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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Penang

Been to Penang a few times so far, and this round I travel with a friend of mine, and he said want to eat the yummilicious Nasi Kandar in Penang. I asked him what's that, and he went like ... He asked me, you really don't know? I said no, then off we go to find the famous Nasi Kandar in Penang Island.

Introducing the Nasi Kandar Line Clear, hey, that's very weird name. Line Clear?? It's located just along the Jalan Penang and few shops away from the junction of Lebuh Chulia. Do notice that there are two shops in the photos, the Line Clear and the Yasmeen. Don't mistaken that they are the same, Line Clear is the famous one, Yasmeen is just another imitation trying to take advatanges of the fame, usual case.

Then you complain, where is it? It's along the road beside Yasmeen, and here is the entrance, hehe. It's not even a proper shop, and here is the entrance. Maybe that's why they are famous. As you can see, people line up all the way until outside, and the black shirt with stripes guy is lining up too.

This is the line of people queueing up, and the food is in the middle of the "restaurant". People mountain, people sea. I easily counted 30 people infront of us, but it's moving fast!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chung Kee "Dai Shu Geok" @ Ipoh

In Ipoh, there are lots of good food around, but then everyone is asking me what else to eat in Ipoh? I tell them yong tau fu, then they said isn't the best yong tau fu is in Ampang? I replied, yes, because Ipoh's style yong tau fu is not called as such. We called them liu fun. Don't know how to explain, but it's been that way for long long time. It's almost the same thing basically, just that we don't eat them with rice.

This is the famous Chung Kee "Dai Shu Geok" in Ipoh. Dai Shu Geok meaning Big Tree Foot. The name is given because Chung Kee is originally located below a very big tree, so Ipoh people call the place Big Tree Foot rather than Chung Kee. It's well known, any Ipoh people will be able to point the direction.

New outlet, more spacious, more hygienic, and more comfortable. I personally don't like it, because I think it lost its charm of being a neighbourhood stall churning out good food. However, with a baby in tow, this environment is definitely more convenient for family. Appreciate it also.