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Monday, December 13, 2010

D' Rich, King of Good Food @ Kuchai Lama

I frequented Kuchai Lama a lot, of course it's because of close proximity to my home. As we are exploring the food there, we noticed a new place named the D Rich King of Good Food. King, that's quite arrogant for that name of a restaurant. Why not, let's try it out then.

I noticed they also have a branch in SS2 that showcasing their big word of D with a crown on it. I suppose it should be not that bad with the crowd in the restaurant. So my next visit to Kuchai Lama, I give it a try.

The restaurant set-up is cosy, clean and very neat. It's a little different from the usual kopitiam that you can find all around the town, but I love the environment. Good open air concept with healthy air flow and air conditioned. The seat is also more comfortable with good amount of waitress around the shop. It's a little empty when I got there, maybe because of the location of the shop, it's a little hidden if you dont look properly.

New to the place, I took a quick peek around the menu.

They have some interesting choice on the paper, like these kind of soup in the bread. They called it D Rich Soup. It's definitely a must try to me, since it's a little special from the usual menu you can see anywhere else. Let's see what else they got.

Lots of snacks in every type of culture.

They got D Rich in everything, including the usual half boiled eggs. That's something special, but eggs for dinner, I will pass. Not sure if they do open in the morning though. Need to check.

We got one of their specialty with soup in the bread, D Rich Mushroom Soup priced at RM6.90. The soup is good and the bread is ok. Not bad on the food quality but it's not really that special though. Maybe should try out the other type of soup instead.

I'm hungry, so I got myself a set of Black Pepper Chicken Chop that's served with fried rice and vegetables. Chinese style of chicken chop. The rice is good and the chicken is also nicely done up with good sauce. This plate is priced at RM16.90. A little pricy but the portion is quite big, considering a full size chicken chop with a bowl of rice serving.

Then there are plenty of choice for drinks, we took up this Lychee Cincau that's priced at RM5.10. A squeeze of lemon is giving a twist to the drink. Refreshing, again, only a little pricy.

If you notice that I didnt commented much on their food, meaning it's normal and good food. Not exactly anything exciting but a good alternative of food other than the usual kopitiam that you can find. If you are looking for a proper dining with a good place for a long chat & drinks, then this place is suitable. Importantly, its local and I love to support local food.

A closer view of the waitress in action printing out my bill. Love the open kitchen concept.

The entire dinner cost us around RM31.80 with 10% service charge. Not exactly cheap and it is still affordable. For younger population where money is a contraint, I think they will flood the old town comparing to this place. The small cost is a deal breaker for them sometimes. Mind you, we only got 1 main dish with soup and a drink. You can eat lavishly in old town or pappa rich. Your choice.

D' Rich, King of Good Food
No.2G Jalan Kuchai Maju 8
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7892 4921
Location Coordinate: N3 05.434 E101 41.206

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