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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pan Mee @ OUG

I'm promoting another hawker stall in the OUG area, the very classical Pan Mee. My elder sister brought me over when I just started to work and they used to operate beside the road within the OUG shoplot premise. I suppose there are lots of complain and eventually the government built a food court named Medan Selera Mega around the corner further back and charge them rental instead. All hawker stalls there are forced to move over, some didn't make it but no problem for this Pan Mee stall.

Been supporting them for nearly 10 years, it's still my favourite dining place. I always love to support our local stalls, they just serve the best food despite the mushrooming of the bigger chain outlet. An experience that make us Malaysian.

The Pan Mee stall typical look at the new location. I throw in a nostalgia touch for this post, thought it suit the scene. Serving secondary aim to please my readers that commented on my overly vivid photos earlier =)

Hey, look at this piece of marvellous machine! It's still working, nice.

My usual order of the night at this place, the Yee Mee. I love their Pan Mee as well, but I always feel hungry after finishing the Pan Mee bowl, so best bet is still the Yee Mee. It's very nice of Yee Mee they are serving here, however it does not fit into the best Yee Mee recommendation. The Yee Mee is good, soup is tasty and the tickling part is the mushroom & pork meat served. It's marinated and it taste very good when you eat together with the yee mee & soup. Take this up if you don't fancy Pan Mee, still equally good.

Highlight of the day, the top selling bowl of the stall, Pan Mee. It's basically the same soup base they are using for the Yee Mee, and the interesting part of the bowl is the pan mee of course. I couldn't put it into words, but it's very good. Anchovies is crispy and tasty, my wife's favourite. It's just a very special bowl of Pan Mee that I couldn't find anywhere else to match it. You will finish every bit of anything in the bowl.

The stall also serves tong sui & drinks, because there is not drink stalls around the area. I got myself the Red Bean Tong Sui. Nothing to shout about, but it's good to keep you busy while waiting for the noodles.

And my wife's regular favourite, Fuk Chuk Yi Mai (Barley with Beancurd Skin).

This is one of the neighbourhood's stall that's available around the old township scattered in PJ & KL. It's part of the experience staying in the big city of old neighbourhood, possibly that's one of the reason why I chose to stay around in Malaysia, despite the "problem".

Overall, the Pan Mee is one of the best available around OUG area. I'm the regular visitor possibly because I'm staying nearby and that's convenient for me. However, if I'm staying further away, I possibly won't be going back. Don't mistaken me, the Pan Mee is very good but I won't be travelling far away to eat it. Supper maybe, but I quit that many years back. You should try it out, and decide yourself if it worths the travelling. Cheers.

Pan Mee @ OUG
Medan Selera Mega
Kompleks Bandar Park
Off Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Location Coordinate: N3 04.928 E101 40.333


TNS said...

u mean the medan next to the proton showroom? along "Banks" Road?

KVINLIM said...

proton showroom? didnt recall there is a showroom there, went the mostly at night. but it's along the "banks" road, just at the corner

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