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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things Done to My New Ride

I'm sure you know that I've gotten myself a new ride, and it's been all busy with the new commitment. Can't write much, time is never enough. Let the pictures do the talking.

First thing to do, a good check up and major service to ensure the car is in tip-top condition. Finally I moved to fully synthetic oil, yeah, I'm cheapskate that I feed my old ride with semi-syn only =P

Time to tear it apart, not really la. Just installing alarm system for the car. It's an old ride, came with immobiliser but not alarm, weird right?

Finally, tinting at Cool World. Previous owner couldn't convince the JPJ to keep the tint up, so no choice but to put it back at my own cost. This is the first time my ride show up fully in my blog, say hi =)


Anonymous said...

cool. enjoy reading your blog. Was wondering which car were your getting. Me too was itching for an alfa before, but there wasnt much alfa workshop ard where i stay, so gave up and get an golf instead. Have fun out of your new ride ya.


KVINLIM said...

My new ride post is up finally, do read up =)
Golf is a nice car la, I like it too, but cannot afford =(

Junior Perrera said...

That’s a smooth-looking car, and it looks pretty fast too! From the looks of it, it seems like you’ve tuned it up a bit. Have you tweaked the engine, perhaps? Or slotted in a turbo system to make it go faster? Either way, it looks like it’s ready to take on any car, whether on the road or the race track. But always keep in mind that, while you’re on the road, safety is the primary concern. Good luck driving!

KVINLIM said...

Perrera, thanks. it's still basically a standard stock turbo car. I installed the gauge to have a check on the turbo to avoid overboost, and a boost controller to maintain the pressure. Currently running 219whp. More plan on the table, but need more money. am driving responsibly =)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Mind to share where did you buy the Liqui Moly Engine Oil

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