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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breakfast at Kum Heong Restaurant @ PJ New Town

Beautiful Sunday morning and my best friend travelled down from Ipoh to KL so we arranged for a meet-up. Manage to grab our another best friend for a good breakfast in PJ New Town. My friend decided for a meet up with good food din Kum Heong restaurant and the variety of food here is plenty! Let's take a look.

Morning buzz, and if you are late waker, you don't know what you are missing out there. Swarmed by people in the early hour and must be food a good reason.

A good cup of tea, my favourite, however a little disappointed with the quality though. Nothing beat a good tea / coffee in Ipoh, but this will be alright to fill the morning.

A good place for roti bakar and it's very good as they are using charcoal! Who else use charcoal nowadays?

The toast is crazy delciious but eat it up quick, it's not that nice when it's cold though.

A small plate of Roasted Pork in the morning, not for the weak hearted! Crunchy skins & salty meat, all good.

Good portion of Popiah, fresh ingredients, a good plate.

Char Kuey Teow, somehow it taste so much better when it's shared! Love every bit of it, only hoping for the prawn to be a little bigger =)

Super big plate of Wan Tan Mee and the mee is super long as well. The owner should have cut the meet to ease up the consumers, kind of good experience. Just that the plate is too big, we couldn't finish it!

Highlight of the morning, Fish & Clams Porridge, very nice pot. Seriously, order this if you are around, very nice porridge in my opinion.

With all those foods above, my friend is crazy enough to get a box of these! Hey, it's a light morning breakfast! A little too much, and he got to bring it all back to Ipoh for his own pleasure...

Now that's my best friend, Aun Heng with his lovely wife. That's his usual face expression when he eat too much, never fail to amaze me.

He just got hold of his new toy, the Sony NEX-5 with 18-50mm lens. Played with it a while, and the quality of photos is incredibly good! I'm going to get him to give me some nice photos to share here, very good quality pro-compact. Nice to have him picking up photography as well, he definitely has very creative eyes & ideas.

This is my another best friend, Chee Wai. He is currently obsessed with his car, CTR. Crazy driver, and he just recorded 3 mins in Sepang Track in his 1st attempt.

A good morning breakie with two of my best friends, chatting life away. That's life in my opinion, loving it.


Wai said...

i'm not obsessed with my car la.. -_-"

and dun la show my lap time in blog.. paiseh betul.. one of the worst that day :(

KVINLIM said...

3mins is worst?? What's best then??

Wai said...

best for that day is 2:30. thats 34 secs faster than me! >.<"

KVINLIM said...

Those are pro-sepang kaki is it? But 3mins is still incredible, to me at least ;)

Wai said...

Once u hit the track, i doubt u will say that la. Average for newbie is ranging from 2:55 to 3:10. At least thats what i see from the timings of others la.

Hope to hit below 3:00 next time.

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