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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Restoran Boston Baru @ Klang

I worked in Klang earlier and my wife is from Klang, so I'm quite familiar with the area. What's the good food in Klang other than Bak Kut Teh? Here is the ultimate recommendation, Steamed Lala at New Boston. Crazily delicious and I will still go back all the way for this!

This place start serving around 7.00pm and it opens all the way till 2.00am (that's the latest I stayed, maybe they close later than that) There are lots of table there, around 40~50 tables and you will have difficulty finding a seat no matter what time or what day you got there. In normal times, you will have to wait for around 45~60 minutes for the food to be served, because of the crowd. If you are early & lucky, then probably 30 minutes earlier. The food here worth the wait, or else where come the crowd, right? Still interested? Keep reading.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present the Paddington House of Pancakes or known as PHOP. This is one of my favourite restaurant around the town, because I'm a pancake lover =) I've been visiting it quite regularly, but only this time with my Canon S90. I grab some shots to share while having dinner with a good friend of mine that loves food as well.

There are 3 branches opened up in KL, located at One Utama, The Curve and The Gardens. I've been to One Utama & The Curve branch, and both are fabulous. The shot in this review is in the The Curve. Paddington House of Pancakes is basically a restaurant franchise bussiness available from their website. They serves wonderful pancakes related dishes and it taste really good.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ishin Japanese Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

It's been very long since we've eaten Japanese food, mainly because of our busy schedule. This day I suggested to try out the newly open Ishin Japanese Restaurant at Old Klang Road. It has been getting over thousand fans over the facebook in a few months, so off we go again. Hunting for some better japanese restaurant.

If you are heading towards OUG from Midvalley direction, it's just located on your left opposite the 3rd Mile Square. It's located in a bungalow just beside the main road. Once you reached there, there are surprising lots of staff to guide you where to park. I think they have more staff at the parking than the restaurant. I will share more of my experience below. Here is a shot of the restaurant from the Old Klang Road.

Parking is plenty and they do double parking around the restaurant as well. No jockey parking though, but they will request for you to remove your car if other diners are leaving. I think it's a disturbance in the middle of the dinner to remove your car, but it might well worth it if the food is good. Let's see.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hong Bee, Fine Nyonya Cuisine @ Cap Square KL

On the other day, we happened to be hanging around in Capital Square Shopping Complex, and we thought why not look around the place for lunch. In fact, I think lots of people don't know where is Capital Square Shopping Complex, at least I didn't know earlier. It's actually a small shopping mall that's located off Jalan Dang Wangi and very near to Jalan Tun Ismail. The building is comprised of 4-storey and a TGV with 6 halls. It's an integrated lifestyle mall with condominium & office tower within the vicinity.

As we are scouting around the ground floor, we found this shop named Hong Bee, Fine Nyonya Cuisine. Nyonya Cuisine, yes I'm familiar. But Fine Nyonya Cuisine, that's something new. So quickyl we grab a seat. The place is basically empty when we got there because it's a weekday in odd hours like 10.30am.

There is meaning in their shop name, where the "Hong" means Rich while "Bee" means Taste Good. So their shop name is Rich Taste Good, yes of course. Where got Not Rich but Taste Good? Just a lame joke, forget about it.

The front shop display of Hong Bee explaining origin and specialty of their Pai Tee.
As we are seated, I can't help to notice the environment is very good with stylish modern touching. The food is very down to earth, and available from stuff like Kaya Butter Bun till Portugese Curry Devil.

Monday, July 12, 2010

1simpleplan is 1 year old

Today marked the 1 year anniversary of this blog and I've been through incredible experience. The whole blogging idea started when I suddenly have the urge to share my life experience with others, hoping to give inspiration. My friends have been asking me why I'm still writing the blog, since there is not much people reading it! Here is the answer. This blog is not only sharing the experience with others, but also to myself, as a reminder that I should continue to live a fulfilling life & achieveing life goals on this wonderful world.

There are lots of people that wasted their time around but by writing blog, it makes you think, what you are going to do over this weekend or next month. If I don't have anything to post over a month, then I started to think there is something wrong, that I need to go out there and do something more meaningful. That's part of the reason why I joined marathon, pursued my childhood hobby of photography, bought the Alfa Romeo experience and etc.

13th July 2009 till 12th July 2010 Food Journey Mosaic

Maybe this blog has not such big influence to my life, but part of it, it does affect my decision. With the experience, I think I live a more fulfilling life over the last year comparing to earlier years. Blogging takes up quite a lot of my time, but no regret as when I read back my post, it keep reminding me of what's my goals and what I wanted to achieve in my life. As you can see in most of my post, I'm currently pursuing foods & documentary photography, where I will continue to do so in the future.

I will continue to keep this blog going on and thanks to all readers for supporting. Hope you do enjoy the content but do let me know what you want to see more in my blog. Thank you!

13th July 2009 till 12th July 2010 Life Journey Mosaic

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

KL Marathon 2010

Here is the final piece of the KL Marathon 2010 story that I promised. My wife snapped away hundreds photos and it took me forever to sort it out. Finally I have some time to throw it up the web but beware, this post is heavy with images. She did some very good job, let's go and take a look.

The KL Marathon is held on 27th June 2010, and a week after the run, I felt much more energetic and younger. I believe that's the main reason why there are so many people joined marathon, it keeps them rejuvenated and having a sense of achievement. We left house quite late and it's already over 4am, so most major road is closed. We left with the only choice to take up the Padang Merbok parking area, but by the time we reached there at 5.30am, it's already full packed! We drove around and parked at a spot very far away. It think it's almost 3km away, sigh, thought of saving my energy for the run. Failed.

Here is the scene at Dataran Merdeka at 5.30am. Bear in mind that the full marathon & half marathon runners have already left the place, but it's still very much packed! My guess is right that more than 50% of participants is into the 10km run, but it's a little over my imagination. As adviced by sifu, I quickly find the location of toilet and take the queue.