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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sakae Sushi, best japanese fast food outlet

I love shopping mall. I love fast food. I also love japanese food.
How nice if I can experience all of it together?
Sakae Sushi is the answer.

I first come across Sakae Sushi in 2006 when my sister brought me over to their branch in Bangsar Shopping Complex. The location & the restaurant environment is telling me that it's a premium japanese food, comparing to other brand like Sushi King, that's very famous last time. My sister's treat so I'm not sure how much is it. The impression lasted for a while until I think I can afford to dine in, then I try it out and it become my favourite japanese fast food outlet in KL.

As current writing, Sakae Sushi has a total of 11 branch in KL & Selangor while additional 3 more branch located in Penang. It's fast spreading and there is no doubt while it become favourite of many.

A view of the comfortable dining experience but a little pack. It's a fast food outlet, so they truly make use of every little space they have in the shop. It works well though, the tables are well spaced and surprisingly there is enough privacy for everyone. I love the setting.

One of the main highlight of the shop is the computer ordering screen on every tables. It shows the entire menu of the shop, a highlight description of the food and best of all, giving you a total cost for the entire dining, as long as you order everything from the menu, including those from the rotating belts. Just make sure you don't take it yourself from the belt, and they will serve it pretty fast. Where else can let me know how to budget up my dinner as we are eating? Very nice arrangement.

We made our order and we did candid shot, showcasing the superb quality of the Canon S90 that I chose for my wife. Incredible quality and low light capability. Those planning for compact, no need to think, just grab the S90 or newer S95. It's the same with Canon G11 or G12. For others that's serious, go for dSLR, nothing beat it.

Then a shot of my wife. She love Japanese food, there explained the grin.

A generous pot of ginger that's placed on the rotating belt for all customers to help themselves.

Similar to a pot of Wasabi that's also placed on the rotating belt. Self service, and it's available from time to time, nice arrangement. As said earlier, one of the good indicator of food quality in a Japanese restaurant is quality of Wasabi. Its good for a fast food outlet but there are better wasabi in those premium shop. I appreciate it.

Green tea or known as "ocha" served in the convenient pack. The green tea is good but sometimes it get too strong because the pack is left with the cup for a while. Just keep drinking it will solve the problem. Prefer for them to give me a pot =)

A shot of the rotating belt in Sakae Sushi. We never take anything from the rotating belt because we love to record our dinner on the menu to track the expenses.

First to come is the Hana Maki in red plate that cost RM5.90. This is our all time favourite and its a must order for our visit. Three pieces of fresh salmon with mayonaise at RM5.90, that's a real bargain.

My favourite of Inari Sushi served on green plate that's priced at RM1.90 only. Funny thing is somehow all my favourite food is also my wife's favourite, so we always shared. The sweetness of the Inari is crazily twisting my tastebud when its dipped in wasabi.

I love Sakae Sushi because their pricing is very reasonable with their maximum charge of red plate in just RM5.90, which is mainly either fresh salmon sushi or larger 4-5 piece rolled sushi. Green plate like Inari is just a nice plate to kill your hunger if needs to. Importantly, it taste good!

Every table is also equipped with a tap of hot water for your convenient to refill your cup of green tea anytime you want. I love the design, just very convenience without waitress disturbing your dining experience, possibly these kind of small detail is what keeping me happy with the privacy arrangement.

Our next to come is the humongous Guisa Gozen Bento Set that's priced at reasonable RM34.90. This plate easily serve a couple in anytime, trust me. We regretted for taking up the sushi plates earlier but is it nice? Let's go into details.

First of all is the Teriyaki Chicken. It's well grilled and the sauce is well balance with sweetness and chicken taste all round. The teriyaki is best to be eaten together with the rice.

A small surprise to find out a side dish of Japanese Baby Octopus with the bento set. My wife don't eat octopus, so I walloped everything! Whoever that love the baby octopus will love it.

A small serving of mixed Tempura with dipping sauce. It's ok only, but it's good enough to fill your crave of Tempura in a Japanese Restaurant.

A delicious Chawanmushi, it's my wife favourite. I suppose it's her only egg based favourite dish around the globe. It's very nice, lots of ingredients within and overall good taste.

A large pot of half shell scallop and vegetables in Kimuchi soup. The pot is so big that I "bloated" my stomach after the dinner!

The soup is very tasty but it's a little spicy. For an air-conditioned environment in shopping mall, it gets to make you sweat a little, very nicely done with japanese noodles solving your craving. I love the soup, no surprice I help them to clean up the bowl =)

As said, the soup is named for the shell scallop and here is the scallop. Look at the size! There is three of them in the pot and again I walloped two leaving one for my wife. It's so big and very delicious! The scallop absorbed all those kimuchi soup and giving it a very good mixture of scallop taste with the kimuchi.

Lastly, the rice. They added in some spices on top of the rice, giving it a very nice taste. I love the spices and it's incredible nice with the kimuchi soup earlier.

The entire dinner cost both of us RM58.20 including 10% + 5% tax. Inredibly cheap for good japanese food for two! This is the main reason why I love Sakae Sushi. A real good pricing with a real good quality of japanese food. After I get to this shop, I'm not sure how other japanese fast food is going to survive. It's quality of food is even threathening the existence of some higher quality japanese restaurant in the town. The only reason why I still bother to pay higher price for others is mainly due to the glamour privacy that other premium restaurant is offering, unless those are listed as my favourite, where their quality of food surpassed Sakae Sushi.

For those with a tight budget, forget about every other outlet and try only this one out. For those with a bigger budget, still make this your weekly visit and occassionaly frequent those premium for a good dining outing experience with your partner, that should do the trick! I'm sure your partner appreciate it as well, my wife did =)

Sakae Sushi @ 1 Utama
Lot G212, Ground Floor Promenade
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7726 6428
Location Coordinate: N3 08.958 E101 36.979

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