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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Photography: Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow 2010

Everyone is talking about the KLIM 2010 and of course I didn't miss the event. Fine Tuesday Holiday I packed my trusted D90 and I hop onto the LRT for quick ride to the PWTC. For this kind of event and if the venue is near to a LRT, you wouldn't want to risk driving there and stucked in the traffic for hours. If you really do not live near a LRT station, then by all means park at the LRT station and take a ride. You will save lots of time and money as well.

So here we go, mind you, this post is heavy with photos and I'm sure that's the reason you will want to click on this post blog, for cars and girls that always seems to match up so well. I tried to mix up a good proportion of both but the cars are disappointing, so I concentrated much on the girls instead. Enjoy =)

As I got there, it's already 11.00pm and it's packed! Look at the line! This situation continues even when I'm leaving at 3.00pm. Crazy, it's a holiday, what to do.

However, luckily the cashier are very professional and they are churning out tickets like machine. The line diminised very fast, but not fast enough with the incoming crowds. It took me less than 15 minutes to get my ticket, nice!

A usual sight at motorshow, prizes to win and everyone is filling the form for a chance to hit the jackpot, the Toyota Prius. I think the probability is worse than Toto, but it's free so why not. Good Luck!

My shot is done up in follow sequence of the hall set-up and I didn't bother to manage it so as to give you a look on how's the arrangement.

First to come is the famous Chevrolet Camaro, or Transformer Autobot Bumblebee. It's right at the front entrance and it's so crowded that I can only manage to get this shot. At least I manage to get the girl in with the Autobot's logo =)

Close-up of Bumblebee's ride. Bumblebee also use Brembo, nice... At least something in common with us earthlings =)

Incredible smile and texture. Chevrolet classic display with a good matching short jeans.

And this is her companion, another hot jean. Both of them looks great and stunning.

Champion ride of World Tour Touring Championshop 2010 from Chevrolet Cruze. They win both the best driver and manufacturer award in Macau. Incredible! Original Cruze selling at RM98,000, why not?

The twins at the Nissan booth. Drawing large crowds around them, and I pushed in to get a snap. Professional with both giving me the attention I needed. Thanks.

Sweet smiling girl posing on the new Isuzu D-Max. Looks good with the wide bodykit, larger rims and smoked headlamp! I'm talking about the car, alright!

The famous Juke from Nissan. It's looks really nice and I'm hoping they will bring it into Malaysia. I might consider buying it if it's affordable.

China girl from the China's manufacturer, Chery. Surprisingly they do have a large floor area on the show considering their sales volume in Malaysia. They costume is tight and drawing large crowds as well!

The all-loving Lotus Elise. Still looks stunning after so many years and its affordable pricing but tiny size still holding many Malaysian from touching it. I followed it in one of my run at Ulu Yam, it's' incredible fast in cornering, no doubt voted best go-kart experience beating Mini Cooper. I tried once, it's so low that litterally you are sitting on the floor, that explained the good handling.

Proton did a good job this time convering a very very large floor. One of the main highlight of the floor, of course, is the Lotus Esprit. I'm surprise they bring it in, and this car looks amazingly stunning. No doubt it will snatch up orders from Ferrari & Lamborghini.

A view of the rear, lots of carbon fiber, loving every angle of it.

Proton's own showcase of hybrid system. The engine looks tiny, wondering if it will really works.

Stunning show girl with Lotus and the usual conservative costume from Proton. They still looks great though.

Another highlight of the floor, the Proton EMAS. Giugiaro design is very good and the interior space is amazingly spacious considering the size. Italian rules!

Proton Satria Neo 2000 in the World Rally Championship. I'm wondering why Proton don't want to sell it like others. It will definitely fly and kick lots of butts.

Moving into the Korean territory, first to caught my eyes is the Forte Coupe.

Can't wait to take a peek at the heart but walk away disappointed. They make the car so nice, but the same 2.0 engine within it? Sigh, the same old Korean coupe concept. I will not hesitate to tail these guys if I see it on the road. At least turbo it!

Stunning show girl from Kia. I love to shoot when they are not looking. Natural.

Cute girls giving out leaflet of Peugeot 308 Turbo.

Long leg girl for the Maserati Gran Cabrio. Stunning looking piece of engineering, not the girl this time ok.

I'm also surprise to see Naza taking the effort to bring in the top of the line Ferrari 458 that packed 570bhp and 540Nm with its 4,500CC V8 Engine. People ask me go KLIM to see cars or girls, it's difficult to answer. When the girl is standing beside the Altis, I'm looking at the girl. If someone is standing beside this piece of marvellous engineering, I don't care who is standing beside it. (that explained why my shot only consist of the car)

And the longest leg show girl at the Ferrari floor. I think she can get into the car without opening the door =)

Beautiful Aston Martin. True engineering marvel.

The furious Lamborghini Diablo SV. No words to express.

Another close shot of showgirl for you guys.

The muscular Harley Davidson. Look closer at the price tag, it's over RM200k for this ride. Beautiful =)

Nothing beat the highboot riding on the superbike.

The crazy Ducati with the show girl. The disc brake alone is making me drool.

Venture further and we reached the Hyundai. Their concept car called ix-Metro. They are really keeping up with the world player.

Beautiful korean brand show girl.

Another fine looking show girl for the Hyundai Avante. Wondering if they are Korean though, looks like local.

My favourite model of the show. Great hairstyle, posture and texture. Understand that her name is Agnes Lim. Beautiful. Noticed how I ignore the car for those normal brand?

Next up is the Toyota. They concept hybrid looks stunning, again at the entrance causing a great jam for you to move in and out of the showroom.

Toyota Prius heat that everyone is talking about. Enginering for future? Stop charging a premium if they really want to do the world a favour. RM140k without tax? That's expensive! Someone told me that if you really want to do the world a favour, stop spending on cars. The manufacturing process alone is causing more harm than you can handle on road.

Remember I blogged about the personal mobility devicec codenamed U3-X from Honda earlier? They showcase it this time! I'm sure it's ready for production, nice to see it live! Power of Dream.

European version of Civic Type R.

The hybrid CRX. Looks real good, only drawback is the 2 door version, something unreachable for me =( This will be the dreamcar for many Honda lovers.

And the long waited hybrid Insight. I'm considering buying this car earlier, which I will cover a more detail review later. Will I buy? Stay tuned.

And lastly, the showgirl from Honda at the Insight. She is the prettiest in Honda floor, wondering why Honda would want to make a funny costume like these. Making the whole "headlamp" big, wondering what they are selling though. Sigh.

That's all for my cover on the KLIM 2010. Hope you guys enjoy it. Cheers!

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