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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Delicious

It's been a while and I'm sure people staying in PJ or KL is well aware of the new casual dining outlet named The Delicious. I've heard of the name long time before I actually see one with my own eyes. Are they really good? We are going to find out now. Within a short frame of time, they have already expanded to five outlets concentrating in KL & Damansara area.

The Delicious, we took our choice at the outlet in Midvalley Megamall and this setting is their very original setting throughout all their outlets. A simple word of Delicious in light blue, comfortable waiting sofa with lots of pillow. In fact, those pillows are available throughout the entire dining hall, just grab one if you love to hug it, while waiting for your food. A smily attendant at the front desk ready to serve us. She gives us a good smile before we make our way into the hall. These kind of small details is making my dining experience.

This is the general layout of the dining place in The Delivious, clean wooden floor, wooden tables, wooden chairs, comfortable cushion and lots of sofa around the edge. Airy and simple decocation like the bird cage with lightings are great. It's casual dining, the lights are enough, open area and you will hear lots of chatting, comfortable for a long chat.

The bar set-up, nicely done. People love to see this kind of set-up in the dining area, seeing the people working & serving drinks, not as boring as walls all around. It might not be functional, but I'm buying the idea of the bar. Encourage you to drink as well, good concept. The light setting at the reception area caught my eyes. Again, small details, arrg ...

If you notice, all funitures in the Delicious are woods, airy space, soothe lightings, it's so green and environmental friendly.

We made our ordered and took a snap of my wife again. Girls, love to seat on the sofa with lots of pillow. It's functional, she grabbed two pillow and placed it to support her back. No wonder she also recommends me to try this place out.

Alright, importantly is this is a place for food, so how about that? First to come is the Grilled Chicken Burger priced at RM22.90. For this price, I doubt you can find something similar quality outside. Remember my post earlier in T.G.I. Friday's? I think they can close shop if you can get something like this in The Delicious. The fries are delicious, buns are crazy crispy and the vegetables are fresh. Chicken is well cooked and sauce are incredible. A little "over" reacted here, must be the ambience.

Then my wife ordered the Carbonara Spaghettini priced at RM23.90. It's crazy creamy served with musrooms, beef bacon and oregano. Look at the cheese pieces that they put there, crazy. I always don't understand how come the restaurant's spaghetti can be so nice, while the one we bought from groceries are not as good. It's smooth and delicious. Creamy sauce together with the beef bacon is good combination as well. I wallop every bit of the sauce that day.

Since we are there, we wanted to try out their drinks as well. So we ordered my wife's favourite, Root Beer Float priced at RM8.90. It's good, smooth & tasty. For RM8.90, worth every cents.

Then of course the free flow of water in glass, I love it.

The total dining experience set us back RM64.05 inlcuding service charge 10% and goverment tax 5%. It's cheap if you ask me! If you take the float root beer out of the equation, the dinner is easily within RM50.00. That's some money well spent for a good dining experience and a good ambience for catching up with friends. It's one of my favourite casual dining now on Western Food and they are living up to their name, the food is Delicious and I'm definitely coming back.

In fact, I ate in The Delicious again last weekend. This time at One Utama Shopping Mall instead. Will get it post up later.

An outdoor set-up for The Delicious at Midvalley. They open up till midnight, and as when I took this photograph, the clock shown 11.00pm. It's still fully packed, I think the round shaped seat must be very comfortable! Delicious!

The Delicious
Midvalley Megamall
Lot G(E)-011 & G-001,
Ground Floor, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287 5770

Opening Time: 10.00am till 12.00am (open at 9.00am in Sat, Sun & PB and serve breakfast)
Outlet Location:

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