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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head @ Chan Sow Lin

It has been a while since I bring food blog onto the table and this time around, I'm going to introduce the all time favourite and famous, the Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head. For those that don't know, there are many Chan Sow Lin Fish Head in the area as all are riding on the success of the brand built. It's just the same that Klang is famous for Bak Kut Teh, Ipoh for Tau Geh Chicken, Penang for Laksa & Char Kuey Teow, and Chan Sow Lin located within KL is famous for their Steamed Fish Head.

Reputation is built over time and it must have recognition of good majority before it's accepted. The fact is, most of the restaurant around Chan Sow Lin does serve good Steamed Fish Head, therefore the brand. As with everyone else, we wil tend to have our favourite and so-call "Original" Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head, fact is, we also don't know which one is the original. But we think this is the best in the group. So let's check out the Chong Yen Chan Sow Ling Steamed Fish Head!

Chong Yen Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head Restaurant is originally located in Jalan 3, Off Chan Sow Ling and recently they have just moved over to their new premise inside the Jalan 4 since December 2010. For those that are not familiar with Chan Sow Lin, stick to my GPS coordinate. It does not looks like when you driving in, but don't worry. I verify my coordinate before posting it here.

Once you reached, this is the shop you should be looking at. Yellow industrial shoplot with a small banner. It's not hard to spot the shop once you reach the location, it will be hard to direct if you don't know the place. That's the price to pay to find the best Steamed Fish Head =)

As when we arrived in the Saturday afternoon, the place is fully packed. High ceiling, good floor space and very good air flow in the shop. It's much more comfortable comparing to their old shop, not to mention much more hygenic. The bad comments earlier is all diminished with their new shop. Nice!

We have the whole family this time, so good thing is I can introduce more food for you guys. First to come is the Stewed Chicken Feet. Lots don't like to eat chicken feet as they think it's dirty, anyway its the contact point to the floor all the time. But I think there are more bacteria in the meat itself, considering the amount of germs living within. Anyway the stewed chicken feet is good, fulfilling the main criteria that enough time must be allocated to stewed it to ensure softness of the chicken feet.

Then always some green on the table, Boiled Choy Sum Vegetables with Oyster Sauce. All good, nothing to complain about.

The simple steamed Tofu dish, again just a simple healthy dish that we are putting in to balance back our hefty lunch!

A truly chinese dish of Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetable. It's very delicous and I seriously cannot find any dish that's served here that's not nice.

Steamed Fish Maw and Fish Stomach with Soy Bean Sauce. Fish Maw is my favourite and fish stomach is all good. Fish maw is soft and springy while the fish stomach is all new experience. The fish maw goes very well with the soy bean suace while the fish stomach is basically quite tasteless but the springy texture with the soy bean is quite a fun to chew on. Try it out, my must order.

And then come the highlight of the day, Steamed Fish Head. The portion is serve based on the numbers of patrons and we got a medium fish head size. Normal price shall range from RM18-40, depending on size. For steamed fish that's not fresh, there is no hiding as the taste cannot be cover by anything else. The muddy taste is no where to be found and the fish meat is very good. The steamed ginger and garlic sauce that come with the fish head is also good and compliment well.

Moving on, the Cheong Cheng Steamed Fish Head, that's steamed with a good amount of soy bean sauce. As the photograph shown above, the sauce is very addictive that will clear off your rice without your realising it. The fish has the same quality of no muddy taste and good fresh texture. Only comment is the soy bean sauce is a little too salty in my opinion, but that's their idea of soy bean sauce anyway. If you don't like it to be too salty, then you should just stick to the normal ginger and garlic steamed fish head.

For good food, as usual you wouldn't see me writing too much to describe how good is the food because there is no way I can find the right word for it. Whenever you see that in my blog, no need to hesitate. Just find a day and go test it out. I might be wrong, but the rest of the patrons there cannot be wrong. I personally think the steamed fish head that's serve here is if not the best, then it must be one of the best! Definitely better than the Ah Wang Steamed Fish Head that I posted earlier. It's different as Ah Wang is good for conveniency to my house, but Chong Yen serve the best Steamed Fish Head and that's my vote for the best. End of Story.

Oh, before that, my always important information for every food post, how much it cost? As I didn't write the price tag for each food, meaning I didn't pay for it. For this place, allocate around RM15-20 for each person and it should be more than enough. Price mentioned is of course for sensible portion depending on your patrons size. Happy food hunting!

Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head @ Chan Sow Lin
No. 22-24, Jalan 2/89C
Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin 4
55200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-231 8129
Location Coordinate: N3 07.092 E101 42.813


Railionaire said...

Hi kvinlim, we both sharing similar interest like food n photography. Looking forward more writting from u. After read through steam fish blog above, it makes me mouth watering. Chong yen steam fish is always my favourite place to go for best steam fish in town.

Alhad said...

Hi kvinlim,

I went here in March last year and absolutely loved it!! took some pictures for my food blog but unfortunately lost my phone...wanna know if I can use some of your pictures for my blog ( ur permission of course


KVINLIM said...

Railionaire, glad you like the blog. Will try to spend more time on it.

Alhad, no problem, but make sure you indicate the origin of the photos for credit to me.

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