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Friday, September 10, 2010

King Crab Restaurant @ Kelana Jaya

We are craving for crabs the other day, and our favourite place at Kepong is too far for our exhausted body. My wife suggested to try out the King Crab Restaurant along the LDP at Kelana Jaya. All regular travellers on LDP will definitely recognise the big banner of King Crab Restaurant that's highly visible shown below. Off we go.

The place is just located opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station, so it shouldn't be too hard to find it. Parkings are aplenty along the entire road, and don't worry parking too early before reaching the shop. King Crab is almost located at the end of the shoplot row, and there are plenty of parking after the shop.

Lots of Geoduck Clam and the remaining water tank seems to be quite empty. Lots of choice from the menu, possibly just temporary running out of stocks. A built-in rolling staircase along the water tanks, very well organised. How is food? Let's see ...

Got a chance to look at our crabs, and it's all alive. The workers is taking a basket into the kitchen, yummy. The crab are just medium size and very active moving. I'm not sure how they definie the so-call XL size, but looking at it, it's definitely a good crab eating experience for us.

As we are seated, menu is given to us. We took a quick look, and the variety of food is too much covering from simple vegetable dish to the most expensive lobster dish. To us, the menu is a little scary, there are just too many choice and we don't know what to order. Luckily we are there to have crabs, so that help to ease out the ordering part, or else I'm not sure how long it's going to take just to browse through the entire menu.

Our first choice is the Seong Tong Yuen Choy (Chinese Spinach served with Soup & Century Egg) priced at RM12.00. The vegetable is fresh, great soup base and delicious century eggs. I don't really like to eat vegetables, but I love to eat Seong Tong Yuen Choy and this plate got my attention. For the first time, I finished half of the plate. Probably because of the soup & century eggs =)

We don't fancy white rice that night, so we ordered a single person Anchovies Fried Rice priced at RM7.00. Nothing to shout about on the Fried Rice, but as usual in all seafood restaurant, the Fried Rice is not too tasty to supplement nicely to the remaining dish. Loving it.

The highlight of the day, Kam Heong (Dried Chili) Crab that's priced at RM 45.00. We wanted to order a larger crab but the minimum order is 1kg, which they do not have that size. So we opted for two smaller crabs. As shown earlier, the crab is basically still alive so the meat is tender and juicy. Kam Heong is super good, and I don't know what can go wrong on this plate. There are plenty of other style choices, which I'm going to try out later.

In comparison to my favourite place at Kepong, it's just different type of food. Comparing to something more similar at Fatty Crab around the corner, I prefer this place. 1st point, it's not crowded and I don't need to wait for my food! 2nd point, the crab meat here is tender & juicy, but I just feel crab at Fatty Crab meat is a little soft, not to my liking. 3rd point is mentioned down there.

An overview of our dinner that day. Our plan is still right to get a large crab for sharing. Two medium crabs is too much for both of us and I ended up releasing my belt a notch up. Since it's their minimum order of 1kg, and the smallest fried rice served, I think the only thing can avoid is the vegetables. Try out the soupless type next time should be able to reduce the impact. That's my only complain on the minimum order of 1kg. Not suitable for a couple like us.

I spent most of my times crashing the shell, and here is the aftermath. A very good part about this place is the availability of the waitress. They are always around the table, but not disturbing your dining experience. Somehow they successfully hide themselves from us but just right there when we need them. They change out many plates for me and I never have the chance to fill the tea for our own cups. Indeed a fine seafood dining experience and a good applauce from me, really appreciate it when you are busy enjoying the crab when they will be there to take care of your family need. I love it, this is the 3rd point.

After the aftermath, I'm quite impressed by their washing bay. Clean, well equipped and a limitless of good quality of tissue around the corner. This is the first seafood restaurant that I can find this, can't help but to snap a photo for sharing here.

On our way out of the restaurant, I noticed all these photos on the wall. I took a snap, but didn't have the chance to recognise any familiar celebrity. I'm sure you can find someone you like up there.

Exiting the restaurant, table are still available, don't worry about that.

Overall, a good thumb up for this place. If you are craving for crabs, do take a visit at this restaurant. In fact, if you are craving for anything, do take a visit at this restaurant also, because they serve everything. I'm sure the remaining of the dish is just as nice. It will take me forever to tryout everything.

The entire dinner ended up with reasonable RM 73.70 after taking up 5% service charge & 5% tax. This is the best 5% charges that I'm paying out. There are lots of place that's charging service charge but I never get the service I'm looking for. I'm sure all of us are familiar with the experience of raising hands while eating to get the waitress to do something. This is not needed here, I'm happy.

On the food side, same good thumb up, and I will be visiting again to try out other stuff. Let's see how much I can eat so can continue posting up for your enjoyment. Cheers.

King Crab Restaurant
03-107, Jalan SS25/2
Taman Mewah Jaya
47301 Selangor
Telephone: 03-7808 2388
Location Coordinate: N3 06.816 E101 36.206


TNS said...

they say min 1kg so u can ask me along, kekekeke

Wai said...

I think Pantai Seafood is still better than King Crab. wanna go do a review on that one as well?

KVINLIM said...

pantai seafood very crowded, normally only go for larger group / family. I thought it's more expensive?

KVINLIM said...

jason, 1kg tak cukup with you lo =)) hehe ...

TNS said...

are you saying i m fat?

KVINLIM said...

two food blogger sit together sure tak cukup =) not you are fat, but i'm fat =P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and sharing your experience, very helpful indeed.

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