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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Khong Kee Yong Tau Fu @ Paramount Gardens

We are always on the lookout for healthy food and one of the favourite among KL people is Yong Tau Foo. The famous Ampang Yong Tau Foo is always too far for most of us, so here I introduce a closer place to satisfy your need.

Khong Kee Yong Tau Foo located at Taman Paramount, and by just looking at the signboard also you know that they have been here for very very long time! Long surviving old shop is always promising, because even with such décor also can survive, sure the food is good la!

Here is a shot of the shop, and surprisingly clean. Usual Malaysia Chinese style of table and red plastic chair. The place is well ventilated, but can be slightly hot during lunch time though. Because they actually cook in open area the back of the shop.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Departure Lounge @ Damansara Uptown

New Year 2014, and that come with new resolution to do better than 2013. Bringing you the first food blog of 2014, a breakfast place located in the Damansara Uptown. This area is mushrooming with lots of hip places recently, and more and more people frequented it during weekends, which normally it's a bit dead comparing to weekdays. That's definitely welcome, let's see what we got here.

Departure Lounge, such catchy name for a breakfast place, you might mistaken this place as not for food if you don't take a closer look. As you can see, they have espresso bar, breakfast, sandwiches and travel library. Travel library? Let's find out.

This is the open bar concept with cashier right behind the bar. Clean and sleek design, all well for a relaxing café.

Here is how it looks like on the inside of the café, they do have a few tables outside that's not air-conditioned to cater for smokers (not much of those love fresh air as it will be polluted with 2nd hand smokes. Clean wooden table, simple lightings, transparent comfortable plastic chair, just how you should start a day with healthy breakfast.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

National Automotive Policy 2014 - My Opinions

Malaysia's National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2014 is finally announced after much delay, so call to in-depth study the framework, and it ended up craps. This is my blog, so I will just point out my view over the new NAP 2014.

1. CBU Hybrid and EV incentives is terminated.
Means all CBU hybrid that's enjoying all the cheapo price is going to say good bye. This is a very bad news for Hybrid car owner, as they all think the party will go on forever, but it just given me another reason to advice people against buying a hybrid in Malaysia. Why? With a drop of hybrid cars on the road, the after sales is going down with it. No car sales, no profits, no investment for after sales service, problematic maintenance. The investment by car dealer is always with the money flow. So good luck with that, you only hope more will invest for CKD hybrid, but why would they do hybrid when they can have EEV model?

2. CKD EEV fully open market.
This is good news, for good technology car, example like Mazda Skyactiv technology. Unknown yet if Volkswagen / BMW / Honda / Toyota qualified, time will tell. Big impact would be the smallest CC car that meet the EEV will also be available, so that's good to encourage investor to put money in for EEV assembly plant in Malaysia, but how much impact will yet to be see.

3. No news on Open AP.
After much delay, nothing at all for open AP issue. All car manufacturers already stressing that they are putting millions into the country to invest for manufacturing plant, but they are killed off by the grey import, which only let the cronies earn money. This actually put off lots of investor, scaring them off from investing. Pretty stupid. And another committee suppose to do another "in-depth" study, your guess is as good as mine -_-

4. No news on Euro 4.
Enough said, we are still stucked with lowest grade of fuel, and limited us to the diesel model available. I think biggest problem is we have too many commercial "black smoking" truck / bus on road, which this will basically kill them off. One of the pain to take on if want to move the country forward, again the cronies controlling those company pressure the government I suppose.

5. No news on Car Price Reduction.
MITI said they have a framework ready for 5 years reduction plan, but nothing announced. Might as well say you don't have the framework?? And being in Malaysia, they can get away with it, nice! The presentation even explained that car price reduced last few years, sounded very much like what we saw on "newspaper" earlier, what's the point?

6. No news on Reduction of Excise Duty & Tax.
And what pissed me off is, government is in 4% deficit and need the tax now. So if government continues to be in red, we will never see sunlight?? That's really pretty stupid. They screw it up, and we citizens have to pay for it. Our Prime Minister promised to reduce car price by 30% is still hanging until now.

Others that's not mentioned which I think should be included.

7. Adjust the road tax in accordance to car price / power / emission. People are buying expensive cars but paying little road tax, why don't have a more fair system to tax the higher earner more?

8. Impose additional safety equipment as basic to car offer, like traction control and etc. I'm sure most people don't mind to pay same price for additional safety features. Why is Toyota still allow to get away with little safety features on the mainstream model that top the sales chart? Protect the citizens!

9. No news on older cars, good news for me, so I can continue to enjoy my Fiat Coupe =)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Habits of the Rich People

New year, new resolution. As usual habits, I started to read more to find out how to live my life better and found an interesting article about differences between habits of the rich and the poor.

1. Rich people eat less junk food
2. Rich people focus on single goal
3. Rich people exercise more often
4. Rich people listen to audio books when commuting
5. Rich people maintain a to-do list
6. Rich people make their children read fiction books monthly
7. Rich people make their children volunteer
8. Rich people make birthday calls
9. Rich people write down their goals
10. Rich people read 30 minutes or more each day for education
11. Rich people don't say what's on their mind
12. Rich people network more often
13. Rich people watch less TV
14. Rich people don't watch reality TV show
15. Rich people wake up 3 hours before work
16. Rich people teach good daily success habit to their children
17. Rich people believe good habits create opportunity luck
18. Rich people believe bad habits create detrimental luck
19. Rich people believe in lifelong educational self improvements
20. Rich people love to read

Myself has been practicing some of the habits above, but one thing that caught my attention is the no. 11, where Rich People Don't Say What's On Their Mind. I'm guilty on this that I've been quite honest and open with what ever in my mind. Then after reading this I realize that it's actually not very good for myself. As I pay more attention to the people surrounding, I also notice that nearly no one share what their thoughts and they wanted to always know what you are thinking or doing.

Selfishness? I don't know, but I think I also have to be more careful with my thoughts, anyway it's a recognize habit for being rich, so I better starting acting like it also. I love sharing, so don't worry, contents will remain for 1simpleplan, but would hold up on my personal life matters.

Let's see, I still have 9 more habits to go, hope I can eliminate all my bad habits before end of 2014 =)