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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nikon D90 Review - Reasons why you should buy one

I've been trying a few times to complete this post, but not manage to pull it together. Finally got it completed, a little messy and boring without photos, so bear with me on the crap, alright.

The purchase of my 1st dSLR is back-dated to July 2009. Many of my friends are surprise that I go direct into mid-range dSLR although I've never own one before. Their thought is half-true only, because I do own a semi-manual Canon Powershot A570IS. Photographing has been my interest since high-school and my envy towards my friends able to join the photography club in high school follow me till I graduated.

The dream pull a few years till I'm financially capable enough to afford hobbies, like photography. The dSLR still cost a fortune after I start working, so I opt for the cheaper option of semi-manual compact to test out if I'm still into photography. I chose the Canon Powershot A570IS, priced at RM999.00 when I bought it in mid 2007.

The Canon Powershot A570IS, that's capable of giving me the control of a typical dSLR only with a much smaller sensor. It quickly give me the rush to improve my skill and I studied lots of website about the aperture, shutter speed, ISO range, noise, exposure, flash usage and etc. Soon, I'm shooting all photos with manual control and that's when the complain about the limitation of a compact sensor hit me. I still have this loyal A570IS with me all the time.

No matter how hard I try, the result is just not comparable to a real dSLR. The hunt for an affordable upgrade started. I studied almost all entry dSLR in the market, particularly for Canon and Nikon. D40, D60, D80, D90, D300, 400D, 450D, 500D, D5000, 1000D and etc. Finally with help from my wife, I settled down with a Nikon D90, not really an entry level dSLR but a mid-range instead. The justification for such expensive purchase? Read on for 17 reasons to buy D90.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kuey Tiaow Kia - Restaurant Dang Ren @ JB

I've got lots of overdue post that pending my input, but no choice, too busy with my work. So the plan is to clear out the food review ASAP and spend more time to blog about my life experiences.

This time, I have something special to introduce. Every places have their own local specialty that's not able to be copied over to another state, no matter if the chef move over. The reason is plainly due to the cultural values and ingredients sourcing. A good example are famous Nga Choy Kei from Ipoh, Bakuteh from Klang, Nam Heong Kopi from Kemaman and etc.

How about JB? The answer is Kuey Tiaow Kia. I assured you that those that have never been to JB would never know about this food. I don't know it existed also until a local friend told me about it. So the hunt is up to find the best one around, we ended up here.

Restoran Dang Ren that claimed to sell the secret Kuey Tiaow Kia recipe from ancestor on Kuey Tiaow Kia. The shop is located in Johor Jaya and it opened for lunch and dinner. The signboard mentioned fish head also, but it's not something available.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Future of Personal Mobility

It seems like we are not so distant away from the future prediction of no need in walking or running anymore. Honda has developed the personal mobility device codenamed U3-X, that is scheduled to be launch very soon. It has been tested and released to the public media.

It featured self-balancing
technology that is developed by Honda for it's first robotic machine ASIMO. The wheel itself is also complicated with smaller wheel installed perpendicular to the main drive that allow any direction movement. Will it cost a bomb? Please expect it does, but same as all technology, eventually it will become affordable to everyone. However, the wheel seems small and fragile, can it be use outdoor? Not sure, but again as technology develop, it will eventually.

Some specifications. Fully charged, it is ready to roll for entire hour at maximum speed of 6km/hr. It weighs around 10kg and controlled by body weight on the sit pad. Rumour it is scheduled to be public released on the 41st Tokyo Carshow, that's 24th October 2009 =)

Welcome to the future. Honda, the REAL Power of Dreams.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alfa 147 with Mille Miglia Emotion Rims

Alright, been blogging about food for quite long, and it's time for some car modifications! Alright, first to come is a new set of rims. I blogged about it in my earlier post, the Mille Miglia Emotion 17x8.

Finally got time and manage to pull my bella over to the "pedicure shop" for some beauty works =)

A view of the shop with my bella being pampered. Hope she likes it ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sing Gee Restaurant @ JB

In my earlier post, I mentioned there is a better recommendation for Otak Lover, so here it is. Sing Gee Restaurant with its signature Curry Fish Head. Ironically, I think it's signature dish is not the Curry Fish Head because it's ok only. Instead Otak selling there is the best I've ever eaten. Introduced to me by a friend of mine and it's one of my favourite restaurant during my stay in JB.

I'm not really an Otak Lover however I must give a thumb up for this one. A friend of mine even ordered take-away to be kept in refrigerator for the family in KL after trying it 1st time. Somehow he forgotten it and that Otak still freezing in the fridge! Funny.

Let's move on to photos ...

The Sing Gee Restaurant, normally visited during dinner and close at around 10.30pm. Operated by family and packed most of the time. Looks dirty, but ready to be surprised by their food.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emperor Chicken - Bamboo House @ JB

I'm working in Singapore 5 years ago for almost 6 months and I'm very sick with their food there. It's the same food everywhere and tasteless. My happiest moment is when we decided to get around JB once a week for some local food. One of the restaurant that give me the deepest impression is this Bamboo House.

Bamboo House is an old shop that specialise in Emperor Chicken. I always had my dinner there so I'm not sure if its open for lunch. Forget about what I've said, just enjoy the pictures and try it yourself =)

Emperor Chicken that is priced at RM14.00 and it doesn't come in half or quarter. Wrapped in paper and stimmed with herbs till perfection. The herb taste is so strong and the meat is tendered that you can have it with chopsticks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens

Walking around the Midvalley for window shopping and craving for something different because we have been in Midvalley for lots of time and running out of idea what to eat. So finally decided to try out our luck in The Gardens hoping to find something different. Found this restaurant in the 3rd floor, a Taiwanese Cuisine.

The main entrance of the restaurant located at the 3rd floor of The Gardens.