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Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Start Using the iPhone 4?

Hi, it's been almost a month into iPhone 4 ownership and I always wanted to ask this question, but somehow not much people sharing it, so I thought why don't I post up what I want to know with myself answering it instead.

Ultimate Question: How to start using the iPhone 4?
Read on for my own guide.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Running Pack from Penang International Bridge Marathon 2010

I've been waiting for a package and I'm checking my post box daily, but still nothing. Finally someone knock on the door today and it's the Kangaroo Worldwide Express.

What I'm waiting for? Of course, its the Running Pack from Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010. The marathon event is scheduled on next week Sunday, and they are very organise, right on time.

Consider and comparing to running pack from KL Marathon 2010, Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 is obviously more generous by including some branded pain killer to help the runner. Salonpas, Perskindol, and some Pil Chi Kit. Small difference, but a bigger smile to all runners around, why not.

And my lucky running number D16620. The yellow running shirt is very nice, not because of the design, but because only half marathoner will own it =) and I got it as well, very happy =))

There is a running guide book included as well, I'm studying, studying, studying.

Their running tag is very cute, a round tag obviously sponsored by Digi. I can't wait and I quickly tag it on my Asics running shoe. Excited.

The running tag on my lucky shoe, hope the pair will bring me to one of my life most important achievement. Becoming a Half Marathoner!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sakae Sushi, best japanese fast food outlet

I love shopping mall. I love fast food. I also love japanese food.
How nice if I can experience all of it together?
Sakae Sushi is the answer.

I first come across Sakae Sushi in 2006 when my sister brought me over to their branch in Bangsar Shopping Complex. The location & the restaurant environment is telling me that it's a premium japanese food, comparing to other brand like Sushi King, that's very famous last time. My sister's treat so I'm not sure how much is it. The impression lasted for a while until I think I can afford to dine in, then I try it out and it become my favourite japanese fast food outlet in KL.

As current writing, Sakae Sushi has a total of 11 branch in KL & Selangor while additional 3 more branch located in Penang. It's fast spreading and there is no doubt while it become favourite of many.

A view of the comfortable dining experience but a little pack. It's a fast food outlet, so they truly make use of every little space they have in the shop. It works well though, the tables are well spaced and surprisingly there is enough privacy for everyone. I love the setting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Incredible iPhone 4

For those that know me well, they know that I'm a techie and I hate iPhone for one simple reason. Simply because the system they are implementing is worse than Windows, by locking down entire operating system to its own centralised control and limiting everyone else in exploiting its potential. Of course there is jailbreak available, but it defeat the whole purpose.

With that, there is no surprise that I favour development of Android and one of my favourite smartphone in the market is HTC. I'm eyeing for HTC HD2, 4.3" with 480x800 display is crazy sharp. Coupled that with 1GHz processor, nothing ever come near to it. The only drawback is its not an Android system and there is none Android smartphone in the market that match what HTC HD2 is offering. So I plan to wait for my perfect phone. Remember, I'm still holding to my limit of RM1000 for a phone, so only 2nd hand will be consider.

With the new launch of iPhone 4, I'm planning to get it for my wife. The advantage of lock-down system implemented by Apple is that the whole operation is simplified and easy to use for non-techie like my wife. So I convinced her and brought her over to get one. I believe this is one of the main reason why iPhone wins over many worshipper around the world.

As you can see above, I got the iPhone 4 for my wife already. Surprise over how fast I got one on hand? I simply did a quick search and run around a while before manage to grab one. There is no stock and no reservation sign all around Maxis & Digi center, and I even go over to KLCC for road show at 9.30am. Still I'm too late and the last number over 150 units of iPhone 4 per day is given out by 7.30am, as informed by Maxis staff there. The first person got there by 5.30am, tell me if they are crazy.

Anyway, cut the long story short, I did another search and got it in Digi Concept Store at Solaris Mont Kiara. As we are waiting, I played with the iPhone 4 and something extra-ordinary happened. HTC HD2 has very impresive display but it looks pale when compare to the 960x640 retina display in iPhone 4. It's truely impressive display with crisp sharp and I've never seen anything like it before. Love at first sight. I move on to the Safari browser and although HTC HD2 is powered by 1GHz processor, still iPhone 4 is faster and much smoother than HTC. The web surfing is fast, smooth without a single lag, again I surrender.

The sleek design of double pane glass and aluminium strap around the body is crazily elegant and the correct weight put it to the top most desirable smartphone in the whole market. I'm not convince with the finger touch screen rather than stylus, but I'm biased with my over 10 year experience in stylus world. But that's minor to the extra-ordinary experience I'm having. It's truly an impressive piece of technology.