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Sunday, May 12, 2013

River Nile Cafe & Bistro @ The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

With my job posting in Singapore, I'm running out of things to blog. I digged into my collection and surprisingly found this hidden gem that I missed out all the way from 2011. I doubted if I shall post it, because not sure if my experience still relevant or maybe the place has changed since my last visit. However decided to blog about it anyway, because it's a very nice place. An alternative dining place for folks in Ipoh, doubt many people know about it.

The place is located in the Lost World Tambun by Sunway City Ipoh. It's a little quiet here at night, but it's beautifully decorated and I love it.

This is the River Nile restaurant located within the Lost World Tambun, and looking at the photo alone, you would have to agree that it's a very nice place. The soothing lightings, beautiful plants, wooden table with Egyptian theme. Sunway obviously put lots of effort into this place. Those are the open air dining tables with bar for those that fancy some drinks and natural air.

There are internal section as well, fully air-conditioned with huge settings for lots of tables. The environment is very comfortable, and it's almost close to fine dining level, you will love it, and it's definitely a place for falling in love.