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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB Gold

My earlier loyal comrade HTC One M7 has finally reached its shelf life, and it's dying on me. Normally I will use a smart phone for a duration of 2 years to follow the Telco contract, but I couldn't wait till December this round. The battery life of HTC One M7 can only manage to hold up for 3 hours max, and I will need a replacement fast. That means I will need to buy a new smartphone at retail price, or find options available in the market.

As usual, I survey and analyse the available package, and drawn conclusion to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB model that's just launched days ago. Sharing my decision here, might help your case to decide.

With my experience in iPhone 4 and HTC One in both iOS and Android environment, I've expose to both sides and each has own advantages of another. I don't mind to use either iOS or Android for my next smartphone, so decision relies on the package and also the smartphone model & features from both system. Tiles style from Microsoft never attracts me, so dropping it in this sharing.

For iOS, it's pretty straight forward. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ only, small or big screen. Coming from a small screen user, I'm dying to move into big screen wagon, and I would only consider iPhone 6+ if I were to take iOS. 16GB is too small, so 64GB is the next size up retailing at RM3,550, that's super expensive! Worth it or not very much depending on individuals, but I would compare to flagship from Android to decide.

For Android, there are multiple brands available, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and etc. Lesson learned from my experience with HTC is, don't buy brand that's not proven by the popularity. There is a reason they are not popular among phone user, and this will impact badly in your overall experience. I will explain later. So either you pick the flagship from the big brand such as Samsung, or get the flagship from the China big brand like Xiaomi. My wife basically ban me from getting the Xiaomi, as she knows me to well, that I always heart for the glamorous thing, and she is right. 

So looking at Samsung, the earlier flagship is only Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which I don't feel excited at all. Their Samsung Galaxy S6 model is too small, but I love the Edge design that they implemented. It looks cool and super neat but then the size is small and I hope for the big screen. Of course they cover all sides, and they have the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge available, but then it's an old model. So the timing is just right that Samsung is preparing to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Hey, both are big screen model, and it's new model. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB @ RM3,099

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB @ RM2,699

I've been asking myself the question hundred times, Note5 or Edge+ as RM400 is not really a big factor for me to decide, but more to if I want practicality (stylus for production) or style (curvy screen). Obviously you know what's my choice, but my decision is made only when I'm holding the actual phones to compare. Curved screen is just the latest tech in the mobile world, and I love latest tech. Productivity is attractive features, but I will then choose to do it on laptop if need to. As I survived without productivity all these while and I'm fine. 

Why not the iPhone 6 Plus someone will ask. Simple, it's the old model, and if I wait for the new model to launch by 9th September 2015, it will take easily weeks for it to reach our shores. Further, I doubt anything interesting from Apple that will be the deal breaker will be announce, so I'm not too interested to wait. It's RM200 more, less exciting, simple. 

Back to the earlier question why not the not-popular brand? First of all, their product might got problem, such as HTC got battery overheating issue, and their battery life performance drop like nobody business. You won't know it until it happened, by then it's too late as you already locked in a 2 years contract with Telco. Secondly, accessories problem. Because it's not popular, you cannot find anyone selling accessories! My nice HTC One is still using the RM15 ciplak black rubber casing, just because I couldn't find any others to replace it. I've been finding the transparent rubber casing for my HTC One past 2 years, just couldn't find it. 

Choosing what to buy is part of the fun, and I enjoy the process very much.
Now some photos for your enjoyment =)

*pardon the screen protector, just temporary measure while I can find the proper curved tempered glass =P