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Friday, January 28, 2011

Registration for Energizer Night Race 2011

I've made a promise to complete a full marathon run this year and it's one of my resolution for 2011. Immediately after the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010, I keep on searching for the next run, and the upcoming event is the Energizer Night Race 2011!

With my healing knee and to keep myself going-in, I quickly register myself to make sure I don't change my mind. I'm not going for a full marathon this time, but another 21km run to prepare myself for the upcoming real challenge.

Here is my registration and it's indicated runner pack will be ready for collection from 25th March onwards at The Curve and Tropicana. Otherwise you can always head up to SIC on that day for collection, but as usual, my advice would still be no to avoid the crowds and wasting unnecessary energy before the run. I still need everything I got for the run.

Read more for maps & strategy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Finally have some time to sit down and write about my incredible experience of my 1st Half-Marathon Run in Penang earlier. The marathon is on Sunday morning and my half marathon run is suppose to start at 3.00am. Full marathoner starting at 2.00am! Bugger, running marathon is already crazy, somemore start so early ....

Anyway we woke up a little late and left the hotel that's located between Ferringhi and the town only at 2.30am. I got exactly 30 minutes to get there, park the car and start the run! Shite, so I drove like crazy and the worst part is there is road block around the main road and cars jammed up. Not very familiar with Penang road, and with some help on my GPS, i took the small road around the town and finally stalked a motorcyclist that's wearing the same half marathoner shirt all the way =) haha, nice experience, and on the way as we were going for a run of our life at 2.30am, we saw lots of people still partying in the club along the road ... making me think i'm such a loser ...

As we got nearer to the area, the road is already blocked and we were still almost 5km away from the event. Cars are parked everywhere, packed up and luckily I found a spot just below the tree and stucked my little italian beast in it. Next time I will make sure I allocate at least over an hour to reach the place. Let's go and complete the whole damn thing.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Daily Grind, Best Burger in Town

I've been missing in action for a long time, because of a long busy end of the year in both personal & career works. Anyway, back tracked all the way till 14th October 2010, we officially marked the 10th year anniversary of my relationship with my wife. Thanks to all the wishes to our 10 year relationship marathon, and thankfully it is still going strong =)

I have heard of this special place in Bangsar Village from a friend of mine that they serve a true gourmet burgers, named The Daily Grind. Without hesitation, I decided to take his advice to celebrate our anniversary. Let's skip the romantic story and go straight to the food =P

The Daily Grind is located in the Bangsar Shopping Complex and it is brand new and visible from the road side occupying the lower ground floor of the complex.

The entrance is small but it's decorated tastefully of underground subway decors. The restaurant is basically separated into two sections with a bright opening as you can see before the counter, and another dimmer dining tables inside the restaurant.