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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Asics Gel-3010 & Adidas Adizero Tempo

I love to run since I'm in high school and I'm hook after securing 6th place in Jogathon held during my college time. However, busy study & work schedule is slowly pulling me off from my hobby. I lost track and gain fats until early this year. Met a friend that love running as well and his plan to complete a marathon by end of the year sparked up my old interest. That encouraged me to join up 10km run in the recent KL Marathon 2010. A good start, I completed with a little struggle.

My wife wanted to give me something that I love for this birthday and I told her to get me a running shoe. This is what she got for me.

Asics, a renowned brand for marathon runners. I used to think that Asics is similar to brand like Power or Bata, but I'm wrong. Asics is the most famous marathon running shoes in the world and it's very expensive, especially over-price in Malaysia. I'm an Adidas loyalist since college and that its changed after I put my feet into the pair of Asics.

There is a major different in Asics & Adidas. I'm very familiar with Adidas running shoe like Adizero. It's well ventilated, very light weight and good support overall. The light weight is the main selling point to me as I can run extra mile with less weight. The technology behind it is very exciting in words and it's serving me well.

Asics is very different in another way. It's not very heavy nor light, very well cushioned all round, ventilated, spongy base pad, very well supported all round and a very impressive feature is the front of shoe is expandable. As running shoe is very important to have it wrapped your feet and give all round support but that will make you felt firmed & fixed, uncomfortable feeling. Selective Asics shoe has a stretchy part at the front of the shoe that give a good support to the leg while still provide room to move around. That is my "wow" factor and I decided on the spot to take it up.

This is what my wife got for me, the Asics Gel-3010. Asics in Malaysia is over-price and this pair is retailing at RM599.00. I took advantage of the Mega Sales running around the country at current time and got 20% off with final damage of RM479.20. My earlier choice of Asics running shoe does not have a size to suit me, so I upgraded. This pair weighs around 360 grams comparing to my favourite Adizero of 270 grams. A small different but that's the weight you are trying to get rid when you are doing 21km or 42km.

The pair of Asics Gel-3010 that I got is full of "technology" in it such as the following:

Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) Linked componentry that enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off.
Solyte® Midsole Material Lighter than ASICS’ standard EVA and SpEVA®, combined with improved cushioning and durability.
GEL® Cushioning Systems attenuates shock during impact phase and toe-off phases.
Space Trusstic System ® This midfoot stabilizer creates a pocket between the Trusstic System® device and the midsole, allowing for controlled midsole deformation and more efficient foot function.
Dynamic Cradle ® supports and guides the foot.
Discrete Heel Unit Takes the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®) to a new level by creating our highest degree of shock attenuation and stability.
Biomorphic Fit ® Upper Stretch material strategically placed on the upper helps to reduce buckling and the potential for irritation.

There are lots of terms up there, but importantly is still how it works in real life. I went out to try on it last weekend. Overall support is impressive (better than adidas), the spongy part help to reduce the impact of heavier weight that Adizero, the so-called Biomorphic Fit is good in doing it works. My feets are good after a 4km run and I think it's better than Adizero running shoes.

However, my wife's old shoe from Sketcher is long gone and she wanted to join me for a happy run from time to time at park. Thinking we should get her a good pair of shoe, we hunted around malls. She does not need anything that's able to sustain a very long run, so immediately my earlier favourite of Adizero come into my mind. I brought her over and convinved her to take up Adidas.

A pair of Adizero from Adidas for my wife. This is the first time she is wearing a proper running shoe, and you bet she is impressed especially by the light weight of the pair. It's so light that she told me she don't feel the shoe is there when trying it out. What to say, it's one of the top running shoe from Adidas.

We look around a few Adizero model and she ended up with this pair of Adizero Tempo. This is the exact pair of shoe that I'm eyeing when I'm doing my KL Marathon 2010, but didn't buy it because of its price. The printing at the back of the shoe is very nice & classical. That's my favourite, throw it up here for viewing.

This is the full view of the Adidas Adizero Tempo that's retailing at RM399.00. With Mega Sales, we got a 20% discount and final cost at RM319.90. It's one of the most expensive running shoe from Adidas. Fully ventilated all-round and the super light weight is scary measuring only 270grams.

Entire shoe base pad is filled with adiPRENE for propulsion & cushiong effects while the TORSION system is adapter on the mid-sole for twisting. Again, "technology" as following:

FORMOTION™ adapts to the ground to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable run possible
adiPRENE®+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency
TORSION® provides adaptive midfoot support; Pro-Moderator medial support device prevents overpronation
adiPRENE® under the heel for superior cushioning at impact
Air mesh upper for maximum ventilation; Non-slip lining for comfort and performance
Blown rubber outsole for lightweight grip and cushion

The set-up is not as complicated as Asics pair and that explains the cheaper price tag. However, as said, the major attraction of this pair is the weight. The cushion is all round but the padding is comfortable enough for running. That's where they cut off the weight.

Two new pair of running shoe for the couple. Total damage to the account is RM799.10, Ouch!

If budget is not available, forget about these. Real marathoners can do it barefoot, I'm just folk living in big city that couldn't resist the temptation of spending. Pushing myself through the barrier, I need all the "advantages" that I need to help me complete the full marathon in future (hopefully) that's only an achievement to 1% of world population. Cheers.


Gokul Krishna said...

Where did you get the Adidas running shoes from ? I meant which outlet ?

KVINLIM said...

Gokul, got mine from the Studio R located at the top floor of Midvalley. Love it there because it's big and lots of choice. Look out for megasales, you will easily get the discount I mentioned in the post. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i think you got cheated. Asics 3010 retail price in malaysia is only Rm549. I know because i almost buy it, but instead i went for Kayano 17 which retail at RM599. If you think i am wrong, you can go to any outlet which sells Asics to double check. I know a lot of dishonest dealer who always put up massive discount but jack up the retail to offset the discount. But common sense will tell us,we should beware of those retailer that always put up 50% , 70% discount, would you expect any business to run at a loss? :)

KVINLIM said...

Hi, thanks for the information. But I don't think they cheated on the price tag. I got mine last year, probably explain the price difference as it's older model now? Anyway I did went back to check the price bout a month or two later, the price indicated is RM599 without discount. Or maybe you have got a real bargain! Mind sharing where to get a better price Asics, then I will get my next pair there :)

Anonymous said...

haha.. and i thought Nike is expensive!!

KVINLIM said...

Nike and Adidas is for consumer market, Asics is targeting professional. Different market, so different pricing =)

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