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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Connoisseur Concerto @ Orchard Road, Singapore

This round, I will be covering a restaurant in the shopping mall along the Orchard Road in Singapore, giving some ideas on what price tag and quality to expect if you happen to be strolling there for a holiday. As we wandering around, we decided to find something that can't find in Malaysia, and this is not our choice initially, but we settled with it as we are tired, and it's time to feed our baby.

Choice we made, The Connoisseur Concerto, or simply called TCC as per photo above. They call themselves Art Boutique Cafe, and they specialise in coffee apparently. But somehow, the setup within the restaurant shows that it's more like a dining place than a coffee place, but it looks interesting enough for us to step in.

Lucky enough that with baby on tow, our dinner timing normally is earlier, and for that, we manage to escape the large crowd that swarmed the place with super long queue. Another usual sight for restaurant in Orchard at weekend dining hours.

Now let's see what they got to attract such a crowd.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Barossa Restaurant-Wine-Bar @ Holland Village, Singapore

I've been missing in action for a while from blogging because I'm transferred to Singapore for a short term job assignment since last August. Busy schedule, so didn't have much chance to hunt for good food in Singapore, but managed to get some last month when my wife & son come visit me. Taking the opportunity to taste some best food in Singapore. Introduced to Holland Village by my good friends, and I brought my wife & son over as well to find something nicer for both of us.

We longing for some good romantic Western food after separated for such long duration, and I decided on this corner restaurant along Holland Village.

Barossa Restaurant, taking up the corner lot along the famous Holland Village in Singapore. They also have a branch in Esplanade Mall, Singapore.

The restaurant is quite small, only manage to squeeze a few small tables in the shop, and the rest of teh tables are scattered along the corridor with open door concept. The lighting is nice, it's obviously designed for a good catchup and beer time with friends. We visited on Friday night, so there is this live music that only available in Holland Village Barossa every Thursday and Friday. Lucky night, some good foods, good drinks, and good music.

Let's go see what we ordered.