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Friday, October 22, 2010

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's Fried Chicken

Going around the Midvalley recently for a walk and getting bored with the food there, and notice this new franchise fast food opening near the basement escalator. The Popeye Louisiana Kitchen, the fast food fried chicken franchise orignated from Louisiana by Al Copeland in 1974. It's couting nearly 2,000 outlets worldwide and still adding, putting it 2nd biggest fried chicken chain in the world, after KFC, of course.

As we entered the restaurant, the colour that they are using is orange & red. You know those franchise outlet are using a simple branding method, is through colour. Like McDonald is using yellow, Shell is using yellow & red, KFC using red, and etc. Colour is a simple and people can easily recognise it from far away, a successful branding I would say. The place is clean, probably because it's still new though.

As we are lining up for our turn to order, we take a quick look at the menu, and surprise to found that the pricing is quite attractive. A chicken combo of two piece is less than RM10 and three pieces is less than RM12. That's almost same price with KFC, but is their fried chicken better than the finger-licking-good piece? Need to find out.

Popeyes also features sandwiches and rice bowl. That's some funny stuff, but nearly RM10 for a rice bowl without drink is a little expensive for me. No doubt that dig up the curiosity of Malaysian, because I see almost every diner group do have a bowl of those, not sure nice or not though.

My wife is not very hungry so we opted for a three piece combo set that cost us RM11.95. Reviewing the chicken, the first bite tell me that it's not bad, but is it as good as KFC? I'm a big lover for the hot & spicy, and I can easily say the hot & spicy from KFC is still the best. But Popeyes fried kitchen is good as well. The meat is juicy, tendered and the skin is crispy. Juicy? Yea, true. Juicy, not something common in other fast food outlet. I love the chicken, it's less oily and something better than KFC's original piece. I'm not sure who can come any nearer that quality friend chicken in town.

The combo set is serve with the coleslaw and mashed potato. Both are equally good, but some will still opt for coleslaw from KFC. As said, it's fast food chain, what quality you are expecting? It's all the same anyway, similar at least.

And finally the drink. Nothing to shout about, but a good "carbonated" drink. You know there are those restaurant that does not mix their carbonated drinks very well and it ended up weird tasting or tasteless or carbonateless drink? At least my first encounter here is ok =)

It's a total of different experience from KFC altogether. I would say most of the KFC outlet are old and run-down, so this place is very clean and new to me. Maybe that spark off some interest for me to continue visiting it. However, if you ask me frankly on the chicken, Colonel's secret recipe is still the best. No harm trying out other outlet though like Popeyes, I love more variety and I don't want to see them closing down leaving me with little choice in future.

A dining in megamall for less than RM13 for two person, that's a bargain deal anytime. If you have limited budget and opt for a cheap / quick bite, do try it out. Maybe you have other comment than me do. Let me know how the rice bowl taste also ok. Cheers.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Branch Outlet: Midvalley Mega Mall, TTDI, Sunway Pyramid, Wangsa Walk Mall, Klang Parade, The Curve, Selayang Mall, Mines Shopping Mall (adding fast!)


Wai said...

I tested the one in Sunway just last Sunday..

not exactly nice.. i tried the shrimp sandwich and mashed potatos as side order..

potatos nice.. shrimp sandwich so so nia..

KVINLIM said...

their sandwich does not looks good, but funny they have rice bowls. maybe to accomodate asian group? but funny, if i'm taking popeyes, why would I want to eat the rice bowl? it will never be better than chinese rice lo ....

TNS said...

KFC is always the last resort

KVINLIM said...

I still love KFC =) especially the hot & spicy ... hehe

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