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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant @ Taman Paramount

Trying hard to push all my overdue food blog out so that it's share with all of you =) sorry.

This time let's go to the Taman Paramount for some really good hakka food. As the name suggest, Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant, serving a true authentic hakka cuisine. It's a little misleading sometimes as this restaurant also serve dimsum in the morning. Hakka food only available in lunch and dinner time only. So don't be surprice to see them selling dimsum if you are there early.

Entrance of the Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant. The chinese name indicated their specialty in hakka food and also spicy soup, which is one of the signature dish in hakka food for this restaurant.

Clean and nice interior with typical chinese practical decor for a good lunch or dining experience. The place is run by a couple and the wife is the lady in purple while husband is the main chef in the kitchen. I'm not sure if they are both hakka, but they are churning out good foods.

The signboard on the wall indicate all the famous hakka dish available in the restaurant and these are only the recommended dishes. There are also a full menu if you have something else in mind. Stick to the list and I'm sure it's very nice.

First to come is the simplest form of steamed eggs, Three Yolks Steamed Eggs that's priced at RM6.00. It's not one of the nicest steamed eggs you will find, but it somehow looks very alike with what my mum used to cook for us. The dish served here is meant to be closer to what you mum cook, and that's something I like very much. If I would want some fine chinese restaurant dining, then I won't bother to visit this place. It gives me a very warm feeling towards the dishes in this place, very home alike. Not the smoothest steamed eggs but very nice.

A small plate of Yuen Choy that's priced at RM6.00. Just some greens to compliment the lunch, nothing special, but it's all nice, nothing to complain about.

And finally, the Hua Tiao (Rice Wine) Claypot Chicken that's priced at RM16.00. The taste is so strong and it taste so good with a good portion of rice wine for the tastebud. The chicken is mostly part of drumstick or thigh that's smooth and going nicely with the claypot. It's a must order for me in this restaurant, love the chicken and the taste.

With rice & some drinks, the bill come up to a total of RM33.70 for the three of us. Limited patrons so limited food to order, but in fact I've dine here a lot of times, only didn't bring my camera. There are times that I eat in this restaurant twice a week, and yes, it's that nice that will draw me back. Is it truely hakka cuisine? I'm not very sure, but if you are going for good food, you won't be disappoint. Ask the lady boss to recommend, all the foods are basically very good, no problem. Try their spicy soup if you can, it's very nice.

Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant
26, Jalan 20/16A
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor
Tel: 03-8076 8766
Opening Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Location Coordinate: N3 06.439 E101 37.479


Tokyo Joe said...

Read your blog and followed the recommendation. Excellent food and good Hakka food for me and my family. Thanks

KVINLIM said...

good that you enjoy the food there, I will continue to post good food =)

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