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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant @ Penang

Introducing a nice seafood restaurant in Penang this time, named Bali Hai Restaurant located just right along the Gurney Drive. There are lots of seafood restaurant along the famous eatery road, and I think Bali Hai topped the list without any doubt. It's highly recommended by a friend of mine and we will see if it live up to expectations. Another important point is that, this place is pork free, good news for muslim friends.

A view of the restaurant along the Gurney Drive, and you won't miss it with its big neon lighted signboard. They have a slogan, called "IF IT SWIMS, WE HAVE IT". True, I couldn't find anything that they don't have from the display, maybe I've not eaten enough =P

A good view of the fresh seafood available, it's surprising tidy with good label of names & price.

More seafood on the ice, I feel so hungry just by taking photograph.

And more seafood on the plate, it's all so fresh, so colourful and clean. You will want to dine in this kind of place.

Some romantic bamboo set-up along the main street to give you a different ambience in case you need some privacy.Only three is available, and it's all taken by young couple. Lovely.

Some classy decoration at the entrance of the restaurant, can't help to snap a photo.

The dining area has high ceiling level, the setup is comfortable with lots of room for movement and importantly the high ceiling help alot in giving a good airy environment to the entire restaurant. If you visit other seafood restaurant you will notice the place has good decoration on the ceiling, it's their tiny idea, and it works very well. I love it.

Here is our table with her fake smile. She is actually quite tired after a long hour of walking in Penang heritage town, so I'm longing to bring her out for a good dinner, hope this is excellent choice for her.

First to come is the Stir Fried Pea Shoots priced at RM15.00. It's kind of expensive but still within expectations considering the serving is quite big. The vegetables are fresh and importantly there is lot of "wok hei" in the plate, which is most important for stir fry style food. It's also seasoned well and it's delicious. Nice green add-on to the dinner.

Next to come is the Claypot Crab Glass Noodles priced at RM50, recommended by the waitress. The portion is big and we nearly couldn't finish it. What to say, the crab is super fresh and super tasty as well. Only complain is the glass noodles is a little dry in comparison, got to swallow it sometimes to get things moving. Highlight is still the crab, and I'm loving every piece of it.

Lastly the Teow Chew Style Steamed Fish priced at RM52.00. Again, the size is big for two of us, and it's incredibly delicious. The fish is extremely fresh without any mud taste and the Teow Chew sauce is incredibly delicious. I'm trying to avoid as I'm having hypertension but still couldn't help it.

Our choice of drinks, Watermelon juice and a can of 100Plus, priced at RM3.20 and RM2.80 respectively. The fresh juice is worth every cents, forget about the 100Plus if you are visiting. Grab the the juice, it's cheap, fresh and nice.

I've highlighted many times that those little touch in restaurant will give lots of add-on to the dining experience without the diner realising. I can't stress enough on the conveniency of all above on every tables within reach of every diner. They also have a good handful of waitress around the area sniper-ing all customers need. Nice.

The whole dinner totalled up to amount of RM135.30 including the 5% government tax and 5% service tax, surprising reasonable for such a restaurant. Good food always required less write-up because it's not describable on words in my blog. If you notice the food review is short, meaning it's good. If I wanted to eat a good dinner on seafood in Penang, this will be my only favourite so far. Couldn't stress enough on the freshness of the food and constant delicious quality of taste across the dishes we tried. There you have it, the recommended seafood restaurant in Penang Island.

Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant
90, 90A~D
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: 04 2288 272
Opening Time: 7.00am till 11.45pm (Dim Sum served from 7.00am till 2.00pm)
Location Coordinate: N5 26.025 E100 18.925

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