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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Half Marathon Training

Yesterday I went to TTDI park and decided to push my body for a final test in preparation for the Energizer Night Race 2011. A 10km non-stop run, something I've never manage to achieve and I nailed it yesterday!

I completed a total of 10.35km yesterday in 1 hour 6 minutes and 20 seconds, averaging my running speed at 6.25min/km. That's slight improvement over my 7km run earlier in averaging 6.52min/km. A little fatigue this morning, but feeling good overall.

KM1 = 6:18min/km
KM2 = 5:59min/km
KM3 = 6:11min/km
KM4 = 6.18min/km
KM5 = 6.16min/km
KM6 = 6.23min/km
KM7 = 6.37min/km
KM8 = 6.45min/km
KM9 = 6.48min/km
KM10 = 6.49min/km

As you can see, I'm going into exhaustive mode in late running around 7KM. But still happy with my training & results. I will see if I can manage to achieve 21km run below 2hours. Wish me luck!

My iphone apps shown that only 1,105calories burnt! So little!? Got to cut back my food already!

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