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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kong Heng Coffee Shop @ Ipoh

This is one of the Ipoh folks all-time favourite place for food, and it's been here forever, older than myself. I don't know how old is this building, but my dad used to frequent this shop when he is still a kid. So go figure, and according to my dad, it maintained exactly the same on how they serve their food, the table, chair and etc. It's really a better place to visit if you are interested with history rather than visiting Ipoh's museum, as it's actually quite crap. Let's take a closer look at the Kong Heng Coffee Shop located in the old town.

The forever standing Kong Heng Coffee Shop lcoated in the old town part of the Ipoh and it's one of the most important nostalgic icon for Ipoh town.

How it looks like within Kong Heng, high ceiling, big column, old floor tiles, steel & wooden window, marble table and wooden chair. Amazing. You just need to take a closer look around the entire shop, it's like that since many many years ago, before I'm even born. No changes, everything is the same. Incredible.

So what's the highlight of this place? Why they can maintain the flow of crowd until today? Let's look at the food, it taste exactly same since I'm kid, and it's wonderful.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Da Tuan Yuan Restaurant @ Klang

This time around, I would like to introduce some good food in Klang town, other than Bak Kut Teh of course. Being a large town with a good number of chinese (majority hokkien), there are always good food to be found. We chinese always love foods and restaurant will just follow wherever we go.

Introducing Da Tuan Yuan restaurant located in Bandar Baru Klang. This post actually a year late, just misplace the photos until digging it out recently. I hope it's still open because it's a very nice restaurant in Klang. This place is a typical chinese restaurant that serve almost any chinese foods you can think of, and we normally call it "Tai Chow" in Malaysia. It opened up last few years ago and it's quite new.

Da Tuan Yuan restaurant is located in the commercial shoplots in Bandar Baru Klang (BBK) and it's on the 2nd phase of the shoplots development (new shoplots) area.

In good weather, they also open up more tables along the walkway and it's truly breezing with good food under the stars. Lots of table around with 2 shoplots and outdoor, but it will be packed on weekends, so go early if you don't like to wait. Let's go to food now.