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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Fried Oyster, Lam Ah Coffee Shop @ Penang

My food crave continues and I think I didn't mention that I love oyster very much. Particularly the chinese style fried oyster is my favourite, but nowadays, it's hard to find a good place to really enjoy a plate that's real nice. The search for best fried oyster ended in my recent trip to Penang. Let's go.

Introducing the Lam Ah Coffee Shop located at the crossroad of Lebuh Chulia and Lebuh Pantai in Penang. This place is also known as the coffee shop opposite the Fire Station. Penang folks should know. Penang really got lots of hidden gem, a small place like this is serving the best fried oyster I've ever eaten. Let's get closer.

This is the uncle that's serving us. A small simple store, operated single handedly, and you don't even look at it when you pass by. But the fried oyster that he serve is really really very good.

The way of preparing the fried oyster is a little different, I noticed. First, he fried the eggs first with the oil and add in some of his recipe sauce in really high heat. Done until crazy crispy then he put the fried eggs onto a plate. he then fried the oyster and this time he cooked very quickly and throwing in his special sauce just to heat it up. Then pour the oyster & sauce onto the fried eggs and serve it. He spent most of his time preparing the fried eggs, weird.

Normally other shops will just throwing in everything onto the frying pan and let it cook. That's why the oyster sticked to the fried eggs, most of the time. Then I noticed the problem with the usual way of cooking after trying his. Let's see where is the secret.

Ok, now here is the final masterpiece of the best Fried Oyster I've ever tasted! The price varies on the portion you order, starting from RM5 for small, RM8 for medium and RM10 for big. I visited this place twice in a few months time and I got the RM5 and RM8 respectively. Take the RM8, don't worry about it. My first visit, I ordered the RM5, and regretted. It's so good that I'm craving for another plate. But my size is holding me back, cannot eat too much though.

So the secret, first of all is the fried eggs. It's done in high heat with sauce, so it's crazy crispy. The eggs is also tasty because of his special sauce and normally he done it into a triangle shape as you see. His signature I suppose. Then come the oyster, it's so fresh that you will not taste some funny smell. And importantly, the size of the oyster is also big enough, but not too big, to give you a good snacking feel. Finally the sauce is incredibly delicious. Whoever eating this, you will find them picking up the last piece and drag all around the plate trying to scoop up the remaining sauce on the plate. Finger licking good for KFC? Plate mopping style for the best fried oyster. He can save on cleaning the plate later =)

So what's the different? If you eat them in separate manner, it's pretty normal fried eggs, oysters and stuff. But together, it's a good thing. Different is the eggs are so crispy, something that other shop cant do. Because other usual shop will do everything together on the pan. You either overcook the oyster or undercook the eggs. That's why you shouldn't mix it. It's a secret revealed I suppose, but still doubt people will learn from him. It's my must visit place if I ever step onto the soil of Penang Island.

Conincidently Lam Ah Coffee Shop is also famous for the beef noodles, which I will blog about it later.

Mr. Gan Fried Oysters @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop
Crossroad of Lebuh Chulia & Lebuh Pantai
Location Coordinate: N5 24.925 E100 20.367
Opening time: 10.30am till 4.30pm (closed on Sunday & Public Holiday)

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This famous fried oyster from Beach St (opposite Bomba) is now moved to a new shop at 156, Carnarvon St
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