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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Elephant Thai Cuisine @ Happy Mansion PJ

It's a surprise to find out that how many good food can fit into a small area like Happy Mansion. I'm yet to post all good food around Happy Mansion up yet because normally I frequented these places on my lunch break or directly after work because I work nearby. Therefore normally I do not have a camera with me. Introducing a new outlet in Happy Mansion, My Elephant Thai Cuisine.

My colleagues brought me over for lunch earlier and after the 1st experience, I tell myself that I must bring my wife over! The food is delicious, and both of us loves thai food as well. So a new addition to the list of good food restaurant.

As you can see, the restaurant spread through three small shoplot in Happy Mansion and the set-up & fascade is neat and elegant. Umbrella holder, waiting seats, menu on the glass wall, carpet for entrance, a well thought concept and I'm very surprise to find such quality restaurant in this place. No doubt it draw the crowd as you can see from the shot above that people are standing waiting while browsing through the menu.

We got there a bit late so there is no more small table available and we are forced to take up the long table at the end of the restaurant that got pink lighting. It's funny why they set-up pink lighting at the long table, thought the romantic colour is meant for small table setting where couple linger around chatting their life away? The long table is definitely meant for family! The colour put a terrible cast to the food also, affecting my photos you see later.

The rest of the places are bright and neat. It's a little cramped in here but the spacing is comfortable, not something like you will bang into another diner when adjusting your chair. Notice the pink colour cast on the nearest table? Why not same lighting set-up as the middle part of the restaurant? That would be much better.

As usual, we start with drinks. There are a few funny choices here and one of them is the Pandan Cooler that's priced at RM3.00. It's actually pandan syrup water served cold. I think RM3 is a little expensive for this glass but I'm not complaining. It's quite delicious actually =)

Water is priced at RM0.50 each. A little tiny lemon squeezed on top giving a fresh taste. The cup looks like the one Ikea selling at RM2.90 now. Hehe ...

A big pot of Jasmine Rice with Brown Rice priced at RM6.00. It's good, and quite big pot though. However, we manage to finish the pot as well, not that big after all.

First to come is the Deep Fried Chicken Gai Tod Gratiam Prik Thai priced at RM15.00. A very delicious chicken, not sure how it fit into thai cuisine, but it's herby and nicely marinated. My top choice and must re-order dish for the shop. Simple review, the taste is hard to put into words =)

It's one of our lavish dining, so I ordered the prawn dish named Khai Jiao Homok that's priced at RM13.00. Nothing special about the dish, but the prawn is fresh and big. There is four prawn for the plate and my excitement is killed off by the upcoming dish. Disappointed. Read on.

A never miss dish in Thai Restaurant is of course, the Tom Yum Seafood priced at RM20.00. We ordered a small one, judging from the price, it shouldn't be very small and we are right! It's huge!! Easily feed 4 persons I think, and the ingredients inside is plenty! The regret comes of ordering the prawn earlier because this bowl got 2 similar prawn within together with seafood of fish, squid, and stuff. Just forget about the prawn and order this bowl of Tom Yum Seafood. It's not very spicy and sour like others, so a low rating for this bowl of Tom Yum.

Our 4th dish, the Egg Otak Otak Choo Chee Goong priced at RM18.00. As usual, the dish is full of all kind of herbs. Very tasteful, mixture of tomato, and watery fried omelette. I personally love the omelette as well.

Sitting around the corner got the benefit. We manage to take a window peek into the kitchen and here is the shot. Small kitchen, not very clean but well manage. Decent, look at the small container around the shelf, very neat and only one chef. The food serving rate is very fast.

We eat like elephant that day, pot of rice and four main dishes. Spend the rest of the day like elephant, walking slowly and sleep soundly ...

The dinner cost both of us a total of RM83.10 with 10% service charge included. A good twist of dining experience in the center of Petaling Jaya. This place is the single Thai restaurant that features so much herbs in their dish, wonderful. I love Thai food, but it's a different experience altogether comparing to other restaurants. The dish here is less sour and spicy, but very rich in herbs taste. Incredible, to try it out yourself.

A local restaurant around the happy neighbourhood, I love to support them. Cheers.

my Elephant Thai Cuisine
CG-4 Hapy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +6010 220 1283
Location Coordinate: N3 07.345 E101 38.078

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