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Monday, September 13, 2010

Photography: Nusajaya @ Johor Bahru

Out looking for spots to photography, and during my time at Johor, where else other that the famous Nusajaya that's rumours to match up the glamourous of Putrajaya. For those that don't know, Nusajaya is the capital of government operation in Johor, the southern region. These photographs are done up long time ago just after my post of Danga Bay in Johor. Finally got somet time to sort it up for sharing.

Nusajaya construction has started quite long time ago but progressing slowly. You will never miss the signboard around Johor directing you but you might have difficulty in locating the exact area. You will know when you arrive though, when the road suddenly become 4 lanes without any car on it, yea, all gimmick of our tax money. A good spot for photographing though.

That's my buddy who is in love with photography as well. He haven't got his dSLR yet that time, he brought together his dad's classic olympus digital cam. He is the proud owner of Canon 450D now.

On our way, a very nice sky is awaiting us. Knowing a good day for shooting. Marvellous.

As we reached, the first piece of barren land attracted our eyes. We got down and started shooting. Immediately I realised my mistake. People always said, bring your graduated filter for landscape. I don't have one, so that's what I got with my D90. I gotta slow down the setting just to get the dramatic sky, but losing out on the ground. I need graduated filter!

Not getting any good result around, I turn myself to something else. Spotted a blue piece of clear sky with fast moving cloud, I tilted my D90 and got this shot. Again, I slow down the setting so you will see slightly lower brightness on the ground. I'm ok with this shot.

That's my buddy still trying to get the incredible view.

The view from his eyes. I took a shot under normal exposure just to show you how it looks like when losing out the sky details. The place looks really great, we just don't have the right tools / skills to capture it.

This is what we climb up to get to the shooting area up there. It's tall, I'm trying to create the perspective, but failed miserably.

This will be what you are looking at when you reach Nusajaya. Wide roads, planted with trees & flowers without a car in sight.

We arrived at the main ground of the Nusajaya and started snapping.

Government building.

More government building.

The grand square, it's so big that it will take a while by just dring around it.

Attempt of sunray, over expose this shot to retain the details of the greenery.

Puteri Habour located within the Nusajaya. Real spectacular ships, but the area is restricted. This is the closest we can get.

A close view of the remaining building. There is no indication and I don't recognise any of it, so I don't know what these buildings area. But they sure looks good and glamourous.

Around the photographing of the location, I took up some abstract shot as well. My first attempt below, do comment.

Plot of sand so fine flow by the rain water accumulated.

A good close up of flower around the square. Wind is making this shot difficulty.

The striking white border of the road around the square attracted my eyes.

Colourful soil around the marina area. I failed to capture the colour, need to be real close, I guess.

Striking yellow pattern around the pole with flowery background.


jAmEs said...

those lovely bright skies.. make it in HDR , my fren

KVINLIM said...

i took some, but sucks at using software for hdr, still tweaking around, will post soon ...

Marsha Tan said...

Very beautiful shots :) But that shot is not Marina Bay (which is in Singapore), its Puteri Harbour in Nusajaya :)

KVINLIM said...

Marsha, thanks for the compliment. The photos are taken almost half year ago, my skills should have improvement, shall try again next time. Thanks for the info, I changed out the name to Puteri Harbour. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi K'vin

Great shots. How is Nusajaya coming along? Has there been much progress?

Claire (UK)

KVINLIM said...

It's been a while since I visited Nusajaya, will take a look again when have free time.

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