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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Highway Cafe, Ayer Keroh R&R @ NS Highway (South Bound)

I'm a frequent traveller, and it all started during my college time. I will travel back to hometown every 2 weeks driving 250km each way. After started working, I also travel a lot for the job. Current job required me to travel often to Johor and the 4 hours drive is tiring. I always looks for fun things to do along my life so it wont be so boring and I notice this special cafe along the NS Highway that has exceptional amount of customers, so I check them out.

Stall No.10: Highway Cafe that's always packed with people from all over Malaysia.

Highway Cafe is located in the Ayer Keroh rest stop on North-South Highway in south bound towards Johor direction. The cafe is basically operated by a Hainanese old couple and they have been there for as long as I remember. What's the special thing about this cafe?

An ultimate breakfast set for road traveller. The famous half boiled eggs with kaya butter toast bread. I always order a big cup of Milo to go with it and it's been heavenly like. Look at their cup, looks like my home's one, and that's exactly how they run their show.

A close up on the highlight of the day, half boiled eggs with the kaya butter toast bread. The most important on half boiled eggs are the timing and the quality of eggs used. I've been eating here for many times and there is no single time that their quality deteriorate. The right time of submerging the eggs into the hot water, with the egg yolks slightly cooked but still watery to allow you to mix it with the whites. It's the quality of control, and it taste just so good everytime I eat it. Take note of their egg yolks is very yellowish, indicating kampung eggs, comparing to those mamak that's pale in colour. It's one of the best half boiled eggs I've ever eaten.

While on the kaya butter toast bread, they don't use charcoal but an very old toasting machine, like mini oven. Look at the photo, the kaya-butter-bread is all mixed up together and formed a layer in the middle of the bread. Toasted bread with crunchy texture while soft kaya-butter-bread layer in the middle, it's another heaven like experience. It's a little dry though if you eat it alone. And of course I have my solution. Read on for the best method to eat it down here.

Mix the half boiled eggs and add in necessary soy sauce & pepper. Dip the kaya-butter-toast bread into the half boiled eggs.

Voila, A good mixture of salty half boiled eggs with crunch sweet toast bread. Try it out and I can assure you that you will want more. Coupled it with a good cup of your favourite hot drink, it's an experience that I can never forget, especially in the dawn when my eyes still half closed.

This is my faovurite spot and this is my view when I'm enjoying the incredible breakfast. So relaxing, that's life =)

No worries on parking, therea are lots of illegal parking in front of the stairs and just find a sweet spot and park your car. Dont go into the petrol station, they will chase you out =P

After a good breakfast, I hit the road again in a refresh mind, ready to conquer another 250km journey.
More information on this cafe.

Highway Cafe
Ayer Keroh R&R
North-South Highway, South Bound
Location Coordinate: N2 23.726 E102 13.406

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