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Monday, March 29, 2010

Gianni's Trattoria Restaurant & Cafe @ JB

We went out for a dinner for a little colleagues gathering at JB and we decided to go around Serampang to spot some special food. This Italian Restaurant of Gianni's Trattoria immediately caught our attention. We took another round the shops and end up going into this shop. Is it good? Let's see.

The Gianni's Trattoria sign outside of the shop that caught our eyes. Not sure if it's own by Gianni, but I'm sure its own by Italian.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hong Kong Miu Kai Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

Having a Chinese New Year meet-up gathering with my colleagues and I suggested Hong Kong Miu Kai at Sri Petaling for our lunch. I frequented this shop very often when it first opened few years back but not anymore, because I'm sick of Hong Kong cafe stuff. However, Hong Kong Miu Kai is one of the best Hong Kong cafe shop offering the most variety of foods under a single roof.

Their most famous snacks is the Po Lo Pau. I ordered the Po Lo Pau and Char Siew Sow for my friends to try out. It's so nice that sometimes I would just drive around and drop-by to get myself a piece of each for my indulgence. Yeah, that's why I'm getting fat, I know. Don't remind me.

The famous Po Lo Pau and Char Siew Sou.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Treasure Life - Put on Seatbelt

I personally spent lots of my time on the road, and I always getting "used" to driving around without any safety concern. Why? Because I think I can drive better than F1 driver and accident will never happen, obviously not, but I "think". Most of the time I leave my seatbelt off till I hit the highway.

But even 60 or 80km/hr speed will kill if you drive into a concrete wall. Found an advertisement regarding safety, very inspiring. Enjoy it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Windows Mobile 7

I'm a smartphone user myself and the news for the launch of Windows Mobile 7 really excites me. I think it's a good news to all smartphone users out there as the old Windows Mobile really need a serious make over. That's why there are so many smartphone company created their own system to attract customer, like HTC with their Flo Touch & Blackberry (yes, blackberry is also running windows mobile). All new HTC HD will be iPhone killer once it's launched.

Here is a screenshot comparison between old Windows Mobile 6.5 and new Windows Mobile 7 desktop.

Lots of different? Wait till you see the interface of Windows Mobile 7 Presetation below. Enjoy =)

I tweaked my Windows Mobile 6.5 interface as well. Here are some screenshots of my Windows Mobile Homepage. Nice? Cheers.