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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wong Koh Kee Restaurant @ Ipoh

Ipoh is filled with lots of good food, and it's going to take me forever to introduce everything to you all. One of the very important restaurant that I need to cover is the Wong Koh Kee restaurant.

This restaurant is located in "Yee Lai Hong" meaning mistress lane. I'm not sure why its name like that, even my dad don't know why. I suppose last time lots of people keep their mistress here =P

Anyway back to the restaurant, the location is in the Ipoh old town and it's located off the main street just right opposite the famous Kong Heng & Thean Chun Restaurant.

So what's good in this restaurant? "Tai Chow".  It's a very very old restaurant that serve very good chinese food. They only open during lunch time, and we got there around 12pm. It's already very packed.

We took a while for wait for our table and ended up sitting at the shop beside the Koh Kee, only thing is we need to order drinks from them. And that give us a good surprise as well. Read on.

Ma Zhi, or known as steamed blended glutinous rice mixed with pounded peanuts, sesame & sugar. There is a small stall beside the restaurant selling this, so we side order to fill the stomach while waiting. It is surprisingly good! Easily match up with what you can find in Penang!

With the new cafe opening up beside the Wong Koh Kee, we are forced to order some drinks from them, and to our surprise, they serve some amazing Tong Sui!

White Fungus, Lotus Seed, Red Dates and etc Tong Sui.

Guai Lin Kou with Cendol Tong Sui.

Yam & Pumpkin Sago Tong Sui.

The type of tong sui served is truly incredible, considering a simple corner cafe manage to get such a good quality tong sui out. Nice, another good place for snacking. Now comes the highlight.

Firs to come is the Crispy Roasted Pei Pa Chicken, a true delicacy in the restaurant. Crispy roasted skin and marinated chicken is very delicious. Best eaten when it's hot, you got to try it.

Three Yolks Steamed Egg is also one of their renowed dish. If you have tried the same dish in other places, then you will appreciate the difference almost immediately. Or else it's just a simple egg dish on the plate. The steamed egg is very smooth.

Brown Bean Sauce Steamed Fish, dont really know what fish is this, but it's good. The fish has a little mud taste, but only to us because we are extremely sensitive to it, considering we are from fisherman generation. Others shouldn't be noticing it though. The fish is fresh and lots of "wok hei".

Sweet and Sour Pork, the signature dish of the shop and a must order for my family. Its special being the skin is hot & crispy with hollow but saucy meat within. It must be eaten when it's just served, the skin is still hot and crispy. If you waited a little longer, it get soften and not very nice. The sweet and sour sauce is crazily heaven like. It's claimed serving the best Sweet and Sour Pork in the whole Malaysia, what you think?

Fried Bean Sprouts with Anchovies. As usual, Ipoh serves the best bean sprout around the town, mainly because of the water. This dish is a little salty but the importance is the "wok hei"! It's great dish.

Stir Fried Sai Yeong Choi with Roasted Pork and again, it's "wok hei" is truly amazing. That's the main reason why this place is famous, which mainly that's what Tai Chow is all about.

There is no price indication, meaning I didn't pay for the lunch. Sorry for that but food in Ipoh won't be expensive. Estimated RM15 per person should be enough. Most important element for Tai Chow is "wok hei" and Wong Koh Kee has it best. If you are not sure what to order, everything up there is their signature dish, but there will be no mistake to eat anything in one of the best Tai Chow restaurant in Ipoh. Try it out if you happen to be in Ipoh for lunch. This place is drawing crowds from all over the Malaysia, if you don't know about this place, then you have yet to explore Ipoh =)

Wong Koh Kee Restaurant
No. 3, Panglima Lane
30000 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-241 9474
Opening Time: 10.30am till 3.00pm
Location Coordiante: N4 35.779 E101 04.681


KJ said...

Haha...the fish is a red tilapia, which is freshwater, hence the muddy taste :)

KVINLIM said...

u know lots about fish, teach me fishing next time when u got back =P

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