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Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Start Using the iPhone 4?

Hi, it's been almost a month into iPhone 4 ownership and I always wanted to ask this question, but somehow not much people sharing it, so I thought why don't I post up what I want to know with myself answering it instead.

Ultimate Question: How to start using the iPhone 4?
Read on for my own guide.

First of all, of course is to read the manual, but it's not available in the box! I manage to find it online, and I share it. You can download the Iphone 4 manual here. The manual is useful, but still couldn't help me much. I did a good search around the web, and thought this might be helpful to get started.

Then you will need iTunes! Download it here. Ok, maybe its obvious, but it isn't for someone like me that have never use an Apple product before. I'm sure there are plenty out there similar like me. I stupidly cancelled my broadband service before knowing that I need the iTunes, so I couldn't online to find out what I need to get my iPhone tethering function to works! I use bluetooth to tether my iPhone 4 with my laptop and manage to download the iTunes. Once it's done, everything speeden up.

Activate the iTunes program, and plug in the cable between iPhone 4 with computer. It will auto-detect and immediately start synchronising. To initiate tethering service, go to iPhone 4 general setting screen, look for network and switch on the tethering. It's straight forward with iTunes. Forget about Bluetooth tethering if you are not familiar, it's more complicated.

You can choose to download apps from iTunes or iPhone 4, with the synchronise function set-up, it will be sync on both devices. Same to music, video, photos and etc. Importantly is you must import all those files into iTunes and select those for syncing.

Then come the next question, what apps is useful? Here is a list of what I'm using.
I'm cheapskate, so I don't bother to register my credit card in iTunes account, so I only take free apps.

1. Facebook - lite version from web that allow you to get push notification from updates and quick access to all essential function in facebook. Very useful if you are heavy on facebook, not on the games part though. You basically can do everything similar to the web.

2. The Star News Pick - it does not download the news but access online instead. It's quite stupid because when I want to read full story, i will need to go to The Star webpage through Safari. Its the best I can find and it give me a quick snap of today's news.

3. Trapster - a better version of the crap Google Map pre-installed. It provides better navigation guide without the irritating manual turn-by-turn in Google Map. Trapster even give voice warning approaching a turn, nice. In addition, it's also designed to give trap warning such as speed trap, red light camera, and etc. It's updated by the community, but I'm not sure how useful it can be. Drain battery fast, make sure you got car charger if you intend to use navigation.

4. 1Malaysia Hotline - provides hotline numbers for everything in Malaysia, including emergency line. There is no phone nuber that I can't find in here. A must have for visitors or Malaysian.

5. Cineapps - Malaysian is big in cinema entertainment, so this apps developed to give a overall glance of what's on show in which cinema and their showtimes. I'm impressed with the information provided, but just hoping they integrate the online booking together, still praying it will. It covered all cinema in the whole Malaysia.
6. Free WiFi Locator - do a quick scan of area around your location and provides you with a list of free WiFi connection hotspot area. Kind of funny that iPhone 4 that's based on data cellular to operate will rely on WiFi locator. The only reason this apps is in my iPhone 4 because I only can do facetime with WiFi, and free data streaming is always welcome although I still can break my 3GB data plan. Works worldwide.

7. Accuweather - gives me a 15 hour ahead weather prediction. It also provides rain forecast and warning sign of possible disaster. I'm only interested in rain for Malaysia, might be useful oversea like Thailand for Tsunami warning? Useful information like Real Feel weather is good in prediting outing.

8. iMapMyRUN - lite version that track your running route & speed with GPS. it will record your profile and calculate calories burn for the session. Good in tracking your running records but I rarely use it, because I don't run with my iPhone 4!

9. Radio Channel - iPhone 4 lack of radio hardware and it's depending on data streaming for radion. I manage to find lite fm, red fm, hitz fm, and mix fm into my list. It play nice and good quality.
10. Dictionary - what more to explain? Its a dictionary, surprising small size and there is no word that I couldn't find in it.

11. Convert Units - provides conversion of many engineering units. Useful conversion for all engineers, looks good also.

12. iBooks - apps developed by Apple for books reading, including PDF. I'm wondering why they don't include it into the iPhone 4 as original apps. I thought it's essential now that iPhone 4 should can read PDF as native? Funny, but in addition, it also contained a library of available books / magazines online either free or with a cost. Just keep me downloading.
13. Flashlight - very useful apps that light up the built-in flash to show the way. I thought this is quite stupid but until a night that the electricity goes out. It's my favourite apps when I'm in a dark! It's so bright that you can do anything. I'm not sure though if it will actually damage the built-in flash. It's approved to be in the iTunes, so I suppose Apple technical team has already check on it before putting it online.

14. Documents 2 - microsoft office documents reader and allow you to work on the documents. As you obviously need file transfering to get the documents, it also have file transfering.

15. FileApp - limitation from iPhone 4 for file transfering & Pendrive function, this apps will give the file transferring function. I've yet to exploit the potential of it fully.

16. Speed Test - a famous speed test online and it's available in iTunes. I downloaded it to check the speed that Digi is giving me. So far so good but losing it in highway. I'm getting 700+ kbps mostly everywhere in town.

17.Wallpapers HD - a large library storage of 960x640 wallpaper that's free for your choice. Instant download, because it's all stored in the library.

18. Ringtones Lite - it's lite version so contained a small quantity of ringtones. You will need to download it from email later and sync yourself. Better than nothing.

Hey, that's a long list, but I haven't include the games apps yet =) Hope it help, hehe.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping me know I am not as dumb as I thought. No Manual. Didn't have a clue why I see iTunes on the screen. Wanted only to make a call, I did not want music. Thanks very much for the help.

KVINLIM said...

Glad able to help, always my pleasure

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for helping all the first time users.

Anonymous said...

i am completely an iPhone idiot. i search in itune but cant see and dont know how to find and download the trapster. can you tell me how pls..

Anonymous said...

Hey many thanks for this. I am about to get my first iphone, courtesy of gift from daughter but no idea where to start. Your article is most helpful and appreciated.

KVINLIM said...

Dear All, glad that it helps. I only manage to cover the initial little parts, will try to help if you have more questions.

For trapster, it's dependent on which country you stay and register. Maybe it's not available in some countries. If it's supported, then open up iTunes, go to iTunes Store from left column. top right there is this search function, type in Trapster and search for it. It should appear, if not then it means it's not available in your country.

Anonymous said...

Tq very much for the info. But I've a question (& I really appreciate it if you mind to answer this). But how can you be downloading free apps without registering your credit cards on iTunes accounts? because every time I'm about to get them, the page 'Review Account Information' will pops out & they'll be blank required-to-fill spaces for credit card registration as well. Tq.

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