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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ichiban Ramen @ Ikano Power Center

We wanted to buy something over in IKEA so we drop by after work for little shopping and dinner. We tried out the IKEA's kitchen food earlier, so we walked over to Ikano Power Center to hunt for something special. Disappointingly we can't find anything different, so we just wanted for a simple & quick dinner. Somehow we ended up in Ichiban Ramen at the lower ground floor. Ikano Power Center really quite dead, nothing interesting there also.

I somehow mistaken this shop with the Ajisen Ramen that I frequented earlier, and I only realised that after looking at the menu. There are limited choice on the menu for ramen but they have other bento sets available. On variety, Ajisen Ramen easily has triple the choice of ramen compare to Ichiban Ramen here.

Anyway we ordered and waited for our food. As we are waiting, I scout around and notice the place is indeed very neat for such a small shop. Ichiban Ramen is a franchise bussiness similar to Ajisen Ramen but in a smaller scale, I suppose. There is also an outlet in Sunway Shopping Mall.

The decoration is decent and most importantly it's clean. It looks like a family run ramen shop comparing to those bigger franchise brand.

The decoration on the wall is also good, adding a good space environment to the dining experience. There are few diners around but it's comfortable for a seat, chat and food.

First to come is our drink. My wife wanted something special, so I ordered the Macha priced at RM7.00. It's actually Ice Blended Macha, something like Green Tea Ice Cream but in drink form. It taste not bad too, something healthier. I think only this shop serve this, never see this anywhere else before.

My wife is not very hungry so control the order and get a Shishamo priced at RM11.00 for sharing. Both of us love the Shishamo and it's an always must ordered dish in japanese restaurant. There is five of them and the size is quite big. Not bad but nothing spectacular, I'm not complaining.

Then for our main dish, I looked over the Bento section and ordered the Grilled Salmon Bento Set at RM28.00. The bento set is served with miso soup, rice, karaage, grilled salmon, and vegetables. The food is overall good, but again, nothing spectacular.

Overall the dinner cost us RM52.90 with 10% + 5% tax. Our simple dinner ended become a quite expensive dinner and with that price, I think I can get something much better out there. Anyway, the food is nice and importantly I enjoyed the comfortable environment with close walking distance from my visiting place, IKEA. But I can spend that much to get a much decent japanese food in PJ/KL with better quality food. Your choice.

Ichiban Ramen
Lot LG 19&20
Ikano Power Center
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7725 4199
Location Coordinate: N3 09.356 E101 36.653

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