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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Village Park Nasi Lemak @ PJ Uptown

Advantages of being a Malaysian, you get to eat all kind of foods from the vast multi cultural mixture in the country. One of the all time favourites Malaysian food is of course Nasi Lemak. My wife is a big fan of it, and the question is where is the best nasi lemak in KL? My sister brought over to try out the all famous Village Park. I knew it existed, but never know the exact location or try it before, because its actually quite far from my house for a morning breakkie. Covering it for you here now.

Village Park Nasi Lemak Restaurant is basically located in the Uptown of Petaling Jaya, and it's just along the shoplots behind the row facing the LDP highway. It's easily found because they will have this blue tents put up in front of their twin shoplots. Looking at the crowd, you bet it is good.

While making our way in, can't help to notice all the newspaper cutting stick at the doorstep. Newspaper, and a famous face, our current Prime Minister eat here as well. My sister told me this place got even more famous after his visit. Can't see why, because I don't think our PM is a food critics :P

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cedric's First Overseas Trip

My baby is 16 months old now, and yesterday mark the first day for him to go overseas!

It's more like a small river than sea, we bring him over to Singapore for a short holiday and he is enjoying max. Not sure if he knows, but he seems to be more active and happy compare to at home, great to see his laughter. With his new passport valid for upcoming 5 years, we will plan for more trips for him, and hope for him to absorb whatever we can to give him for a good future.

My wife lined up entire program for him, he probably don't know what's going on, but it's also just an excuse for both of us to have a little escape from our routine life =)