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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ole Ole Bali Balinese Specialties @ Empire Subang

Late last year my parents came down to KL for a visit and as usual, big family gathering for a big special food feast that's not available in the tiny city of Ipoh. Eventhough Ipoh is known as food heaven, but KL possessed more variety of cuisine that my parents haven't tried before. Our choice this time is the Balinese cuisine named Ole Ole Bali located in the new Empire Shopping Gallery.

The grand entrance of the Ole Ole Bali that's located at the Lower Ground floor of the Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya. A special climb up altar at the front door for those that love to be spotted when having dinner in the posh dining restaurant. It's a little inappropriate with the leg that guy is showing though, not really a pose that you want to get spotted with, my bad.

The working kitchen along the corridor with a good number of organised staff in uniforms. Witnessing the working kitchen with good hygienic is always a plus point for a good dining experience in any place. Hardworking & hygienic bunch of chef pouring out plates after plates of food for us diners, making you think the money is well spent. That's what eating out suppose to mean anyway.

Grill station, always my favourite way of healthy cooking style. A good kitchen set-up in showing the customers the preparation but also same time controlling the oily smoke from reaching the customers. Nice, how many open grill you see in a shopping mall?

A classy balinese style of decoration all around the restaurant. A good mixture of LCD around the shop bringing the restaurant up to par with current technology advancement. It's mixed up so well, well done to the decorator.

Another common docaration in Balinese restaurant.

A warm & stylish decoration on every tables. It's cheap and simple but it's giving a good overall ambience to all diners around.

I ordered the Ice Blended Black Rice Pudding priced at RM9.00. It's crazy thick but nice also, if you love black rice pudding. But do prepare to have a glass of water to go with it, it's definitely not killing any thirst.

My sister ordered the Lemongrass Mojito Cocktail that's priced at RM11.00. I didn't try it, but she said it's nice. A good twist of Mojito with lemon grass and and mint leaf. No need to taste also know it's weird tasting.

A must order Balinese specialty, Ole Ole Trio priced at RM38.00. It's common sharing plate for a diner group. The plate have Ole Ole BBQ Wings, Sate Lilit, and Cumi-cumi Goreng to kick start your dinner and also get you start talking about the food and the night you are spending. Three type of foods, and three types of sauce, namely Sambel Matah, Sambel Terasi and Tartar sauce. It's spicy and nice. I love especially the Sate Lilit, good lemongrass taste of the sate.

Next to come is the Nasi Kambing Bumbu priced at RM23.00. All do take notes that the food served in Balinese is full with lemongrass and it's a little spicy. If you fancy some normal dish, then get those western meal then you will know what to expect, but defeat the point though. The serving is rich with taste and you will have to eat slowly to appreciate the taste that the chef wanted you to taste. The lamb is tasty and go very well with the rest of the sauce and serving.

As my parents are traditional chinese, they don't really like other red meat other than chicken, I'm not sure why also. So we ordered up the Chicken and Chips priced at RM20.00 for them. The serving is a little smaller compare to their real Balinese dish, a little out of place as you go to Balinese restaurant to eat western food. How is it? I say stick to their specialty, leave the Western food to Western restaurant. They can serve good Balinese food, not others though.

As the table is long with lots of people, we basically just repeat the order to make sure everyone have a taste of everything. It's a food feast, I've told you. Love sharing food, somehow they taste better. A little quote is that the grass opposite is always greener =) I love this shot.

The whole dinner for the 11 of us totaled up to around RM350.00 including service and goverment tax. It's a good experience and importantly, the dinner serves a good dining ambience and of course good food all around in Balinese style. At current time, Balinese food is dominate by the Ole Ole Bali and Bumbu Bali, and if you hunger for it, those are you best bet. I'm really wondering where else you can go. Luckily, both serves incredibly good food. If you are in a couple dinner, ordering one for sharing with additional snacks / rice is more than enough. Their food portion is actually quite big. They do have another branch in Solaris Mont Kiara, same quality I heard nice.

Ole Ole Bali Balinese Specialties
Empire Shopping Gallery
LG 27, Lower Ground Floor
Empire Shopping Galler
Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-5022 2629
Opening Time: 10.00am till 11.00pm
Location Coordinate: N3 04.908 E101 34.974

A little add-on this time, with some shots of my lovely family and my second cousins. They are all lovely, appreciate to have them around to cheer up my life. Thanks!

Now here come the highlight, the shameless helicopter second cousin showing me how to eat the Sate Lilit. Wondering when she will actually "behave" haha ...


mai said...

nice to meet you.
i am a japanese woman and i lived in malaysia last year.
then i often went to ole ole bali in empire.
but still i do not forget that taste!
and i only have a question. what is that sauce...
today, i could be looking your report and settled my question!

thank you:))

KVINLIM said...

Mai Miyakawa, which sauce you are asking? On the Ole Ole Trio? The Sambal Mateh and Sambal Terasi is special made sauce and it's not available in sale, I think.

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