience in stylus world. But that's minor to the extra-ordinary experience I'm having. It's truly an impressive piece of technology.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Broga Hill Attempt #2

I did my 2nd attempt on the Broga Hill and this time we decided to try our luck for the sunrise. It's a crazy morning, we woke up at 4.00am and do a slow drive reaching the foothill at around 5.00am. We took out time because of darkness and we got lost once =P finally we follow up with the rest of the hikers to reach the top. My fault ... Let's see the shots.

A shot from the third hill. Mixture of large rocks with Lalang grass create a striking combination.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Elephant Thai Cuisine @ Happy Mansion PJ

It's a surprise to find out that how many good food can fit into a small area like Happy Mansion. I'm yet to post all good food around Happy Mansion up yet because normally I frequented these places on my lunch break or directly after work because I work nearby. Therefore normally I do not have a camera with me. Introducing a new outlet in Happy Mansion, My Elephant Thai Cuisine.

My colleagues brought me over for lunch earlier and after the 1st experience, I tell myself that I must bring my wife over! The food is delicious, and both of us loves thai food as well. So a new addition to the list of good food restaurant.

As you can see, the restaurant spread through three small shoplot in Happy Mansion and the set-up & fascade is neat and elegant. Umbrella holder, waiting seats, menu on the glass wall, carpet for entrance, a well thought concept and I'm very surprise to find such quality restaurant in this place. No doubt it draw the crowd as you can see from the shot above that people are standing waiting while browsing through the menu.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's Fried Chicken

Going around the Midvalley recently for a walk and getting bored with the food there, and notice this new franchise fast food opening near the basement escalator. The Popeye Louisiana Kitchen, the fast food fried chicken franchise orignated from Louisiana by Al Copeland in 1974. It's couting nearly 2,000 outlets worldwide and still adding, putting it 2nd biggest fried chicken chain in the world, after KFC, of course.

As we entered the restaurant, the colour that they are using is orange & red. You know those franchise outlet are using a simple branding method, is through colour. Like McDonald is using yellow, Shell is using yellow & red, KFC using red, and etc. Colour is a simple and people can easily recognise it from far away, a successful branding I would say. The place is clean, probably because it's still new though.

As we are lining up for our turn to order, we take a quick look at the menu, and surprise to found that the pricing is quite attractive. A chicken combo of two piece is less than RM10 and three pieces is less than RM12. That's almost same price with KFC, but is their fried chicken better than the finger-licking-good piece? Need to find out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP) - 2nd visit

A friend of mine came over to KL for bussiness trip earlier and he is asking me for a recommendation of food. He wanted something special and somewhere nearby Damansara, immediately I thought of this Paddington House of Pancakes. It's one of my favourite restaurant around the area, so I brought him over to let him experience the huge variety of pancakes dishes in the town. Probably one of the good place to date as well, so off we go again. This is my 2nd post, I promise to introduce you more type of dish in this place, right?

We visited the branch in The Curve and the place is basically the same as when I came earlier. It's still nicely decorated, no sign of run-down but a little empty on diners count. Anyway, that's how I love it as well. An enjoyable quiet dinner so I can have a catch-up with my friend.

Running through the menu, I did some recommendations to my friend but in fact myself also searching for something different to try out =P The Mexican Double Burger caught my eyes with their double beef patties! I'm craving for meat that night, so I took it up. While my friend ordered something funny, called Lurcerne. Wondering how he ended up with that choice. Let's see...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ichiban Ramen @ Ikano Power Center

We wanted to buy something over in IKEA so we drop by after work for little shopping and dinner. We tried out the IKEA's kitchen food earlier, so we walked over to Ikano Power Center to hunt for something special. Disappointingly we can't find anything different, so we just wanted for a simple & quick dinner. Somehow we ended up in Ichiban Ramen at the lower ground floor. Ikano Power Center really quite dead, nothing interesting there also.

I somehow mistaken this shop with the Ajisen Ramen that I frequented earlier, and I only realised that after looking at the menu. There are limited choice on the menu for ramen but they have other bento sets available. On variety, Ajisen Ramen easily has triple the choice of ramen compare to Ichiban Ramen here.

Anyway we ordered and waited for our food. As we are waiting, I scout around and notice the place is indeed very neat for such a small shop. Ichiban Ramen is a franchise bussiness similar to Ajisen Ramen but in a smaller scale, I suppose. There is also an outlet in Sunway Shopping Mall.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @ One Utama

I'm a big fan for Megamall, probably because I'm Malaysian, so I frequent these places a lot. Naturally, I also eat at lot within and one of the special restaurant that can be found sprouting around the Megamall in Malaysia is the Pasta Zanmai, a good fusion on Western influence in Japanese food.

The particular Pasta Zanmai restaurant that I visited this time is located in One Utama old wing within the Promenade area. I particular love this place because of the special items that you can find here, such as Japanese Pasta and Japanese Pizza, a true fusion of both culture and that sparks up a twist to the already good cuisine from both culture.

The restaurant entrance is disguised by the Japanese mini-market but you will see the Pasta Zanmai entrance at the right side. It's actually owned by the same company named Super Sushi Sdn Bhd. The company also has other Japanese food outlet around the town such as Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Zen.

Let's see what they have.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teochew Braised Duck, Kam Heong Restaurant @ PJ New Town

Lots of people know about the famous braised duck in PJ and as a duck lover myself, this is one of my favourite dinner place. Braised style food is originated from Teochew clan, and again as Teochew myself, it's my favourite style as well. Braised style food is basically done by immersed the entire food (duck) into the sauce and use slow fire to cook it until all the sauce is simmered into the meat for maximum flavoured. The slow cooking process also soften the texture of meat till it can be cut by chopstick.

Coming back to the famous shop in PJ that served the most famous Teochew Style Braised Duck is the Kam Heong restaurant in the center of the Petaling Jaya Old Town. This place only open at night and serves only Teochew style food below.

We arrived the place around 9.00pm and it's almost 70% packed. It's always full most of the time, as it seems everytime I went. Find your seat and the waitress will look for you to order. Basically there is nothing much to order, just a few choice available. If no people is coming to you, just take a walk to the counter and order to the lady there. They won't miss you once you are done.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chilli Padi Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama

I'm always in the hunting mood for food to be posted in my blog, and since I'm staying so near to Kuchai Lama, no reason for me not to visit every shops there. One of the restaurant that existed as long as I've stayed, is the Chilli Padi Restaurant.

Knowing it's a restaurant that serve local food, funny enough, I never visited it after a long 4 years. Mainly because whenever I go to Kuchai Lama, I'm seeking for a simple quick road side dinner. Since the closing of the main food court there, I seek out new dining experience in the area and this place eventually caught my attention.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Registration of Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Since my first run of 10km in Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2010, I've been eyeing another event to keep up my effort to push myself into half marathoner status. The obvious international event coming up, of course if the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010.

The Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 is schedule on 21st Novemebr 2010. My plan is to hit the half marathoner status by end of the year, but I target to hit at least another 10km run before going for the big one like this. Caught up with work loads and forgotten my aim earlier, easily I slipped and I only left a few months before the major event.

I'm already motivated with my new pair of running shoe, plus encouragement from my buddy that's planning to do 21km run as well, I log-on and sign up for the 21km run. Without knowing, I'm done and started to sweat ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Jalan Gasing

Since I'm from Ipoh, so it's norm for me to be curious of those restaurant that labelled themselves representating Ipoh to open food outlet in KL. Most famous Nga Choy Kei is no surprise to expand but as far as I'm aware, there is no branch in any other place than Ipoh. So whoever claimed they are from Ipoh, must be copying the name only, not anyone from the family of the famous restaurant from Ipoh.

I spotted this place in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya named New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice since 1977. Ok, that's before I'm even born, maybe I'm not aware then. Let's try out the food if it live up to its name.

This place open from morning till midnight, truly telling you that there is no specific time to enjoy the Ipoh Chicken Rice.

After ordering our food, I picked up my gear and started shooting.

A view of the kitchen just right at the front of the shop, very clean place and well organised. Everytime I come to this place for food, it's always packed. So no different this time, the staff are all very busy all night. Wondering how many chicken they serve a day. I heard Ipoh place served up to thousands bird per day during festive season.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Photography: Nusajaya @ Johor Bahru

Out looking for spots to photography, and during my time at Johor, where else other that the famous Nusajaya that's rumours to match up the glamourous of Putrajaya. For those that don't know, Nusajaya is the capital of government operation in Johor, the southern region. These photographs are done up long time ago just after my post of Danga Bay in Johor. Finally got somet time to sort it up for sharing.

Nusajaya construction has started quite long time ago but progressing slowly. You will never miss the signboard around Johor directing you but you might have difficulty in locating the exact area. You will know when you arrive though, when the road suddenly become 4 lanes without any car on it, yea, all gimmick of our tax money. A good spot for photographing though.

That's my buddy who is in love with photography as well. He haven't got his dSLR yet that time, he brought together his dad's classic olympus digital cam. He is the proud owner of Canon 450D now.

On our way, a very nice sky is awaiting us. Knowing a good day for shooting. Marvellous.

Jessie's Nasi Lemak

Life's blog, a signature dish from my wife. Obvious improvement over years of cooking, it's so good. Especially the curry chicken. The curry paste is something bought from Ipoh Pasar. If you guys interested with the recipe, do let me know =) Cheers.

Nasi Lemak with Anchovies & Egg

Curry Chicken

Our lunch, slurp.

Friday, September 10, 2010

King Crab Restaurant @ Kelana Jaya

We are craving for crabs the other day, and our favourite place at Kepong is too far for our exhausted body. My wife suggested to try out the King Crab Restaurant along the LDP at Kelana Jaya. All regular travellers on LDP will definitely recognise the big banner of King Crab Restaurant that's highly visible shown below. Off we go.

The place is just located opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station, so it shouldn't be too hard to find it. Parkings are aplenty along the entire road, and don't worry parking too early before reaching the shop. King Crab is almost located at the end of the shoplot row, and there are plenty of parking after the shop.

Lots of Geoduck Clam and the remaining water tank seems to be quite empty. Lots of choice from the menu, possibly just temporary running out of stocks. A built-in rolling staircase along the water tanks, very well organised. How is food? Let's see ...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Asics Gel-3010 & Adidas Adizero Tempo

I love to run since I'm in high school and I'm hook after securing 6th place in Jogathon held during my college time. However, busy study & work schedule is slowly pulling me off from my hobby. I lost track and gain fats until early this year. Met a friend that love running as well and his plan to complete a marathon by end of the year sparked up my old interest. That encouraged me to join up 10km run in the recent KL Marathon 2010. A good start, I completed with a little struggle.

My wife wanted to give me something that I love for this birthday and I told her to get me a running shoe. This is what she got for me.

Asics, a renowned brand for marathon runners. I used to think that Asics is similar to brand like Power or Bata, but I'm wrong. Asics is the most famous marathon running shoes in the world and it's very expensive, especially over-price in Malaysia. I'm an Adidas loyalist since college and that its changed after I put my feet into the pair of Asics.

There is a major different in Asics & Adidas. I'm very familiar with Adidas running shoe like Adizero. It's well ventilated, very light weight and good support overall. The light weight is the main selling point to me as I can run extra mile with less weight. The technology behind it is very exciting in words and it's serving me well.

Pan Mee @ OUG

I'm promoting another hawker stall in the OUG area, the very classical Pan Mee. My elder sister brought me over when I just started to work and they used to operate beside the road within the OUG shoplot premise. I suppose there are lots of complain and eventually the government built a food court named Medan Selera Mega around the corner further back and charge them rental instead. All hawker stalls there are forced to move over, some didn't make it but no problem for this Pan Mee stall.

Been supporting them for nearly 10 years, it's still my favourite dining place. I always love to support our local stalls, they just serve the best food despite the mushrooming of the bigger chain outlet. An experience that make us Malaysian.

The Pan Mee stall typical look at the new location. I throw in a nostalgia touch for this post, thought it suit the scene. Serving secondary aim to please my readers that commented on my overly vivid photos earlier =)

Hey, look at this piece of marvellous machine! It's still working, nice.