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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee

Introducing the best Wan Tan Mee in the town. This tiny road side stall is very famous for their Wan Tan Mee and it's located just right beside the Sungai Besi Highway, therefore they are more known to be the Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee.

This place open from late evening all the way till morning 4.00am. It kind of remind me of my college life in Inti College Malaysia, where we are frequented a wan tan mee stall that open from midnight till morning. As you are studying / working late and suddenly hunger for food, anything taste good, especially wan tan mee. And this tiny stall served one of the best. Let's see.

The appearance of the stall is the same since I visited it few years back and of course, the taste of the food is still same as well, very nice.

An overall view of the stall. It's located beside a car accessories shop, i think that's why it's open only late evening. Got to wait for the shop to close first, right? There are plenty of tables, and so far I have no problem finding my seat everytime I visited this place. No problem on that. Car park also plenty, just find the place and you will noticed lots of car parking beside the road, and there are also plenty of parking beside the stall.

A simple concept of park at the road side, get a table, order and eat then leave. That's how I love Malaysia's style of eating.

The usual serving of pickled green chili and the sambal chili from this stall. It's available on every tables, so self serving please.

There is only a single thing to eat here, the famous Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee. The usual ordering would be with either Char Siew or Wild Boar Curry. Both are my favourites on this place and our usual order would go this way. A good plate of Char Siew Wan Tan Mee priced at RM4.50 for each of us.

Then I will get a plate of Wild Boar Curry priced at RM7.00 for sharing. Is the curry really good? Not really the best you can find, but somehow it's very nice when eat together with the Wan Tan Mee. Loving every bit of it.

The next must order is the Dumplings priced at RM6.00. This is the smallest bowl they served and RM1.00 for each dumpling is very much well worth the price. It's big, juicy and delicious. I love the dumplings served here. If you are ordering this, then you can forget about their wantan. Dumplings is much better than wantan.

Wrapping the dinner up with Longan and Winter Melon drink that's priced at RM1.70.
The whole dinner summed up to RM23.70 and I think it's pretty cheap. Considering the premium they should be charging because they open up the shop till 4.00am for you. It will be more favourite must stop if I suddenly feel the hunger in the middle of the night. It's currrently my favourite place for supper.

So coming back to the quality of food, is it really that good? I love their Mee and somehow I think they are using another type of mee. The usual Wan Tan Mee got a funny taste and girls normally hated it. The mee served here don't have that taste and it's very nice. The Char Siew and Wild Boar Curry is not the best in town, but somehow they pair up together very nicely with the Wan Tan Mee and giving it a full 10 marks experience. Plus the yummy Dumplings, it's just a place that keep attracting us to go back. Go try it out and tell me if you love this place. As far as the people I know, they all love it.

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
190H, Jalan 2 1/2 Miles
Sungai Besi
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9222 8177

Location Coordinate: N3 07.336 E101 42.539


TNS said...

sorry to disagree, this is the worst wantan mee i ever had in my life

KVINLIM said...

really that bad? where is best then? explore explore =)

TNS said...

this is my personal favourite. might not be the best but is better than this 1, i reckon

KVINLIM said...

alright! will try it out! thanks.

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