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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Broga Hill Attempt #2

I did my 2nd attempt on the Broga Hill and this time we decided to try our luck for the sunrise. It's a crazy morning, we woke up at 4.00am and do a slow drive reaching the foothill at around 5.00am. We took out time because of darkness and we got lost once =P finally we follow up with the rest of the hikers to reach the top. My fault ... Let's see the shots.

A shot from the third hill. Mixture of large rocks with Lalang grass create a striking combination.

On our way up the hill, this is the only thing we see. My wife got herself a small torch light and she throw the big gun to me. My job is to shine the way up for her =) Other hikers said my torch light like the batman light, hehe ... It's too dark to get any photos without tripod so I waited till we reached the top. Our first attempt only stop at the 1st hill. It's already very hot so we decided to turn around.

This time we just hike until we reached the top of Broga Hill. Somehow people said there are three hills. I counted four, not sure how it works. Anyway, according to my counting list, the third hill seems to be where most people stopped. Because to reach the fourth hill, it needs a little "real" climbing. Like these!

This is a view from third hill, overlooking the climbing portion to get to the top of Broga Hill. This photo is obviously taken after we got down from there, but when we reached there are night, it's a little scary. From faraway, you will see lots of torchlight at that area where lots of people talking and struggling to move up. It's not hard, but a little challenging. We waited till they finished then we make our move.

This is the hardest part where you will need to make use of the rope to pull yourself up. The photo does not do any justice, you will need to be there to feel it yourself. Luckily I did keep a pair of gym gloves in my bag, so I handed over to my wife. We all got up and finally we reached the top. How we know? There is a sign there, and there is no more hill, but only ways to go down. We sit around enjoying the view but disappointed because no sunrise due to bad weather. I snap some photos on the hill top and on our way down. Enjoy =)

A view from the Broga Hill top overseeing some kampung on the south side. The sky is still dark and you will see some white lights on the hill. Those are hiker coming up.

I move over to the top side facing north and took this shot when the sun is rising. Can't see the sun but sky getting brighter giving a blue cast on the entire screen. I fully adjusted the temperature setting on my D90 but still it's blueish. My friend love this shot, I'm not sure why. For the north view, we are looking over Kajang town.

After that we move our way down and started snapping.

A nostalgia setting with lower exposure to bring out the rainy mode that morning.

Factory in operation with smokes blown by wind creating a mist like effects.

A full composition of tree branch.

Close shot of dying Lalang grass with my wife posing behind. She thought I'm shooting her =P

A man-built steel case on top of the hill for hiker to climb up to the large rock top. That's the real highest point of Broga. When we got there, it's full of people, crazy.

Another hiking trail direction at the top of the Broga Hill.

Again the mixture of Lalang grass and large rocks that formed the entire Broga Hill concept.

Close shot of beautiful Lalang grass blown by wind.

A shot from 2nd hill overlooking the 1st hill.

Man made trail between hills.

Close shot of the biggest rock on the Broga Hill.

Another close shot of beautiful plant. It's sprouting everywhere on Broga Hills and I'm fascinated by the ants movement.

Close shot, not very shot what is that. It's big and my limited lens takes me a long time to get this shot!

A view from the 1st Hill with a couple taking a good time climbing to the top of the large rocks and loving each other. Beautiful.

Looking into endless horizon, deep thinking of life and future ...

On our way down, we noticed there is a barricade of police line. Very curious on what's behind the line! murder scene like CSI?! I dont dare to go though.

Close shot of some ferns around the foothill of Broga Hill. Beautiful plant.

Another close shot of ferns.

A 5 star rated green development. rain water collection, natural material for construction, natural ventilation, organic disposal for green, minimal impact to environment. nice ...

Rubber plantation, I'm always impressed with how well it's arranged in both spacing and alignment of the entire planatation.

Palm oil plantation is what filled the entire Broga foothill. Foreigners choose to visit the hill will have a real nice experience seeing the real palm oil tree. hehe ...

Seeds of palm oil tree used to produce palm oil.


Keith said...

Hi there, came across your blog while searching for Broga hill. nice blog.
BTW, there's human skeleton found in Broga hill

KVINLIM said...

Hi keith, thanks for the compliment.
I think the police barricade is set-up for the human skeleton story! The timing of the news just matched my hiking time. Incredible.

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