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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things Done to My New Ride

I'm sure you know that I've gotten myself a new ride, and it's been all busy with the new commitment. Can't write much, time is never enough. Let the pictures do the talking.

First thing to do, a good check up and major service to ensure the car is in tip-top condition. Finally I moved to fully synthetic oil, yeah, I'm cheapskate that I feed my old ride with semi-syn only =P

Time to tear it apart, not really la. Just installing alarm system for the car. It's an old ride, came with immobiliser but not alarm, weird right?

Finally, tinting at Cool World. Previous owner couldn't convince the JPJ to keep the tint up, so no choice but to put it back at my own cost. This is the first time my ride show up fully in my blog, say hi =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street, Melaka

Had a chance to visit Melaka so decided to drop by for a good lunch. Most of the city in Malaysia have their own local special food, and for Melaka, there are plenty of choice. One of the famous food that's only available in Melaka is the Chicken Rice Ball. Funny thing that I don't see copycat for this dish in other part of Malaysia.

The famous traditional Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant in Melaka. They have 3 branches around the city, and there are 2 branches along the Jonker street while the remaining one located in Jalan Bendahara. Are they genuine traditional restaurant, that I dont know. Have to ask the local people.

The famous busy Jonker Street in Melaka, it's actually named as Jalan Hang Jebat. I don't understand why the authority want to allow cars to use this road. Just block it off and make it like Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, much better. Dangerous to have cars moving around in such a narrow street with lots of pedestrian.

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant just located beside the Jonker Street and with it's red building with yellow signboard, it's hard to miss it. We went to this branch instead as it has more space and easier to find table.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photography: Jalan Jalan Port Dickson

Golden Palm Tree Resort, looks very nice, but the sea view is bad ...

Avillion Port Dickson, seaside benches, beautiful.

Looks like fake, but real flower around the water chalet.

Weird plant, possible waiting for blossom.

Animal farm in Avillion, male & female peacock, amazing how they evolved.

Sunset view in Avillion, romantic place.

Spices for the dinner in Avillion.

Best Claypot Yee Mee @ Keay Teow Mee Stall, Ipoh

I've been always a big lover to Yee Mee, and the story all started from this place where my parents used to bring us for a good supper occassionally. Claypot Yee Mee here is so good that it's the only thing I will order no matter what my parents said. Let's check out the best Claypot Yee Mee in Ipoh.

Now the name is a bit funny, Keay Teow Mee stall, it has been there since I'm little boy, like as long as I can remember. So don't expect people can spell very well last time. This stall is located just right along the famous Tong Sui Kai next to the Sam Tet School, some kind of Wai Sek Kai in other places. The shop looks exactly the same as when I'm a little kid, nothing changed, talk about tradition.

Last time, an old man used to prepare the food, but now supposingly the family take over. Multiple stove for claypot yee mee with stacks of eggs and bowls, exactly how I remember it looks like.

Now this is the Claypot Yee Mee that I've been talking about. It's yummilicious that I will come back here just for a pot of this, and I can wallop this even after a supper. This pot of yee mee has a very special smell, and my family used to make jokes that it smell like dead rats. Weird that they think it smell funny, but in fact, it's so tasty that even the smell fill the entire open stall space. I went back the other day just to snap this photograph, and somehow it does not taste as good as last time. Probably because change of the chef, but it's still very good. The recipe is still the same, strong soup taste and special Yee Mee they are using. The smell is still very strong and I still love this place. It might not be the best Claypot Yee Mee anymore for you guys out there, but I will still vote this place as the best Claypot Yee Mee, talk about 30 years churning out the same food non stop.

This stall is also famous for a Ipoh cuisine, that most of my KL friends have no idea what is it. It's call Hor Hee Fun. Try it out next time, so far I only know it's available in Ipoh, no other place serve it =P

If your stomach still have space, don't miss out the stall beside Keay Teow Mee stall. It served very delicious wrapped braised chicken and braised tofu. It's very very delicious but not that healthy, you should know looking at the oil in the photo. But it's very nice, do try it out!

Road side stall and hawkers, don't expect tip-top cleanliness, but if you miss out Tong Sui Kai in Ipoh, you have never been to Ipoh actually. It's part of the traditional food culture in Ipoh, and they have been here for many many years. Again, road side stalls, price also reasonable, so don't worry. There are even Wan Tan Mee that's selling for RM1.60, so go enjoy yourself =)

Keay Teow Mee
Ipoh Tong Sui Kai (or known as Titiwangsa Roadside Hawker Stalls)
Location Coordinate: N4 35.723 E101 05.235

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My New Toy

I got my driving license since 17 and I've been driving for more than a decade but yet yesterday I realise that I don't really know how to drive. For those that know me, I'm getting a new toy for myself and it's a really a scary toy. I need to learn all over again, talk about taming the beast, so right.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Malaysia Property Market Crisis

With the gloomy world economic outlook all around, everyone is in doubt on what's going to happen in future. As global economic crisis affects everyone, including myself, I studied and found some information to share.

US Financial Crisis Explained

Spanish Housing Bubbles

Global Financial Crisis Explained

The information is all around the internet and everyone is still repeating the same mistake. The way I look at it, Malaysia is also very close to what's happening in the world. With the salary level frozen, housing price increase exponentially and inflation is everywhere. Money is getting more and more worthless everyday and people are not happy. Fast cash manipulation from the market is not sustainable, and will eventually lead to collapse.

With the housing price increasing in such a manner, everyone thought it's a gold mine and invested in it hoping for a good flip, similar phenomenal like stocks crisis in 1997 when even roadside beggar also invested in stocks. But salary didn't increase, where the money come from? Of course the bank, and to qualify for a house loan with a small salary, the bank decrease the lending rate to BLR-2.4% to attract home buyer / investor and allow 40 years mortgage! When in history it happened before?

If everyone is genuine home buyer then it should be sustainable, but investor intended to flip is the majority. They borrow beyond their limit gambling to flip the property. Been successful so far, so they follow same strategy and buy with eyes closed. When the bank reached their limit and stop borrowing, the demand for housing will decrease as no one is buying anymore, the housing price stagnant or maybe decrease. Investor couldn't sell the property nor afford the loan, so they burnt and default the loan by declaring bankcrupt. Bank tighten up the criterias and chain reaction will bring down the entire property market. Property market collapse will eventually bring down the entire economy as people and bank have no money. It will lead to economy crisis and fall into recession.

I only wish people will come to their senses and earn money the traditional way. Earn an honest salary and be an investor, not gambler. If want to be gambler betting on property, might as well go bet in casino. Faster results. Wish luck.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant @ Taman Paramount

Trying hard to push all my overdue food blog out so that it's share with all of you =) sorry.

This time let's go to the Taman Paramount for some really good hakka food. As the name suggest, Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant, serving a true authentic hakka cuisine. It's a little misleading sometimes as this restaurant also serve dimsum in the morning. Hakka food only available in lunch and dinner time only. So don't be surprice to see them selling dimsum if you are there early.

Entrance of the Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant. The chinese name indicated their specialty in hakka food and also spicy soup, which is one of the signature dish in hakka food for this restaurant.

Clean and nice interior with typical chinese practical decor for a good lunch or dining experience. The place is run by a couple and the wife is the lady in purple while husband is the main chef in the kitchen. I'm not sure if they are both hakka, but they are churning out good foods.

The signboard on the wall indicate all the famous hakka dish available in the restaurant and these are only the recommended dishes. There are also a full menu if you have something else in mind. Stick to the list and I'm sure it's very nice.

LYJ Restaurant, Poon Choi @ Sungai Buloh

My life is so busy nowadays with so many things coming up at the same time. It's a blessing to there are many things to look forward to everyday. Exhaustive but it's happy thing.

Today I'm going to post up a long due food post on a very special restaurant called LYJ Restaurant. LYJ a short form of the restaurant name in chinse, called Lee Yong Jee, I think. The owner of the place is Mr. Lee, so I think it must be a family bussinesss. It's located is the middle of the Sungai Buloh Industrial place and you will be surprise with what they can offer.

LYJ Restaurant got around 4-5 shop lots along the road and parking is very difficult. Just find a roadside slot and rest your car keeping finger cross hoping no one scratch it. No choice, there is no alternative.

The interior of the restaurant, a very chinese style decorated place and the Tang Lung is there because I went there on Chinese New Year. Yes, this post is almost 8 months delayed. Sorry, but I can assure you it's worth the wait.

A good friend of mine actually a big fan of this restaurant and since it's a Chinese New Year celebration, he suggested to eat in this restaurant, ordering the signature dish that's award winning. I raised both hands to support his suggestion immediately! Let's see.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Running Gears for Marathon

With the marathon event pushing nearer at 39 days and counting down, I do the final preparation. Training is always on-going and last weekend I manage to pick up some running gears for myself. Check it out.

2XU Men's Elite Run Top

This shirt is one of the casual running shirt from 2XU, a famous brand for extreme sports. For the expensive price tag, of course there are bunch of technologies that they are showcasing like below:
SMD COOL - With the added comfort of a jersey finish and high UV performance, SMD Cool comes with all the benefits of the SMD family of fabrics.
SMD SILVER - Engineered with the latest generation nano-silver particles embedded
into the yarn for permanent anti-bacterial, thermo-regulation properties.
SMD MESH - Advanced SMD MESH knit construction for increased airflow and
lightweight for optimal moisture transfer.
SMD 3D MESH - Added to the benefits of the SMD fabric is the use of a 3D mesh structure,
allowing ultimate airflow, moisture management and stops cling to the body.

I tried it out yesterday for a short run and indeed it's very good. People will ask why not I buy the compression shirt? With my body shape, it won't look good! Simple answer, so something loose is more suitable for me. The shirt is very well ventilated and absorb / disperse the sweat very effective. My main purpose for this shirt is to keep my body temperature right, and it did just that. For runners, they will always complain either they are too cold or too hot. This piece of shirt here will solve the problem and you won't feel the sweat even if the whole shirt is wet. That good, but is it necessary? I've ran 2x10km and 2x21km, I think it's important. The sleeveless singlet that's provided by the organiser is in good quality, but it's a singlet. It does not cover my body properly and the heat dispersion is not as good and I felt cold sometimes. Not something I would want to wear for a 6 hours run, so this shirt that hug my body well is what I would want to wear for long endurance run.

Tunebelt Sport Armband for Smartphone

My plan earlier is to find a waist pouch and put everything into it, but coudn't find any bigger waist pouch, so grab this one instead. It's designed for running and the material is built in neoprene with cushion to protect the device and also to disperse sweat quickly. It fits most major smartphones nicely and with its elastic form, the phone is hold tight without any movement, as if it's part of your body. I tried it yesterday and the sweat from my arm didn't manage to reach the iPhone. However, it's not weatherproof though, so I plan to wrap my iPhone with plastic bag before keeping it there. Although iPhone is quite light, but the weight adds-up when I hit 7-8km.

Injinji Performance Midweight / Mini-Crew Toesock

Injinji is a US renowed brand in providing high performance toesocks and their design is patented. This pair of Injinji is engineered with patented AIS technology from Injinji and constructed of 60% Coolmax, 35% Nylon and 5% Lycra. Midweight is designed for padded interface with any running shoes, and also feature honeycomb design for breathability. The main purpose is to reduce chaffing and blister, which is common for all long distance runners. It is light weight and very good in moisture control to give best comfort to long distance running.

Hold Tube Waist Pouch (Snow Camo)

Hold Tube Waist Pouch is built in microfiber material of 83% polyester and 17% polyurethane. The whole pouch is stretchable and it can fit a lot of small items, up to size of smartphone. The waist pouch itself is very thin and all items stored within is wrapped within its microfiber material that will prevent movement. Length adjustable to suit waist size and I tried it up, it's indeed very good. I kept my iPhone and keys within the pouch and I dont feel it there at all, except the additional weight of course. It does not bounce around and it hold the items within very well. Its microfiber material also disperse sweat pretty efficient. My earlier plan is to get a bigger pouch so I can fit everything in, but this seems to be a good buy, that's why I get the additional armband for my iPhone. This pouch is meant for my medication & power gel =)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Register for New Baby!

Since the arrival of our lovely baby Cedric, everyday is a new challenge and I'm going through new experience again today. Upon birthing of a new baby, parents are given 14 days to register their baby, or else a penalty fine of RM5 will be impose. Quite cheap, but why wait? It's something new and always the question is, how?!

For new parents, I'm here to help. Hoping by documenting the experience, I will be able to remind myself to be grateful of the gift of life and at the same time able to help you all out there. In Malaysia, basically you will need to go to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara for registration. For branches around the state, please refer to this website.

Before you go over to the JPN, here are some documents that you need to prepare:
1. Marriage Certificate (original & photostat copy)
2. Declaration Letter from Hospital with Doctor's verification (you should receive this when you discharge)
3. MyKad for both parents and a photostat copy of the MyKad
4. Finally, fill up the form JPN.LM01 (you should get this from Hospital when you discharge)

Most of the JPN office open from 8.00am till 5.00pm, so when you got there, take a queue number and wait for your turn. Once you are called, submit all the documents above and you will be issue another number while they process your documents. Voila, then you will be call again within minutes to collect the birth certificate. At the same time, you will be notify to collect the MyKid card after a month duration. That's pretty efficient and a good praise all around for government body, thumbs up.

A big size birth certificate comparing to old times like mine. Why need so big??
It's not that hard to be a daddy afterall, right?

No, it's not that simple, when things like below picture happened =P

My cute little devil + angel. Cute adorable but also bullying us at the same time, phew.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

All about Calories

New year resolution, lots of people prepare it. 99% included losing weight as one of their must-achieve near year resolution, but not many able to do it, that's why they keep putting it back and snowballing the percentage to 99%, amazing. Shame that I'm also contribute to the statistics.

Why people fail to lose weight? Reason is very simple. Consider this.
1kg of fat that you are carrying is equivalent to 7,700 calories.

It doesn't mean anything if you don't know what you are eating. Just to quote an example, I ran 8.24km yesterday within 56 minutes and I burned 612 calories. That's almost 1 hour of running workout and I need 10 hours to burn 1kg of fat in my body! That's scary if you ask me.

Burning it is damn hard, but gaining it is simple as ABC. A large fries from McDonald got 500 calories! That's 50 minutes of running. How to lose weight? Too bad our body is so efficient. Good news is, the more you know about your enemy, the easier it is to fight them. It's all about numbers, so let's go and kick the calories' ass.

Your body is what you eat minus what you work out for. You eat more than you work, weight gain. You eat less than you work, reduce weight. Simple philosophy. First step is to know how much you are allow to eat so can find a strategy to fight it.
How to calculate how much calories you need daily?
Men: BMR = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) - (6.8 x age in years)
Women: BMR = 655 + (9.6 x weight in kg) + (1.8 x height in cm) - (4.7 x age in years)

  • Sedentary (little or no exercise) - your AMR = BMR x 1.2
  • Lightly active (light exercise/work 1-3 days per week) - your AMR = BMR x 1.375
  • Moderately active (moderate exercise/work 3-5 days per week) - your AMR = BMR x 1.55
  • Very active (hard exercise/work 6-7 days a week) - your AMR = BMR x 1.725
  • Extra active (very hard exercise/work 6-7 days a week) - your AMR = BMR x 1.9

  • For myself, my BMR calculation as following:

    BMR = 66 + 1,260.4 + 895 - 197.2 = 2,024.20 calories
    AMR = 2,024.20 x 1.2 = 2,429 calories

    My dream ideal weight is 75kg and I'm currently 92kg. I need to lost 17kg, that's 130,900 calories. Scary number but let's break it down. I plan to lose 2kg each month and achieve my dream weight within 8.5 months.

    In a month, lose 2kg = 15,400 calories
    In a week, need to reduce 3,850 calories

    With my AMR of 2,429calories, say I control my eating at 2,000 calories, I reduce 429 calories each day. Within a week, I lose 3,003 calories. I need to burn another 847 calories and that's approximately 1 hour & 30 minutes running, easily achievable! Problem is, how I control my eating to 2,000 calories per day??

    Marvel of internet, check out the Cekodek. Special Malaysian portal for food calories counter. Nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, fast food, and all kind of stuff. There are lots of function there and be a conscious eater from today onwards. That's what I plan to do.

    With a game plan lay properly here, I will probably know what to do. Strategy is to minimize breakfast by drinking oat & bread, a proper lunch and a controlled dinner without carbs. and of course, occasional good lunch / dinner to continue to write food blog for you guys. Wish me luck =)

    PS: another strategy recommended is by eating at your ideal weight calories. For my case, 2,196 calories but problem is, there is no timeline for me to track. So I prefer my way, your choice =)

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Highway Cafe, Ayer Keroh R&R @ NS Highway (South Bound)

    I'm a frequent traveller, and it all started during my college time. I will travel back to hometown every 2 weeks driving 250km each way. After started working, I also travel a lot for the job. Current job required me to travel often to Johor and the 4 hours drive is tiring. I always looks for fun things to do along my life so it wont be so boring and I notice this special cafe along the NS Highway that has exceptional amount of customers, so I check them out.

    Stall No.10: Highway Cafe that's always packed with people from all over Malaysia.

    Highway Cafe is located in the Ayer Keroh rest stop on North-South Highway in south bound towards Johor direction. The cafe is basically operated by a Hainanese old couple and they have been there for as long as I remember. What's the special thing about this cafe?

    An ultimate breakfast set for road traveller. The famous half boiled eggs with kaya butter toast bread. I always order a big cup of Milo to go with it and it's been heavenly like. Look at their cup, looks like my home's one, and that's exactly how they run their show.

    Android Dominates the World Market Share

    With the announcement from Apple for the possible new release of the iPhone 5 on 4th October, my friends are asking me if they should get the iPhone 5 or the Android device, which is basically the famous Samsung Galaxy S2. With their mind of Apple domination in the smartphone market, I feel responsible to educate them that Android has already surpassed Apple iOS market share since last year and at current time, Android has almost double the amount of users in the world in comparison to Apple iOS users. Possible Malaysia might have more iPhone users as everyone seems to be using iPhone, I'm not sure, but statistics in the world show otherwise.

    The chart above is copied from PC World, Android OS dominated 50% of the world wide market share of smartphone and the report is dated 16 April 2011.

    However, of course not every Android users are using Samsung Galaxy S2 but the reason for big domination is very simple. Android device is cheaper to own and there are lots of varieties to suit people needs. While iPhone manage to gain 25% market share with just a single device, and that's very impressive. Question to which one to buy, it's all to preference in my opinion. If you want open source operating system, customisation, and freedom, nothing beats Android. iPhone benefits from better built, controlled system with intergrated hardware & software to give best experience.

    No brainer, as I'm sure everyone would like to try both. So my advice is, go buy the iPhone and change to Android later. Or if you own either one, switch so you know the best of both worlds. As a current iPhone 4 user, I will be 100% changing to Android for my next gear, as I'm getting very boring with the iOS system now. People don't call it as Jailbreak for no reason. It's interesting to see how Windows Mobile 7 fare in coming time.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Instant Heart Rate - another amazing apps

    My friend introduce me with this amazing apps developed by Azumio Inc. and it's truly incredible. It tells how fast technology can move and what it can do in your life. Azumio developed 3 apps and it's all meant to access your health condition.  Let's see.

    Instant Heart Rate
    By using the flash lights and the camera located just next to each other, the apps start the flash lights and all you need to do is place your finger over the camera with the flash light lighting it up. It measure colour changes in the finger when everytime fresh blood is being pump into it and monitor your heart rate. Hold for 10 seconds and you will get your average heart beats in minute.


    Heart rate monitor in your own pocket, and that's without any add-on hardware! Technology never fails to awe me and that's why I love it. Now I can track my heart bpm when I go for running.

    Fun thing, Azumio also got Stress Check and Stress Doctor, both are using the same tech up there, but using variation if your bpm to monitor your stress. I tried and my stress level is 30-40%. My wife play with it too and hers is 95% because of the baby. =P

    Check out their website here.

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    Full Marathon in Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011

    It's been a while since I completed my last half marathon run in the Energizer Night Race 2011. It's not that I've quit running altogether but I just do not have enough time to put everything in words. In fact, I've been continue training for my life aim which is to complete the full marathon by this year. With my average result in Energizer Night Race 2011, I'm struggling with my mind if I'm ready for a full 42km marathon run by end of Year 2011.

    The tussle in mind went on for a long time after the Energizer Night Race and finally I took the plunge and register myself in the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 for a full 42km event! I'm excited but also nervous wondering on my irrational decision. Anyway the registration is done and I will just have to cope with my life schedule and plan up to train my body to endure the pain to reach there. It's not a choice anymore.

    10km is a good start for the mass public, it's not too short but long enough to push your body out of your comfort zone but it's achievable at the same time. With a normal jog at the park is good enough to ensure you to complete the run, not a problem. Most recommended for recreational runner to keep themselves healthy and be part of the running group. Qualifying time is 1 hour 30 minutes

    21km is long distance run, punishing every aspect of your body. You will reach the limit of your body threshold after breaking the 10km distance and you will feel the pain throughout your whole body upon 15km. You will struggle to even lift your legs and you will force to stop if you don't plan your running strategy properly. It's one of the extreme event you can join to punish your body to extreme and have difficulty walking on the next day if you are not prepare. I personally think 21km is even more challenging than conquering the KK mountain. Qualifying time is 3 hours 30 minutes.

    42km is the ultimate marathon event that it's said to be only achievable by extreme sport person. Actual distance is 42.195km and there are less than 1% of the world population that has completed a full marathon. It's so extreme that it's said to challenge the human threshold from total collapse if you are not prepare. It's explained that there is "the wall" of human threshold, determine by the glycogen that's hold by the body for immediate burning to produce power for muscle and movement. The estimated storage is meant for 30km of running and once a runner body hit "the wall", human body will collapse and hit dramatic fatigue. When that happened, you will need to take a long rest for the glycogen to replenish itself before you can move again. I've not done it before, so I'm not sure how it works. Qualifying time of a full marathon is 7 hours and I'm aiming to complete it within 6 hours.

    The life achievement of a full marathon is so tempting to me so that I can join the 1% elite of the world. It meant so much for me as it's also my dedication to my new born to bring him up in the best way I can.

    An overview of the route that I'm going to run. There is no clear indication but you can guess the distance

    My Training

    I'm 82 days away from the full marathon event and I'm still training. My philosophy that as long as you can run non-stop for 1/3 of the marathon distance, you should be alright to join the event. 10km meant 3km non-stop. 21km meant 7km non-stop. It has been serving me quite well so far. 42km meant 14km non-stop. I'm not able to run 10km non-stop and I'm pushing myself to achieve the 14km mark. In addition to that, I'm also drawing up a plan for myself as following:

    1. to be able to run minimum 14km non-stop
    2. to achieve minimum 42km in a week combined running distance
    3. to be able to run 10km in less than an hour

    With the above, I believe it's the minimum that I must achieve by October 2011 or else I will withdraw from the event. Hope all to support me and give me the strength to achieve my life dream.

    For those that's going, find the download link here for the guide book on the event. In contained lots of essential information such as event information, routing, pacer colour, water station, and etc. However, latest copy is on 2010, not sure if it's the same for 2011. I will check again and update when it's available.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Waze - Best Apps voted by Me!

    Since I started using iPhone, I've been enjoying the availability of best apps for the iOS operating system. It has been great experience but it never fails to amaze me on all the idea that you can get with ever improving technology. I recently came across this wonderful apps named Waze, that provide free GPS turn-by-turn and live traffic information. It's free!

    Waze is an apps that's developed by Waze Mobile, but how it works? It make use of mobile connection & GPS signal that's readily available to feed information to the online server. When a user register with Waze, you can contribute by running the Waze in background while driving around. The information is then feed into the server to generate a map of an area. With more and more people, a full complete map is easily generated to function as GPS map that the apps provide turn-by-turn direction. Importantly, the apps also track your movement speed and determine if the traffic in your route is free or jammed. 1st real-time information for small country like Malaysia, such a wonderful idea! I've been using it for a few days and it's accurate and works very well. Hope more are willing to contribute and make this apps success. I'm sure it will benefit everyone.

    Waze is currently available in Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile platform. Sharing the Waze apps here with all readers and hope everyone become a contributor to this best apps that I'm more than willing to vote.

    For more information, check out their website of following:

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    First Baby, Cedric Lim!

    After a long 9 month, finally our first baby boy Cedric joined the family on 29th July 2011. My wife is estimated due on 25th July 2011 but Cedric is so naughty and decided to continue stay in the comfort of mother's womb despite our "persuasion". We are worry that he might grow a little too big to go through natural birth if we wait any longer, so we agreed to the Gynae's suggestion for induction by another 4 days. Cedric is a very big size baby and he weighed 3.94kg and 53cm in length when he first see the world. Here is Cedric saying hello to the world =)

    The first photo of Cedric and he is comfortably wrapped and placed under the warmer to keep his body temperature up.

    The journey and experience itself is so incredible and I'm sharing it with you here for the memory of our joy.

    Monday, July 25, 2011

    Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

    My wife is already in her Week 39 and she is asking to have something special for the dinner to celebrate the smoothness of the baby development so far. Have to do it now or else she wouldn't be able to savour these kind of food for a month after she give birth, so off we go. It's been forever since we ate Korean food and with our favourite restaurant opening up in Sri Petaling, there is no reason to find other shops to kill our craving. Our all-time favourite, the Daorae Korean BBQ.

    Daorae Korean BBQ have been actively expanding since last few years ago and till to-date, they have 11 branches all around Malaysia, including Penang, Melaka, and Ipoh. I've tried out the Mont Kiara and Puchong Bandar Puteri branch, and hope they will manage to keep up the good quality in these expansion.

    The Daorae Korean BBQ occupying the first floor of three shoplot just right above the Toyota Showroom in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling.

    We are a little late that day reaching the restaurant by 7.30pm and it's already packed! Look at the people that swarming the front area, but fortunately they are all seated very quickly. Lots of space.

    However, as she will have difficulty to sit on the floor, so we waited at the waiting area for a proper table. It's a long 30minutes wait, I think. She pick up some magazine and I snapped away.

    Sunday, July 24, 2011

    Breakfast at Kum Heong Restaurant @ PJ New Town

    Beautiful Sunday morning and my best friend travelled down from Ipoh to KL so we arranged for a meet-up. Manage to grab our another best friend for a good breakfast in PJ New Town. My friend decided for a meet up with good food din Kum Heong restaurant and the variety of food here is plenty! Let's take a look.

    Morning buzz, and if you are late waker, you don't know what you are missing out there. Swarmed by people in the early hour and must be food a good reason.

    A good cup of tea, my favourite, however a little disappointed with the quality though. Nothing beat a good tea / coffee in Ipoh, but this will be alright to fill the morning.

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    1simpleplan is 2 year old

    Last week marked the 2nd anniversary of this blog and it's another interesting year for me. I've done so much with blogging and it's truly inspirational to encourage me to do more everyday and live my life to fullest so I can continue updating this blog, even if there is only 1 person that read it. As explained earlier, I'm not expecting people to read my post, but it has been serving the purpose very well, which is to keep myself living the life that's given to me!

    13th July 2010 till 12th July 2011 Life Journey Mosaic

    Last year is truly inspirational and there are so many things happened. My lovely wife is conceived in November 2010 and we are expecting our first child anytime this month. Couldn't be happier, and so excited to have someone to call me daddy soon =) I also continue my aim to complete a marathon so I further pushed my limit and completed two half-marathon this year! Never thought I can do it, thanks to the support of my family & friends. My interest in cars & photography continues and I joined up more meet-up run with other car enthusiast and also I took the opportunity to upgrade my lens so I can get better photos for my family and you. With the family expanding and new chapter of life, I upgraded my wife's car and we are enjoying every moments of parenting for current time. I included a new category of parenting, hoping to give guidance to other parents from what we've learned in our journey, it's a true commitment in lifetime.

    13th July 2010 till 12th July 2011 Food Journey Mosaic

    Thank you everyone for continuing supporting my blog, and I promise to keep it updated as much as I'm able. I'm getting caught up with my new role in the family and company, but fortunately it's part of the discovery the better of myself. Cheers!

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    Friday, July 15, 2011

    Fresh Unique Seafood 23 Restaurant @ PJ

    This is long overdue post and it's dated back to Chinese New Year 2011, yea, almost 6 months ago. A good friend of mine came back from his long work in Dubai and our group of friends manage to get hold of him to treat us a good dinner since he got good USD allowance! He is always so good and generous and we picked Fresh Unique Seafood 23 in PJ for the food feast!

    The main entrance of the Fresh Unique Seafood 23 Restaurant located in Petaling Jaya. If you want to opt for jockey parking, just stop by the entrance and the jockey will take over. It's only RM5 but if you want to save some money, there is a large underground parking that will cost you RM2 with direct access to the restaurant.

    The usual seafood restaurant set-up, a good display of their live seafood available for the day. It's just not decorative in my opinion as you can actually choose which one you fancy to eat that night. Similar arrangement in other seafood restaurant but variety is a little lacking comparing to the other newer opening.

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head @ Chan Sow Lin

    It has been a while since I bring food blog onto the table and this time around, I'm going to introduce the all time favourite and famous, the Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head. For those that don't know, there are many Chan Sow Lin Fish Head in the area as all are riding on the success of the brand built. It's just the same that Klang is famous for Bak Kut Teh, Ipoh for Tau Geh Chicken, Penang for Laksa & Char Kuey Teow, and Chan Sow Lin located within KL is famous for their Steamed Fish Head.

    Reputation is built over time and it must have recognition of good majority before it's accepted. The fact is, most of the restaurant around Chan Sow Lin does serve good Steamed Fish Head, therefore the brand. As with everyone else, we wil tend to have our favourite and so-call "Original" Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head, fact is, we also don't know which one is the original. But we think this is the best in the group. So let's check out the Chong Yen Chan Sow Ling Steamed Fish Head!

    Chong Yen Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head Restaurant is originally located in Jalan 3, Off Chan Sow Ling and recently they have just moved over to their new premise inside the Jalan 4 since December 2010. For those that are not familiar with Chan Sow Lin, stick to my GPS coordinate. It does not looks like when you driving in, but don't worry. I verify my coordinate before posting it here.

    Once you reached, this is the shop you should be looking at. Yellow industrial shoplot with a small banner. It's not hard to spot the shop once you reach the location, it will be hard to direct if you don't know the place. That's the price to pay to find the best Steamed Fish Head =)