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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fresh Unique Seafood 23 Restaurant @ PJ

This is long overdue post and it's dated back to Chinese New Year 2011, yea, almost 6 months ago. A good friend of mine came back from his long work in Dubai and our group of friends manage to get hold of him to treat us a good dinner since he got good USD allowance! He is always so good and generous and we picked Fresh Unique Seafood 23 in PJ for the food feast!

The main entrance of the Fresh Unique Seafood 23 Restaurant located in Petaling Jaya. If you want to opt for jockey parking, just stop by the entrance and the jockey will take over. It's only RM5 but if you want to save some money, there is a large underground parking that will cost you RM2 with direct access to the restaurant.

The usual seafood restaurant set-up, a good display of their live seafood available for the day. It's just not decorative in my opinion as you can actually choose which one you fancy to eat that night. Similar arrangement in other seafood restaurant but variety is a little lacking comparing to the other newer opening.

Of course we are eyeing all around for lobster ...

Geoduck ... the funniest looking seafood in my opinion. Why it looks like that?

and Alaska Spider Crab!

A snapshot of the dining area that's a little run down, been so many years anyhow, still comfortable though.

Since the dinner falls near to the Chinese New Year, it's just a tradition for us to order the Yu Sheng or Malaysian called them Lou Shang. It's the same but Yu Sheng is the correct terms which is direct translation from Chinese, meaning Increase in Abudance. While Lou Shang means Prosperity Toss. It's common now that people use raw salmon in Yu Sheng like above.

This is how a plate of Yu Sheng looks like, I'm sure all Malaysians are familiar but for the rest, it's a sign of prosperity and good luck for Chinese to eat this during Chinese New Years. Every year, I can easily have 5-7 times of this dish, just because I eat with other friends and it's a must have every table. It's quite nice, but not deliciously tasty though. Keeping up with tradition, why not. You will notice people hunting for the salmon because it's small and limited! Haha...

While waiting for food, posing for camera shooting.

First to come is the Boiled Prawn also known as Pak Cheok Har. As long as they serve boiled prawn, there is normally no problem with it. As it's not seasoned for you to taste exactly how the prawn should taste. Importantly the prawn must be fresh, which it is. Easy way to identify that is to see if the prawn meat will stick to the shell or not. If it's sticky and hard to remove the shell, then it's not fresh. The prawn meat will also tend to be a little softer as well. QC check down then dip it into chili sauce and put it into your mouth, very nice ...

Some greens on the table, believe me or not, I never touch anything on this plate! Not it looks or taste funny, but for those that know me, I'm not really into vegetables. Maybe because there are just too much food on the table for me to ignore it completely! =)

We have the Clam (Lala) in Superior Soup. It's one of my favourite as somehow the soup always manage to capture the lala taste very nicely, so I walloped three bowls here. The clam is also fresh and the size is also just nice, not too small.

We have this Scallop with Chinese Vermicelli and Garlic. It's a little weird combination, but just put everything together and put it into your mouth. The taste is enriching and the scallop is just so delicious. I love this dish, only complain is each of us only get one. I want more, but shy to ask =P

Eating in seafood restaurant, of course we couldn't miss the Crab, and we ordered the Salted Egg Crab. Basically it's cooked with Salted Duck Egg, a chinese delicacy. The taste is delicious but only downside it's not that healthy I think. The crab is fresh as it's alive before cook, and the size is just in good portion for a good savour of the crab meat taste.

Too much seafood is a little crazy, so added up some red meat for my craving. We have the Deer Meat in Ginger and Spring Onion. No funny taste and soft tasty deer meat is very good. It's not overly cooked or overly seasoned, just nice.

Finally a fish to complete the meal. Planning to eat a little healthy and a little different variety, we got ourselves the Grilled Fish. Not very sure what fish is it, but the meat is all good with a little salty taste. Having it with the chili sauce provided is delicious.

After we are clearing off the food on the table fast and suddenly my colleague asked, like not enough eh? All of us shouted Alaska Spider Crab and this is what we get! Many thanks to James & Ely!! The size is a little crazy, but we still manage to finish everything! Cows...

As the Alaska Spider Crab is too big, so we decided to split it for two type of cooking style. First to come is the Alaska Spider Crab in Superior Stocks. The superior stocks sauce is good, but a little overkill in my opinion. The crab meat taste has overcome by the sauce and with the sauce simmered into the crab meat, it taste a little fun. The Alaska Spider Crab meat is all good, and it doesn't taste like crab anymore, more like lobster meat.

Next to come is the Alaska Spider Crab in Salt & Pepper. The cooking is a little too dry and again it killed the meat crab taste again. The meat crab is still good but without the taste, I'm a little disappoiinted. However, I think salt & pepper is better than the superior stocks. At least there is no funny taste on the mixture of the superior stocks sauce with the crab meat. I'm putting high expectations here, and the plate serving is good by all means, but I'm just expecting more from Alaska Spider Crab!

The toilet is quite clean and I can't help to bring my camera and take a snap. My friends said I'm crazy, but I'm doing all these for my blog reader, which is you. I'm sure you want to know how the toilet looks like, no?

Here is the cows gang and with all the food above, there are only six of us! From left, Pang, James, Ely, Karen, and Leong. All still can smile after those foods, I'm crazily filled and couldn't walk properly.

The dinner is generously paid by James & Ely, many thanks for the food. Such an enjoyable moments to feast and chat together again, just like old times. Concluding the dining place, it's a good seafood restaurant and I'm sure it's marvellous ten years ago. It's a little run down now but no doubt it still serves very good seafood at a price though. If you are looking for cheaper or better experience, then there are always options out there. Just for a quick bite with colleagues and friends because you don't want to think of where else to eat, it's always a good place to drop by. At least you know the tables are always available for you, that's a big plus point in my opinion. Who in the mind think that you should stand and wait for a table when you paying for the dinner??

Fresh Unique Seafood 23 Restaurant
Lot 9B-3, Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603. 7960 2088
Mobile: +6016. 210 4266
Opening Time: 11.45am to 2.30pm / 6pm to 10.30pm
Location Coordinate: N3 06.865 E101 38.552


Anonymous said...

the best way to appreciate the Alaskan Spider Crab is just to either grill or steam it. other kind of cooking will just spoil the natural taste of the otherwise excellently sweet crab flesh of the sea.

KVINLIM said...

I've tried superior stock with lobster before, and it's very good. I'm not sure if it's because of the bad cooking or alaska crab does not go well with the superior stock. But dryness on salt & pepper is definitely chef's fault.

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