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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fatty Crab Restaurant @ PJ

This time around, I'm back to PJ for food hunting and I'm including the already famous Fatty Crab into the list for my records. It's kind of impossible for anyone living in KL that haven't try the Fatty Crab, because it's famous and its food is really living up to expectations. Their 2nd branch is located near The Mines, too far to write about it anyway. Let's take a closer look.

Fatty Crab located in the Taman Megah in PJ. It's located just right at the corner and it's quite impossible to miss it. Simple white sign board all around and red crab logo. They have two floors, plenty of tables & seats but still the waiting time is a little scary. Prepare to wait if you fancy a taste of their crabs in the weekend.

We are those crazy bunch that crave for a taste of the fatty crabs on the weekend, and this is what waiting us. Look at the people outside the shop! Crazy, yea, we too =) What you need to do is go inform the waitress and they will remember you, then find a place and wait. However, make sure the waitress can see you, or else you might risk them forgetting you. So far they never miss us.

Finally after a good 45 minutes wait, we get our table. We ordered earlier, so waiting time again, but different place only. At least we get a table =) Good thing is their serving is very fast. There is a reason for it, let's move on.

First to come, the wet towel for all eight of us, and it's charged RM2.80. Not sure how the cost work out, it's necessity for crabs eating experience, so no problem.

Since you will still need to wait for food, the guy that working non-stop at the corner will definitely catch your eyes. Yea, he is very busy frying chicken wings. We ordered as well.

I took a closer look and he got two working woks churning out those delicious chicken wings fast! The assistance beside him keep chopping the chicken wings, they basically started frying until close shop. Just try to count how many wings they fried that night, you will get crazy.

Here is a plate of Chicken Wing that's priced at RM14.00 and it's priced at RM2.80 each. Is it good? Yes! But maybe because I'm too hungry waiting for the table. Its not the highlight of the day, but a good add-on. Let's move on.

Then we ordered also the three century eggs priced at RM6.00. Again, another plate of quick bite food to fill our hunger while waiting.

Alright, first to come is the crabs and this plate cost us RM60.00. Why the serving in Fatty Crab is fast? Because they only serve one style of crabs in this place, Sweet and Sour Sauce Crabs. There is no other choice and if you fancy some other taste, you can go somewhere else. It shows that if the food is good, one style is enough. People fills the shop fast because of this plate. The sweet and sour sauce is crazy delicious and if you eat it together with the toast bread, it's incredible good as well. Crabs were fresh and it's good. Somehow the sauce have a special attraction that makes you come back for more. Is it really good? I think it's normal but still I'm going back from time to time. Weird, some magic? but the sauce is really salty, not really good for high blood pressure people.

Toast Bread to go with the sweet and sour sauce priced at RM2.40. Order more if you need to, just make sure wallop every dip of sauce after such a long waiting time. We add another plate later.

Next highlight is the Teo Chew Style Steamed Fish priced at RM50.00. Again, important element of freshness is there and the teochew sauce is delicious as well. For those high blood pressure people, stay away, it's delicious salty. Bad. With hands dirty from the crabs eating, picking up spoon to get a piece of the fish meat with the sauce is crazy messy, but that's the idea. It's delicious messy. I love the idea of mixing up the food. Some people like to finish the crabs then only eat the fish, Wrong! The fish will be cool by the time you finish up the crabs. Mix it! Get your hands dirty, somehow it's more delicious, haha.

Finally, the Fatty Crab's signature Fried Rice priced at RM10.00. We ordered a small portion and it's nothing special if you eat it alone. But it transforms into be the best fried rice when you mix it up with the sweet and sour sauce from the crabs and also the teochew sauce from the fish! Again magically transformed.

The total dinner summed up to RM160.30 including 5% government tax. There is no service tax, a surprise that my father loves! Quite a sum if they charge the 10% service tax, nice. Our order of the food in this place covered almost 80% of the choice available, nothing much to order anymore. If you look at the entire dinner, it's actually quite normal, comparing to other crabs specialty restaurant. Long waiting queue and only single style of food offer, but somehow the taste will attract you back someday when you are craving for crabs. It's weird and funny feeling. If you ask me, I won't come here with my wife, only mostly with a good family gathering. My parents love this place, especially my mum.

Fatty Crab Restaurant
No 2, Jln SS 24/13
Taman Megah
Petaling Jaya
47301 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7804 5758

Opening Time: 5.30pm till 11.30pm (closed on Monday)
Location Coordinate: N3 06.886 E101 36.745

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