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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Register for New Baby!

Since the arrival of our lovely baby Cedric, everyday is a new challenge and I'm going through new experience again today. Upon birthing of a new baby, parents are given 14 days to register their baby, or else a penalty fine of RM5 will be impose. Quite cheap, but why wait? It's something new and always the question is, how?!

For new parents, I'm here to help. Hoping by documenting the experience, I will be able to remind myself to be grateful of the gift of life and at the same time able to help you all out there. In Malaysia, basically you will need to go to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara for registration. For branches around the state, please refer to this website.

Before you go over to the JPN, here are some documents that you need to prepare:
1. Marriage Certificate (original & photostat copy)
2. Declaration Letter from Hospital with Doctor's verification (you should receive this when you discharge)
3. MyKad for both parents and a photostat copy of the MyKad
4. Finally, fill up the form JPN.LM01 (you should get this from Hospital when you discharge)

Most of the JPN office open from 8.00am till 5.00pm, so when you got there, take a queue number and wait for your turn. Once you are called, submit all the documents above and you will be issue another number while they process your documents. Voila, then you will be call again within minutes to collect the birth certificate. At the same time, you will be notify to collect the MyKid card after a month duration. That's pretty efficient and a good praise all around for government body, thumbs up.

A big size birth certificate comparing to old times like mine. Why need so big??
It's not that hard to be a daddy afterall, right?

No, it's not that simple, when things like below picture happened =P

My cute little devil + angel. Cute adorable but also bullying us at the same time, phew.

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