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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Running Gears for Marathon

With the marathon event pushing nearer at 39 days and counting down, I do the final preparation. Training is always on-going and last weekend I manage to pick up some running gears for myself. Check it out.

2XU Men's Elite Run Top

This shirt is one of the casual running shirt from 2XU, a famous brand for extreme sports. For the expensive price tag, of course there are bunch of technologies that they are showcasing like below:
SMD COOL - With the added comfort of a jersey finish and high UV performance, SMD Cool comes with all the benefits of the SMD family of fabrics.
SMD SILVER - Engineered with the latest generation nano-silver particles embedded
into the yarn for permanent anti-bacterial, thermo-regulation properties.
SMD MESH - Advanced SMD MESH knit construction for increased airflow and
lightweight for optimal moisture transfer.
SMD 3D MESH - Added to the benefits of the SMD fabric is the use of a 3D mesh structure,
allowing ultimate airflow, moisture management and stops cling to the body.

I tried it out yesterday for a short run and indeed it's very good. People will ask why not I buy the compression shirt? With my body shape, it won't look good! Simple answer, so something loose is more suitable for me. The shirt is very well ventilated and absorb / disperse the sweat very effective. My main purpose for this shirt is to keep my body temperature right, and it did just that. For runners, they will always complain either they are too cold or too hot. This piece of shirt here will solve the problem and you won't feel the sweat even if the whole shirt is wet. That good, but is it necessary? I've ran 2x10km and 2x21km, I think it's important. The sleeveless singlet that's provided by the organiser is in good quality, but it's a singlet. It does not cover my body properly and the heat dispersion is not as good and I felt cold sometimes. Not something I would want to wear for a 6 hours run, so this shirt that hug my body well is what I would want to wear for long endurance run.

Tunebelt Sport Armband for Smartphone

My plan earlier is to find a waist pouch and put everything into it, but coudn't find any bigger waist pouch, so grab this one instead. It's designed for running and the material is built in neoprene with cushion to protect the device and also to disperse sweat quickly. It fits most major smartphones nicely and with its elastic form, the phone is hold tight without any movement, as if it's part of your body. I tried it yesterday and the sweat from my arm didn't manage to reach the iPhone. However, it's not weatherproof though, so I plan to wrap my iPhone with plastic bag before keeping it there. Although iPhone is quite light, but the weight adds-up when I hit 7-8km.

Injinji Performance Midweight / Mini-Crew Toesock

Injinji is a US renowed brand in providing high performance toesocks and their design is patented. This pair of Injinji is engineered with patented AIS technology from Injinji and constructed of 60% Coolmax, 35% Nylon and 5% Lycra. Midweight is designed for padded interface with any running shoes, and also feature honeycomb design for breathability. The main purpose is to reduce chaffing and blister, which is common for all long distance runners. It is light weight and very good in moisture control to give best comfort to long distance running.

Hold Tube Waist Pouch (Snow Camo)

Hold Tube Waist Pouch is built in microfiber material of 83% polyester and 17% polyurethane. The whole pouch is stretchable and it can fit a lot of small items, up to size of smartphone. The waist pouch itself is very thin and all items stored within is wrapped within its microfiber material that will prevent movement. Length adjustable to suit waist size and I tried it up, it's indeed very good. I kept my iPhone and keys within the pouch and I dont feel it there at all, except the additional weight of course. It does not bounce around and it hold the items within very well. Its microfiber material also disperse sweat pretty efficient. My earlier plan is to get a bigger pouch so I can fit everything in, but this seems to be a good buy, that's why I get the additional armband for my iPhone. This pouch is meant for my medication & power gel =)

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