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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hiong Kong Restaurant @ Pudu Plaza

Today I'm going to introduce a very special place in the middle of KL city, the infamous Hiong Kong Restaurant. I didn't this place existed but according to my sister, this shop has be around for very very long time, and most of the KL boy will know it.

This Hiong Kong Restaurant is basically hidden in the basement of the Pudu Plaza, and I'm pretty sure majority of the Gen Y will never step foot inside this Pudu Plaza, that's why it remains a hidden gem. Is it any good? Well, it's not a place that you can just walk in and order your food, but you must pre-book your table and your dishes. For our case, we pre-booked months back in order to get our taste of the food in this place else they won't serve you! I've been told that the Chef here last time serve for some 5-star Restaurant and now he own this place serving a limited local area. Wow? Yea, wow. Let's find out what they've got.

If you are new to this place, I bet you wouldn't be able to find it, because it's located inside the Entertainment and F&B Zone! So look out for this entrance, left side is the CDs shop, and right side selling steamboat. Nostalgic right =)

As you walk till the end, you will see this. My first time seeing this, I shouted, WHAT'S THIS? A restaurant that need months of pre-booked and it's located beside the entertainment shop with a waist level wooden partition around the corridor of basement in a nearly abandoned shopping mall??? Sorry I kill the surprises for you guys reading it, but it's unbelievable...

This looks more like a proper restaurant, but it's not. The surrounding is weird and first time I'm seated in such place for a special lunch. However, if you pay a little attention, you will notice most of the patrons there are rich people. Designer bag, branded shirts and etc. It's not for the normal folks I think. Because it's expensive? Let's find out.