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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Highway Cafe, Ayer Keroh R&R @ NS Highway (South Bound)

I'm a frequent traveller, and it all started during my college time. I will travel back to hometown every 2 weeks driving 250km each way. After started working, I also travel a lot for the job. Current job required me to travel often to Johor and the 4 hours drive is tiring. I always looks for fun things to do along my life so it wont be so boring and I notice this special cafe along the NS Highway that has exceptional amount of customers, so I check them out.

Stall No.10: Highway Cafe that's always packed with people from all over Malaysia.

Highway Cafe is located in the Ayer Keroh rest stop on North-South Highway in south bound towards Johor direction. The cafe is basically operated by a Hainanese old couple and they have been there for as long as I remember. What's the special thing about this cafe?

An ultimate breakfast set for road traveller. The famous half boiled eggs with kaya butter toast bread. I always order a big cup of Milo to go with it and it's been heavenly like. Look at their cup, looks like my home's one, and that's exactly how they run their show.

Android Dominates the World Market Share

With the announcement from Apple for the possible new release of the iPhone 5 on 4th October, my friends are asking me if they should get the iPhone 5 or the Android device, which is basically the famous Samsung Galaxy S2. With their mind of Apple domination in the smartphone market, I feel responsible to educate them that Android has already surpassed Apple iOS market share since last year and at current time, Android has almost double the amount of users in the world in comparison to Apple iOS users. Possible Malaysia might have more iPhone users as everyone seems to be using iPhone, I'm not sure, but statistics in the world show otherwise.

The chart above is copied from PC World, Android OS dominated 50% of the world wide market share of smartphone and the report is dated 16 April 2011.

However, of course not every Android users are using Samsung Galaxy S2 but the reason for big domination is very simple. Android device is cheaper to own and there are lots of varieties to suit people needs. While iPhone manage to gain 25% market share with just a single device, and that's very impressive. Question to which one to buy, it's all to preference in my opinion. If you want open source operating system, customisation, and freedom, nothing beats Android. iPhone benefits from better built, controlled system with intergrated hardware & software to give best experience.

No brainer, as I'm sure everyone would like to try both. So my advice is, go buy the iPhone and change to Android later. Or if you own either one, switch so you know the best of both worlds. As a current iPhone 4 user, I will be 100% changing to Android for my next gear, as I'm getting very boring with the iOS system now. People don't call it as Jailbreak for no reason. It's interesting to see how Windows Mobile 7 fare in coming time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Instant Heart Rate - another amazing apps

My friend introduce me with this amazing apps developed by Azumio Inc. and it's truly incredible. It tells how fast technology can move and what it can do in your life. Azumio developed 3 apps and it's all meant to access your health condition.  Let's see.

Instant Heart Rate
By using the flash lights and the camera located just next to each other, the apps start the flash lights and all you need to do is place your finger over the camera with the flash light lighting it up. It measure colour changes in the finger when everytime fresh blood is being pump into it and monitor your heart rate. Hold for 10 seconds and you will get your average heart beats in minute.


Heart rate monitor in your own pocket, and that's without any add-on hardware! Technology never fails to awe me and that's why I love it. Now I can track my heart bpm when I go for running.

Fun thing, Azumio also got Stress Check and Stress Doctor, both are using the same tech up there, but using variation if your bpm to monitor your stress. I tried and my stress level is 30-40%. My wife play with it too and hers is 95% because of the baby. =P

Check out their website here.