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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chilli Padi Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama

I'm always in the hunting mood for food to be posted in my blog, and since I'm staying so near to Kuchai Lama, no reason for me not to visit every shops there. One of the restaurant that existed as long as I've stayed, is the Chilli Padi Restaurant.

Knowing it's a restaurant that serve local food, funny enough, I never visited it after a long 4 years. Mainly because whenever I go to Kuchai Lama, I'm seeking for a simple quick road side dinner. Since the closing of the main food court there, I seek out new dining experience in the area and this place eventually caught my attention.

The restaurant is very big, but it's quite empty when we got there. There are lots of waitress ready to serve but only 10-20% of the area is occupied. Behind the glass wall is the smoking area. Clean decoration and family like set-up of cashier & kitchen beside the dining area.

Tom Yam Soup. A good overall soup, with a fair bit of ingredients. It's served hot and spicy. Nothing to shout about, a nice compliment to our dinner experience because we love Tom Yam =)

Salted Egg Yoke Fried Rice. I can't help to order this when I spotted the name in the menu. I love this dish since long time ago and didn't expect to find it here as well. For those that don't like the salted egg, don't worry. The fried rice is not going to taste like salted egg though, but a nice creamy and fragnant of egg yoke around the rice, without the salted thing. The rice is nice, and also some bit pieces of fried chicken complete the dish. However, the serving is a little too big, and it might become a little disgusting to consume entire plate. It's ok with me, definitely not for my wife. You should try if you love salted egg.

Nasi Lemak. My wife playing safe and order the most original local food. Overall the Nasi Lemak is good, fragnant coconut rice, tasty sambal, nice curry chicken and etc. A good overall plate, but it's not something that I will purposely go back for it. I'm comparing to the good Nasi Lemak that I posted earlier and this is no where near it, however this should be still better than what you can find on the road side or any other shop.

A special drink that I spotted in the menu as well. It's entirely local, grass jelly with cendol and gula melaka (palm sugar). A nice twist over the original classic drink in Malaysia, good for local folks, but foreigner not familiar with Malaysian drink might find this a little weird. Strong gula melaka taste with freshing grass jelly feel. There are some interested choices in the menu as well, you should take a look.

I've seen a fair number of franchise shop around the Selangor area but I just couldn't find any information about this restaurant online, even a food review about it. Funny enough, I'm not sure if it's actually a franchise bussiness. I visited the Kuchai Lama place and spotted one in Kinrara as well.

Overall, the food is good. I didn't include the price in because I lost the receipt. I will try to update it when I go back next time but I doubted so. Not because the food is awful but I'm always looking for new place to try out as food blogger. If you would like to have some local dish around the Kuchai Lama area, do try out this place. It existed as long as I stayed, it meant something and I love supporting local bussiness that have a good quality. Cheers.

Chilli Padi Restaurant
47 Jalan Kuchai Entrepreneur Park
Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7987 6223
Location Coordinate: N3 05.323 E101 41.363

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What happen to Chilli Padi in Jalan Genting Klang?

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