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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ah Loong Grilled Fish (Crabs) Seafood Restaurant @ Kepong

There is this place that served the one of the best grilled crab in the soil and I always wanted to share it with all of you but it's located so far away and I couldn't frequent the place as much as I wish. Last week finally we have some free time and I grab my camera to get it cover for you guys.

I'm sure KL people are well aware of the Kepong area, and it is particularly famous with its grilled seafood. I'm not local to that area but I've been recommended on this particular restaurant, Ah Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant that's sandwiched between a good row of grilled seafood restaurant.

Ah Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant is a typical chinese run-down restaurant at the uptown of KL but continuously pouring out extremely good food. The restaurant layout is small but they make full use of the open space behind the shop (where I'm photographing) to squeeze in easily 30 over tables.

This is how it is typically looks like when you decide to pay them a visit on the weekend. Most of the tables are located open space, so you wouldn't want to come here if it's raining. When we reached by 8.30pm, the crowd is scary. It's on the weekend of course, but still the crowd continues filling all the tables till 10.00pm. Not all the tables belong to Ah Loong of course, but there are still a spectacular numbers that's belong to them. From the crowd, I'm sure you already know how good is this place. Let's go.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taipang Matang (Teochew) Seafood Porridge Restaurant @ Puchong

It's Saturday evening and we are running out of thoughts of what to have for dinner. The night is breezing cold after an evening rain and my wife has a little flu coming, so she suggested something light & easy. She is active in Puchong area and myself usually never set foot into Puchong considering the traffic there. There she repetitively recommended this place that's good with their seafood porridge, and I say why not we have it tonight. Off we go to Puchong.

Taipang Matang Seafod Porridge Restaurant that's located just within the shoplots at Bandar Puteri Puchong. It occupies the ground floor of a corner unit and the floor space is huge! The name on the signboard is a little misleading though, as there is no English, and even the name is in Chinese only. I suspect any other races other than Chinese will actually patronise it for not knowing what they are selling, I think it's a mistake.

However, the menu suggested otherwise. Obviously someone designed the menu for them, as it's creatively English drafted including a Chinese four-words phrase. The photographs are also professsionally done, wondering why other restaurants couldn't even spend a little money on the menu. Looking at those other badly presented foods in the menu urge me to help them take some nice photos for publicity. As those foods that's really nice, they wouldn't even be able to attract anyone to order it if it's not presented nicely in the menu. It's especially true for walk-pass customers, call me for nice photos!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Energizer Night Marathon 2011 - Mike Foong's Promises

Received a call in the middle of the day and it's a courier services. With the recent announcement from Mike Foong from Energizer, I'm expecting the delivery of the running pack and it's efficient. The delivery guy called me asking for my home location, but I told him to re-route to my office instead and he is alright. Within hours, it's delivered to my office with everything intact. Woohoo, finally got my Energizer Running Pack.

It's a little funny that isn't the running pack suppose to be given to runners before the run? I'm sure some of the items inside is useful to them, not sure, let's check it out.

Open up the box, and it's packed very nicely. Let's do a count, there are a total of 8 items in the box.

1. Energizer Night Marathon 21km Medal
2. Energizer Headlight with batteries
3. Energizer Recycle Bag
4. Energizer Rechargeable USB Dock, without battery
5. Schick Shaver
6. Energizer Night Marathon T-Shirt
7. Energizer Night Marathon 21km Certificate
8. finally, a box of Playtex Gentle Glide ... what the ...

Most importantly is the Certificate of Participation for myself on the 21km run, the paper looks crap like poster quality only, but I still treasure it, my 2nd certs for 21km. Hope more will come.

My 21km finishing medal, looking good. Funny thing is, they are giving this out to everyone. My friend that didn't join the run also got the medal, they cant pleased everyone, so nevermind, as long as I got mine. I told my friends that I should have register for the 42km instead, then I will get a 42km medal! Hehe, but I want to earn it myself, let's see if I can complete my target this year. But if someone show you a 42km medal from Energizer 2011, better verify =P

And finally, a full refund as promise. I got this separately in my mailbox almost a week earlier. It's good that Energizer is taking full responsibility and I'm sure all runners are pleased now. Keep it up and we will continue to support you in the future. And if Energizer staff are reading, why you give us the rechargeable gear but without rechargeable batteries?? Weird!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ireland's Potato

We are wandering around the megamall and suddenly crave for some snacks before heading for our next schedule, and we stumble upon this place. I'm always a big lover to potato and of course this place will never escape my sensitive radar, The Ireland's Potato. I just couldn't resist not to try it out.

Here is the entrance of the Ireland's Potato first outlet located in Midvalley Megamall. By the time of my writing, there are 3 outlets with the others located in Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid.

As you can guess, the main highlight of this outlet is Potatoes. It claimed they serves the original Irish Potato and knowing nothing about Irish Potato here, I just got to try it out. There are not much choice but a few choice of sauces to go with the potato, easily explaining that it's a snacking place. However, the price explain otherwise. Read on.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swedish Meatballs @ IKEA Malaysia

Alright, eventually after I collected my running kit earlier in e@Curve, we couldn't decide on what to eat for the evening. It's not very often we venture into Mutiara Damansara area as it's actually quite far from my house, so we decided to eat something that's not available other than Mutiara Damansara area.

Where else got IKEA in Malaysia? Unfortunately no where else, and that's exactly where we are heading that evening. IKEA for dinner? Curry puff? For those that haven't try out their Food Court, you better read through.

We move into the building and skip everything by turning right just right after the escalator that lead us up to the showroom area. You will see a bypass door on the right side, cross it and immediately you will notice the IKEA Food Court located at the corner of the area. Here is a view of the entrance and the full menu as well with price indicated. They even have Nasi Ayam in Swedish restaurant, phew.

You know how annoyed I am when I'm not allow to take photograph of a place that I wanted to photograph in a free country? Once I step into the food ordering area, I starting taking photographs, and the stupid waitress behind the counter started shouting. So rude, can IKEA has the courtesy ask someone to walk over and tell me properly? Stand behind the counter, and shout across all the customers to tell me to stop taking photos. Wondering what they are going to do if I continue, but not making a big deal with them as I'm with my wife. Just wanted a quiet dinner, so I keep my camera away till I clear the line.

Things that I don't understand, (1) what's there to lose by taking photograph of their restaurant? Someone going to copy their way of serving food and become so famous and steal their customers? (2) Someone going to copy their recipe? I'm sure customers can always take-away the food. (3) my thinking is that the serving is so bad, that they worry people will blog and publicise their bad way of serving foods like in prison. All food pre-prepare and scoop down onto plates just like those you watch in the movie. (4) or else can't think of any other reasons.

Not to say the food is bad, but it's not delightful way of seeing it done, some people think it's new experience, very exciting for them. But I'm always skeptical about restaurant that don't allow people to take photograph.

Read on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dragon-i Signature @ Pavillion KL

We are visiting Pavillion earlier and decided to dine in the Dragon-i Signature restaurant located at the lower ground floor. If you would have notice, this place is exclusive with the name "Signature" and as you can guess, the food & price is also premium here. If not how to afford the higher rental in Pavillion right?

We are just longing for the traditional Dragon-i's food therefore we stick to the usual routine of ordering in usual Dragon-i restaurant around the whole Kuala Lumpur. A glance into the menu, and immediately you will notice additional food served, main addition to the premium restaurant is the family-sharing dish for family dining. Most of the tables within the restaurant is round, strongly indicating family union dining experience, but as you can guess, the price is premium as well.

The entrance into the Dragon-i Signature is the usual corridor decoated in major dark colour with stripes of red decoration to bring out the chinese culture. Dimmed lighting and it's always a good welcoming ambience for a fine dining. Move in then you notice the different immediately.