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Friday, December 27, 2013

My New HTC One Arrived!

My earlier post mentioned that DiGi do have a special year end promotion, and I've taken it up replacing my iPhone 4 with the brand new HTC One. HTC One that's launched in 1Q of 2013 has been running out of stock in every DiGi outlets that I came across, and even the online website indicated same. Don't want to miss out the promotion, I check on the website everyday, and finally I managed to order it over online website. Hassle free, choose the plan I want, choose the phone I want, then click proceed. Payment by credit card, verification done, voila, that's it.

Problem with online shopping is that, you paid already, but where is the phone?? No indication over when it will deliver to me, so I call DiGi up, and they said within next working days, but because I ordered after 2pm, so another working day. I ordered on Thursday, meaning need to wait till Monday, argg!! =( I waited patiently, and finally on Monday, the box arrived!

This is how the DiGi online shopping box delivery looks like. It's very small and light, kind of hard to believe I paid nearly RM2,000 for it.

Once open up, there is only this HTC One box inside, and it's very small, but still bigger than iPhone box, LOL.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Living Life

Coming to the end of 2013, and as usual, I started to go into deep thoughts of my life in past year and what I want to achieve in 2014. There are also lots of people posting remarkable ideas online, and money being very important subject caught my eyes.

I decided to post it on the blog to share with you guys, but also as reminder for myself for coming year so that I can achieve greater heights.

Traits of Successful People
1. They didn't use excuses
2. It wasn't just about themselves
3. Early mornings and late nights
4. Energy (Health) the greatest commodity
5. Principles
6. Wavering, yet unbreakable faith
7. A reason, understand why
8. They persevered when others give up
9. Great people relentlessly studied their craft
10. Risk to truly see the reward

Some other golden advices:
Money does not make you happier, relationsips do.
After you are rich, you take it for granted like you take having great parents for granted.
Having lots of money makes you want to make more.
When rich people start dying, they become less proud of their wealth.
Rich people get all the same sadness, but they don't hurt as much because they are still rich.
After you get rich, you feel the same eventually.
If you are rich because of your salary, you end up working all the time.
Being rich makes you feel smarter and better than the rest of the world, and that feels good.
You get respect you don't deserve.
Sometimes, you feel like you are god.
Being rich makes life less risky.

Money is not everything, but everything needs money.
If we can build the wealth earlier, then we can spend our time to care about things that we really care.
Work smart and enjoy every moment of life.
It's the journey, not the destination =)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

El Fresco @ Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Gallery

This time I would like to introduce a good outlet, and it's favourite for the local neighbourhood, a restaurant within the Jaya Grocer located inside the Empire Mall in Subang Jaya. For those that's not familiar with Empire Mall would normally find their lunch or dinner outside, the usual franchise name that you can recall. But if you fancy something special, and don't mind the lower privacy with good price and good food, take a walk into the Jaya Grocer.

Entrance of Jaya Grocer, and you can see the recommended restaurant right across the entrance.

Introducing El Fresco café, it's an open concept where they just decided to smack the kitchen and tables in the middle of the shopping mall. Something similar with what Jusco is doing all these while, but there is a huge difference in what they do here.

The special thing is, you can buy the raw meat from the Butchery or Seafood counters, and they will cook it for you for free! Hey, that sounded like a bargain, as you will notice their price is normal compare to other groceries, but you get to eat a chef alike cooking method for free. That sounds good for everyone. However, they only cook for free for item above RM20, and they do a surcharge of RM4 for anything below. So pick some bigger portion and share it out, simple.

Friday, December 6, 2013

my Burger Lab @ OUG

I've heard about my Burger Lab since like 2 years ago, and being a food blogger, I always wanted to try out the so-call new hip shop in the town. However, due to our baby in tow, and knowing long queue with cramp space is definitely not baby friendly, I've hold it up until now.

29th October 2013, second outlet of my Burger Lab opened up in OUG, surprised me as I'm just staying next garden. I told my wife about it, and we must try this out. Anyway I've been lacking of food materials for blog for quite long so just nice timing. Last week we managed to squeeze a dinner time out without our baby, and go for it. Let's see really how good it is.

Second outlet of my Burger Lab in OUG, they choose to open in a small row of shoplots without any attention and far from the hip area but good visibility from main road, wise choice, as they avoided the high traffic area with plenty of car parks for their shop alone. Simple dark contemporary paint job with a lighted logo, they are up for business.

ID can do wonders, once you are in the shop, you forgotten that this is an old shop that's nearly abandon before my Burger Lab take it over and do a revamp. The decoration is simple, table and chair is light, cramp but neat and tidy. Basically there is no noise absorption, everything bounce and it's noisier than pasar. Very true that it's not baby friendly, hardly any space for baby chair. This is the place where you order, eat and walk. Fast food style, local fast food style. 90% patrons are Gen Y, and if there are any Gen X there, they are brought by their son / daughter.

DiGi Special Year End Promotion

As I'm searching for a replacement phone over my aging iPhone 4, last few days my best friend pass this message over, that DiGi is doing a special year end promotion. After I check it out, it is indeed one of the best deal in the town, so I placed my order.

What they are offering this time? To thank you US for being their customers, DiGi is not giving out free phone for anyone sign up with Smart Plan 148 for 24 months. As usual, we netizens always want the best deal of everything, so let's compare to the obvious iDiGi 138 plan user, which is myself.

I'm currently still enrolled into iDiGi 138 plan as it's quite affordable with good freebies and internet data.

iDiGi 138 Plan
Monthly Fees: RM138
Free Voice Calls: 450mins
Free SMS: 400sms
Free MMS: 40mms
Free Internet: 3GB
*special about this plan is, as bundled with iPhone deal earlier, it give out RM45+RM5 discount. Effectively reducing the monthly fees to only RM88. That's why I continue the plan until now.

Which means effectively I'm paying RM2,112 for 24 months. So what option do I have. If I were to buy a new phone separately without a plan, I would have to easily cough out RM2,000 for a flagship model, that will bring me way over RM4,000 budget. I'm reluctant to spend that much.

What about the year end promotion? DiGi is offering that with SmartPlan 88 or 148, you will get a phone for free. Currently promotion as following:

SmartPlan 88 - free Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro
SmartPlan 148 - free Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia C, or you can choose to take the latest Samsung Galaxy Note III for RM1,199

I'm always interested with HTC One, and it is retailing RM2,199 outside. What if I take the SmartPlan 148 and get it for free? What's my commitment like?

SmartPlan 148
Monthly Fees: RM148
Free Voice Calls: 600mins
Free SMS: 600sms
Free MMS: 600mms
Free Internet: 6GB

There is no discount with this plan, so effectively I will be paying RM3,552 for 24 months contract. That's around RM750 cheaper if I maintain the iDiGi 138 plan and buy a phone separately. I get to pay less and more free bundles, why not? I signed up immediately yesterday, great.

For those crying for details, you will need to pay an upfront of RM1,896 now, that will split into RM79 discount per month over 24 months period. Meaning your monthly fees will be there RM69. That's a very good deal if you ask me. Don't miss it, it's limited time with limited stocks.

PS: DiGi don't pay me for this, I'm just merely sharing the good deal with my readers =) Refer here for the details.