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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hiong Kong Restaurant @ Pudu Plaza

Today I'm going to introduce a very special place in the middle of KL city, the infamous Hiong Kong Restaurant. I didn't this place existed but according to my sister, this shop has be around for very very long time, and most of the KL boy will know it.

This Hiong Kong Restaurant is basically hidden in the basement of the Pudu Plaza, and I'm pretty sure majority of the Gen Y will never step foot inside this Pudu Plaza, that's why it remains a hidden gem. Is it any good? Well, it's not a place that you can just walk in and order your food, but you must pre-book your table and your dishes. For our case, we pre-booked months back in order to get our taste of the food in this place else they won't serve you! I've been told that the Chef here last time serve for some 5-star Restaurant and now he own this place serving a limited local area. Wow? Yea, wow. Let's find out what they've got.

If you are new to this place, I bet you wouldn't be able to find it, because it's located inside the Entertainment and F&B Zone! So look out for this entrance, left side is the CDs shop, and right side selling steamboat. Nostalgic right =)

As you walk till the end, you will see this. My first time seeing this, I shouted, WHAT'S THIS? A restaurant that need months of pre-booked and it's located beside the entertainment shop with a waist level wooden partition around the corridor of basement in a nearly abandoned shopping mall??? Sorry I kill the surprises for you guys reading it, but it's unbelievable...

This looks more like a proper restaurant, but it's not. The surrounding is weird and first time I'm seated in such place for a special lunch. However, if you pay a little attention, you will notice most of the patrons there are rich people. Designer bag, branded shirts and etc. It's not for the normal folks I think. Because it's expensive? Let's find out.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Audi Q5 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line

My last post show that I'm hunting for a SUV for the family with the growing needs, so finally I managed to settle that before the Chinese New Year. The choice is obvious, an used Audi Q5 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line. Earlier I thought a 5 years old Audi Q5 will need a minimum of RM200k to settle, but then I noticed that's actually for non-registered imported vehicle price. Local registered car can be found in the region of RM150k, so immediately I started my hunting mode. And this is what I got.

A perfect SUV for the family, Audi Q5 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line. In comparison for the same price, you probably can get a new SUV from Japanese brand, but then being myself like to always weight in best value for money, means not to follow the majority, I think owning a RM350k SUV for more than half of its price is a no brainer. I just can't bear the idea of losing half of its value in 5 years time. I always love Audi since young, and its a brand that gives a long last impression in my head as my dad always told me, Audi is for rich people only. Really? LOL

Audi Q5 is first introduced in Y2008, and it mark as the second SUV introduce by Audi after the Q7 brother. The design of Audi Q5 is so long lasting and it is in the same form since Y2008, only to have minor facelift in Y2012. Until today, its replacement is still not launch, only rumours concept car started surfacing in the web. That's 9 years in the market, and it is still much sought after SUV in the market. A design that's 9 years old but still well receive by the market, awesome achievement. It signifies a perfect design that the designer just run out of idea to improvise?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Plan to Upgrade Family Car into SUV

With new family member joining in, space becomes the number 1 consideration and that's why I'm looking for upgrade of my wife's faithful Civic to a bigger space car, like SUV. Lots of friends told me that Civic is big enough already, but it's amazing how many luggage you will be carrying when travelling outstation with baby in tow. Stretching my budget a bit into RM200,000 and see what I can get now.

Toyota Rush - RM86,000
Mitsubishi ASX - RM115,000
Suzuki Grand Vitara - RM121,000
Hyundai Tuscon - RM133,000
Kia Sportage - RM136,000
Mazda CX5 - RM137,000
Nissan X-Trail - RM145,000
Subaru XV - RM146,000
Honda CRV - RM146,000
Ford Kuga - RM156,000
Inokom Santa Fe - RM157,000
Chevrolet Captiva - RM161,000
Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 - RM179,000
Subaru Outback - RM179,000
Subaru Forester - RM199,800

Alternatively, these cars are in consideration as well due to the bigger space.
Nissan Grand Livina - RM87,000
Peugeot 3008 - RM154,000

Seems to be lots of choices in the market now, but I'm trying to limit my choice to European/US made only, as they have better built in terms of safety and quality ride. That automatically crossed out almost all the cars in the market, leaving only the following:

Ford Kuga
Chevrolet Captiva
Volkswagen Tiguan
Peugeot 3008

Unfortunately, European/US cars are not favor in Malaysia, therefore their resale value is very bad. That open up the question of, why not find some used / imported / recond car from europe made brand? So what we can get for a budget of RM200,000?

Ford Kuga is relatively new in the market, so there is no used unit available.
However, being Ford, they are always hungry for sales, so look out for discounts from them. Discount can range over RM10,000 from Ford most of the time for this car price.

Y2010 Audi Q5 is in the range of RM200,000. For a new car that's selling in RM300,00 region, you basically save up to RM25,000 depreciation a year, quite a bargain to consider.

Y2010 Toyota Harrier 2.4 in the range of RM160,000. Not selling new in Malaysia, but quite a good bargain as well, and it rides very well. However, drawback is this model is already very old and doesn't looks that appealing anymore. New Harrier is expensive as well.

Y2010 Peugeot 3008 surprisingly only selling at range of RM70,000. Considering a new car of RM154,000, it basically depreciated over RM21,000 per year. A real bargain if you don't mind a used unit.

Y2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 is in the range of RM135,000. Note that this is 2.0 model, where market selling for over RM240,000. That make it has depreciated over RM26,250 per year. Another good bargain to look at.

Y2010 Land Rover Freelander 2 is in the range of RM140,000. New car is selling at RM270,000. That makes it depreciated at RM32,500 per year.

Lots of bargain in the European / US section, but the important question is, will it continue to depreciate at the same rate? If yes then not worth buying it. If no, then worth every cents. Getting a high quality car at much lower price. Of course there will be maintenance involved for older cars, but at a discount of over RM20,000 every year in depreciation, I would be able to overhaul the entire car at that amount already.

I'm still hunting, will update again =) Stay tuned.

Ahza Burger House @ Bintulu, Sarawak

This round sharing a burger outlet again in Bintulu, Sarawak. It's called Ahza Burger House. Interesting about this place is that the owner makes their own patty instead of those frozen food. Hey, sounds very much like Burger Lab in Kuala Lumpur. Interesting, but is it any good? Let's see

Ahza Burger House operating from a home in Taman Tinggi. Stall located at the main door of the house, blocked by gate, and a few tables with romantic light setup, hehe.

This is the menu, all patties are home made except hot dog i suppose. Price is affordable although still more expensive than normal Ramly stall. I pick the Oozy Burger that cost RM11.00. Most expensive is always best eh, haha...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB Gold

My earlier loyal comrade HTC One M7 has finally reached its shelf life, and it's dying on me. Normally I will use a smart phone for a duration of 2 years to follow the Telco contract, but I couldn't wait till December this round. The battery life of HTC One M7 can only manage to hold up for 3 hours max, and I will need a replacement fast. That means I will need to buy a new smartphone at retail price, or find options available in the market.

As usual, I survey and analyse the available package, and drawn conclusion to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB model that's just launched days ago. Sharing my decision here, might help your case to decide.

With my experience in iPhone 4 and HTC One in both iOS and Android environment, I've expose to both sides and each has own advantages of another. I don't mind to use either iOS or Android for my next smartphone, so decision relies on the package and also the smartphone model & features from both system. Tiles style from Microsoft never attracts me, so dropping it in this sharing.

For iOS, it's pretty straight forward. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ only, small or big screen. Coming from a small screen user, I'm dying to move into big screen wagon, and I would only consider iPhone 6+ if I were to take iOS. 16GB is too small, so 64GB is the next size up retailing at RM3,550, that's super expensive! Worth it or not very much depending on individuals, but I would compare to flagship from Android to decide.

For Android, there are multiple brands available, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and etc. Lesson learned from my experience with HTC is, don't buy brand that's not proven by the popularity. There is a reason they are not popular among phone user, and this will impact badly in your overall experience. I will explain later. So either you pick the flagship from the big brand such as Samsung, or get the flagship from the China big brand like Xiaomi. My wife basically ban me from getting the Xiaomi, as she knows me to well, that I always heart for the glamorous thing, and she is right. 

So looking at Samsung, the earlier flagship is only Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which I don't feel excited at all. Their Samsung Galaxy S6 model is too small, but I love the Edge design that they implemented. It looks cool and super neat but then the size is small and I hope for the big screen. Of course they cover all sides, and they have the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge available, but then it's an old model. So the timing is just right that Samsung is preparing to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Hey, both are big screen model, and it's new model. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB @ RM3,099

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB @ RM2,699

I've been asking myself the question hundred times, Note5 or Edge+ as RM400 is not really a big factor for me to decide, but more to if I want practicality (stylus for production) or style (curvy screen). Obviously you know what's my choice, but my decision is made only when I'm holding the actual phones to compare. Curved screen is just the latest tech in the mobile world, and I love latest tech. Productivity is attractive features, but I will then choose to do it on laptop if need to. As I survived without productivity all these while and I'm fine. 

Why not the iPhone 6 Plus someone will ask. Simple, it's the old model, and if I wait for the new model to launch by 9th September 2015, it will take easily weeks for it to reach our shores. Further, I doubt anything interesting from Apple that will be the deal breaker will be announce, so I'm not too interested to wait. It's RM200 more, less exciting, simple. 

Back to the earlier question why not the not-popular brand? First of all, their product might got problem, such as HTC got battery overheating issue, and their battery life performance drop like nobody business. You won't know it until it happened, by then it's too late as you already locked in a 2 years contract with Telco. Secondly, accessories problem. Because it's not popular, you cannot find anyone selling accessories! My nice HTC One is still using the RM15 ciplak black rubber casing, just because I couldn't find any others to replace it. I've been finding the transparent rubber casing for my HTC One past 2 years, just couldn't find it. 

Choosing what to buy is part of the fun, and I enjoy the process very much.
Now some photos for your enjoyment =)

*pardon the screen protector, just temporary measure while I can find the proper curved tempered glass =P

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Ultimate challenge, I'm committed.

Ironman 70.3 = 1.9km Swimming, 90km Cycling, 21km Running
Ironman = 3.8km Swimming, 180km Cycling, 42km Running

Monday, July 6, 2015

Best Fried Noodles @ Bintulu, Sarawak

Today I'm posing a special food post that's located so far away from my home, and it's worth my time to blog about it. There is no sign board, no names and this old couple operate from their home, I supposingly. You would just have to refer to my location coordination down there to find out where exactly is the shop, but we are talking about Bintulu, Sarawak here.

This is how the shop looks like, run down, no class, but promise you that this is the hidden gem in places like these, one of the best Fried Noodles they have in this shop.

Old and basic settings, dirty drain run along side of the house, and it's not a pretty side. There are even funny smells and occasion rats or cockroaches are not surprising sight.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cycling in the Concrete Jungle?

After conquering the full marathon of 42.195km on foot, time to look forward for new challenges. Completing a Triathlon is always my ultimate aim, and on the way there, I will need to pick up Swimming and Cycling. Next I'm looking to pick up cycling so did some search about cycling in the concrete jungle for route and club. Came across this site which is quite informative to share.

First look seems to be an initiative by the local community but then it seems to be supported by the government, not sure but it's definitely a useful site.

This map is downloaded from and it's pretty informative for KL route.

Time to hunt for a bike, will keep you guys updated on my progress.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Desktop Computer before GST?

I've been always a computer guy, so when it comes to computer, I always hand-pick my own components and build it myself. It's pretty simple, and my current rig is set-up since Y2008,

This is my current rig specifications:
Mainboard ASUS P5K-PL
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz 775BC 1333FSB 6MB L2
Kingston PC800 DDR2 2GB
2TB WD 3.5" 7200rpm 64MB SATA3
500GB WD 3.5" 7200rpm 16MB SATA2
XFX GF 9600GT (650MHz) 512MB DDR3 256bit
22" Samsung 2232BW 2ms 3000:1 (A+D)
Liteon 20x SATA DVD-RW Combo
Cooler Master Extreme 460W
Logitech Internet Pro Keyboard & Optical Mouse
Edifier E3100 RMS 8Wx2+12W 2:1 (5" Woofer)

It is now Y2015, this machine has been running for almost 7 years now, and there are some problems.

1. Y2014 the mainboard dead, and I have to find a replacement for it. Problem is, there is no mainboard in the market then that supported the Intel Core 2 Duo socket, big problem. I hunt for so long and finally manage to find the Asrock G41C-GS that's selling for a premium price of RM229. I paid for it still, as it's' much more expensive for me to fork out cash to setup a new system.

2. Then this month, the Power Supply Unit (PSU) went down as well, but PSU is easy peasy. I managed to find the exact same unit to replace it at RM129. Other than that, it's all running well.

With 2 incidents within a year, it shows that the system is aging fast and might not able to support me for longer time, so I search out for new system to gauge the budget and price. And this is what I gathered.

Gigabyte GA-H61M-WW = RM189.00
Intel Core i5-4440 Quad Core 3.1GHz 6MB = RM614.00
Kingston HX316C10FB Fury PC1600 8GB DDR3 = RM239.00
Sapphire R7 240 2GB DDR3 128bit = RM249.00
SSD Kingston V300 120GB 450MB/450MB = RM199.00
Silverstone Essential 500W = RM169.00
Liteon DVD-RW SATA = RM59.00
Cooler Master K350 = RM149.00
AOC E2450SWD 23.6" 2ms D/W = RM469.00
Total = RM2,346.00
*note: keyboard, speakers and additioanl HDD is missing, so add what's needed.

This is a pretty decent machine to cover most basic gaming needs and definitely can last another 7 years if taken care of. However, I formatted my old rig and installed Windows 7 and it's running fine again, so don't see the point of upgrading it, so postpone my desire. Since I've done the research, so share it here for anyone that's interested to build a new rig before the GST =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cyberjaya Putrajaya Perdana Twincity Marathon 2014

I've been really busy and lots are happening past few months. I need to continue running as part of my life goal to build a healthy balance lifestyle. Registered myself for the Cyberjaya Putrajaya Perdana Twincity Marathon 2014 for 21km run on 21st December 2014. First step to reboot my life, push towards full marathon event in Y2015!

For those interested, this event is still open for registration, do sign up for run. Not many full marathon event in calendar, so let's go.