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Friday, April 20, 2012

Super Responsive New iPad!

Today 20th April 2012 is the official launch date of the new iPad (a.k.a. iPad 3rd generation). I've been eyeing for a tablet since the lost of my Galaxy Tab 10.1" and nothing is able grab my attention. I'm not really Apple fans and in fact I'm agains't it because of the control that Apple impose on their system. Pro and cons, but I'm not in favour of it. However, the retina display in iPhone 4 win everything else hands down, and I bought it on the spot earlier.

Same decision is drawing me to look at the new iPad with similar feelings 2 years ago. I've been scanning all the forums to check if there are lots of crowds and where got available stocks. I even thought of taking a day off to line up for it. Luckily I didn't, because there are no queue at certain area and there are plenty of stocks available. Right after my working hours, I make my way to Mac Studio in Bangsar Shopping Center!

Good day, not much traffic and I arrived in BSC within minutes. Made my way up to the 1st floor and there's the Mac Studio. There was a small crowd but there was no queue, nice. Made my order, signed the credit card bill, and the box was then given to me. Staff instructed me to move to the corner for inspection. Opened up, powered on and checked for screen pixelation damage. How it's done? Check this out. Everything was good, and off I went. I spent less than 15minutes there, and that was the faster way of me spending RM1,799.

Rush home and first thing to do, is mop floor =P Yea, chief commander instruction, got to do before can play =P After finish, then unboxing time!!

When the box is passed to me, I keep checking around to make sure it's the new iPad, because it's not stated anywhere! How I know if they make mistake and given me the iPad 1? No label or whatsoever, the usual minimalist design. That's how Apple do it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm in love with the new iPad

If you are Apple worshipper, then you will definitely know that the new iPad is officially launching in Malaysia tomorrow. I'm not really a fans of Apple and also not a keen user for tablet, but I do have an appetite for latest shiny gadget to satisfy my envy eyes. Nothing in the market actually attract me to go get one, but the new iPad is pounding on my heart. With the iPad 2 discounted at only RM1,199 for 16GB WIFI model, should I be buying the iPad 2 instead?

Let's look at the improvement of the new iPad over the iPad 2.

1. 2048x1536 pixels Retina Display. I love the retina display in the iPhone 4, and that's the only reason that makes me buy one. The screen is incredible, and the same incredible screen on a 9.7" new iPad, of course I'm all into it! No gorilla glass here, but it got 44% wider colour gamut that the iPad 2. Also it features fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating. Don't really know what's that, but it's good to have.

2. Dual Core A5X CPU with Quad Core GPU APX comparing to the old Dual Core A5 CPU with 543MP2 GPU. Other than that, the RAM also increase from the pathetic 512MB to 1GB. Lots of people claimed that the iPad 2 is fast enough for daily usage, but with the technology moving in such a fast pace, evolution of apps to cater for more sophisticated users are inevitable. With higher performance, better and more complicated apps will be launch. It's up to budget seriously, but when owning a piece of tech, being on the up-front is important, or else why be a techie? Just watch the idiot box at home better.

3. 5MP rear camera that can also shoots 1080p HD video @ 30fps. Big improvement with features such as auto-focus, auto-exposure, stabilisation, hybrid infrared filter, and face detection. It's kind of weird to have such good camera on the new iPad because you will rarely use it as it looks awkward. But for the same price, it's good to have. Who knows what those apps developer might come out with?

Other than that, others are mainly same. Same size, same design, same factor. It's heavier by almost 50gram weighing 652g now, and also thicker by 0.6mm at 9.4mm now. There are still no memory slots, and the 4G LTE is useless for us. WIFI is standard features, and the Bluetooth is upgraded to 4.0 type with faster connection than the 2.1 in iPad 2.

New iPad 16GB WIFI is priced at RM1,499 and RM300 increment for double memory space of the previous version. 16GB might be enough for iPad 2, but for higher storage requirements to run the faster and higher resolution apps, 32GB is the only way to go. 4G model is not required, as it doesn't work in Malaysia, also 3G is available through tethering from my iPhone 4. Now I need a reason to tell my boss that I'm taking leave tomorrow =P