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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running Kit Collection at e@Curve for Energizer Night Race 2011

Last weekend the running kit collection date for the Energizer Night Race 2011 started, indicating the race is just a month away. Excited, so I made my way down to e@Curve for collection, but I'm disappointed. I forgotten to bring my registration slip, luckily the staff there manage to recognize me through my IC number. Noticed my IC is wrong in the system, so we corrected it. I thought I did an online registration and I'm sure I entered the correct number, why there is a mistake? Clueless. They quickly grab the pack for me and ask me to verify the tag for running at the next counter.

Immediately I felt something wrong, but waited for the whole thing to finish. I double checked my details and the guy "dut" my tag and asked me to proceed to the counter beside The Laundry for a free power gel. Ok, but where is my running kit? They only handed me the running shirt and the running tag only. Where are the Energizer headlight, and all those goody? They told me to collect from the Sepang! What the ... The main reason I wanted to collect from e@Curve because I didn't want to waste my time there, now I still got to line up in Sepang, it's going to be crowded! Not sure why the arrangement is like that, bad.

Move to the next place and small stalls were set-up selling all kind of running stuff, and importantly for me is the Power Gel! Grab a free one at the same counter and I bought another 2 extra Power Gel. It's RM6 each, well worth the money to help me finishing the run.

In my previous 21km run, the Power Gel prove to be very useful as I'm getting hungry very fast along the run. Not sure if it's just physcology matter only, but it does help in making me forgetting my hungry stomach. I took 4 power gel earlier in every 4~5km to complete the run, and I'm reducing it this time to 3 only. Hopefully it's ok.

After I reached home, I opened up the pack and big surprise, the shirt quality is very good, from FILA. It's much better than what I've got from the KL Marathon & Penang Marathon. Just for the shirt alone, I'm willing to pay the registration fees. Nice. The tag is another piece to be attached to the shoe just similar to the Penang Marathon. Try the shirt on, and it fit nicely to my body with size XL. It's better than the rest, much better. Now I will need to beef up my training, the date is pushing near ...

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